Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters – The English language has 26 letters and these 26 letters create hundreds of thousands of words. In this article, we will take a look at 5 letter words that have the sound of ea in them (5 letter words with ea). Learning new words is always fun, and it can even help you improve your English skills.

These are words that contain the letter “ea” anywhere in the five letters. For example, the word “cheat” has the ea sound in it, even though the letters are not next to each other.

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Great is an adjective that means “of very high quality”. An example of a sentence is “He is a great artist”.

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Early is an adjective that means “before a deadline”. An example of a sentence is “Please email me early next week”.

Clear is an adjective that means “being or showing understanding”. An example of a sentence is “I am confused by your answer; Could you explain it more clearly?”.

Death is a noun that means “the moment you die”. An example of a sentence is “The soft was born by any possible cause”.

Reach is an adjective that means “with effort”. An example of a sentence is “We will reach the goal this week!”.

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Learn is an adjective that means “to become proficient or knowledgeable”. An example of a sentence is “I hope to learn many new things after finishing this article.”

Speak is an adjective that means “to speak clearly and calmly”. An example of a sentence is “Please speak louder next time”.

Smaller is an adjective that means “less powerful”. An example of a sentence is “The government has the least power of all governments.”

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Ready is an adjective that means “ready to do something useful or required”. An example of a sentence is “We are finally ready to start this project.”

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Heart is a noun that means “the center of blood circulation”. An example of a sentence is “Your heart is very important to your body.”

Ahead is an adjective that means “at an advanced point”. An example of a sentence is “We are ahead of schedule.”

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Meant is an adjective that means “intended to do something or mean something”. An example of a sentence is “The requests were not meant to be offensive.”

Peace is an adjective that means “a calm and quiet state”. An example of a sentence is “The absence of war has given us peace.”

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Clean is an adjective that means “free from dirt or impurities”. An example of a sentence is “None of our clothes are clean enough for school.”

Treat is an adjective that means “to render service to (someone or something)”. An example of a sentence is “Would you treat me to a drink later?”.

By learning these new words you can expand your vocabulary. Learning new words helps you improve your English language skills and will allow you to speak more clearly when speaking in English. The more new words you know, the easier it will be to communicate in English. This one only has two spelling generalizations so much will depend on memory and practice. I will break down each of the eight ways to spell the long sound to help you understand and teach the long to your students.

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Looking for a long word list? You can download the photo list by signing up below. If you do not see the registration form, click here.

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The majority of these are vowel teams, so students should already know open, silent, and vowel teams. Students should also be able to find the base word, because some of these rules apply to the base word even if it has a suffix.

The silent e spelling pattern is the most common one you’ll find in the middle of a basic word. Examples include:

AI sometimes spells the long sound at the beginning or middle of a base word. You will notice that most of these words end with the letter

There are only 10 commonly known words spelled with phonograms at the end of the word:

Letters & Sounds Phase 5 Set 1 Fiction

You can teach these as a group. Most other words with a long a at the end of the word are spelled with

The long-term EI spelling pattern is not very common. There are no rules for this spelling pattern. Examples include:

UIGH can spell the long sound at the end of a word. This is another uncommon option. Examples include:

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Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

This is by far the least common way to spell the long sound. I would also teach these words to a group:

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When you start teaching long, you really have to focus on spelling generalizations, homophones, and homographs. Teach one spelling pattern at a time, and once one is mastered you can add to another. It is easier to learn how to read these than to learn how to spell. Since they all sound the same and can appear in the same place, choosing the right spelling pattern can be difficult.

Once students are familiar with all the long spelling options and know the open and silent syllables, you can teach them the process of determining the spelling pattern of a word.

When students find a long word and need to know which spelling pattern to choose, here are the questions they can ask:

This will take some practice so try going through a set of words with your students a few times, then have them do a few more on their own. This is the same process they will use with other long vowel sounds so it is a great skill to have.

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Also, because there are so many options, expect students to get hurt sometimes, and tell them so! It’s ok if they make mistakes as long as it’s another valid spelling option and not something that doesn’t follow any rules. Through repeated exposure and practice they will eventually internalize correct spelling patterns for words.

Phoneme Grapheme Mapping – This is a great activity that really isolates the phonograms for students to practice. You can get the book Phonics & Spelling Through Grapheme Mapping and follow the long lesson, or use my long word list to do the same activity using sound boxes. See below for examples.

SOS– If you don’t already know what Simultaneous Oral Spelling is, then check out this post here. I love this multisensory spelling method for practicing spelling. And you can do this whole class or one on one making it really easy to use in any setting.

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

Dictate – This is another great activity but I would do this after you have spent some time on a long because it is more difficult for the students. Also when dictating words, give students a clue about the spelling such as telling them it is a vowel team or an open syllable. I often dictate words that all have the same spelling pattern to avoid these problems.

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Activities To Promote Orthographic Mapping — Campbell Creates Readers

Sorting – Sorting is always a good idea when you have multiple spelling options. You can play matching games like memory, just sort them into piles/columns, or create any game that requires sorting by spelling patterns. This phonemic awareness is always a good activity for all students.

You can also sort by color coding the vowel team or the spelling pattern of the words. I took the list from the SOS activity, then had my students highlight each vowel team in a specific color to more visually show the groups.

I’ve included 3 different sorting activities for the long a sound in my Long A worksheets and activities series.

Picture Cue Cards– Create visual graphics of difficult words, homophones, and homographs. These picture cues really help students remember which pattern to use. I suggest you do these using index cards and keep them in a bag or box for reference. See an example below (it may sound long but you get the idea).

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Games – Of course, I always include games because it’s just so easy to add a deck of flash cards to any game and make it educational! Use an easy-to-play deck game where students need to take a card in turn and add a task such as reading the word aloud and sorting it, or asking another player to spell it, or even something as simple as having them write a. words after reading aloud. Or print out teacher-made worksheets and games from my Long A worksheets and activities series.

Constant Review – Remember to keep these spelling patterns under constant review after learning them, so they are not forgotten. Using asound wallor phonogram exercises is a good way to do this without taking much time. The set below includes 16 different activities that focus on long sounds to help students get enough practice and review.

Delilah Orpi is the owner and founder of Thrive Literacy Corner. She holds a bachelor’s degree in special education, a master’s degree in TESOL, and is a member of the International Dyslexia Association. It

Words With Ea In Them 5 Letters

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