Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers

Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers – As you may recall, some sports publications recently red-fired a writer as well after working for him for only seven weeks. How interesting, then, to see that this self-proclaimed yesterday used his face mask as a platform for the NBA’s uniform unveiling. Sounds like a situation that a modern day writer can come up with, no?

I have to admit, when I saw what happened yesterday, it was a little salt in the wound. Like, really? You give me the heave-ho and then do a uni presentation on your cover 12 days later? Ouch. Sent a letter to my former editor (who is now co-editor-in-chief), gave him a bit of shit about it. He began to say – I am paraphrasing here – “Yes, I know, I know. Wish we had you here to be part of the service.”

Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers

Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers

And it got weirder. The Gothic graffiti, which was posted by LA tattoo/graffiti artist named Mr. Cartoon, like the headline of the Los Angeles Times. Here’s a comparison – chest insignia on top, masthead on bottom:

Amazon.com: Security: A Novel: 9781616206932: Wohlsdorf, Gina: Books

It’s not really a match (the white/highlights don’t match), but it’s strong enough. Yes, I know it’s probably meant to use some video game characters, but come on – it’s closer to the Times letter.

So let’s review: A printed magazine – which is something that most people don’t read – uses its cover to present a new outfit whose chest insignia evokes the masthead of the print newspapers – other things that people don’t read – and I’m not around. write about it in a newspaper because I lost my job, there are accidents because people don’t pay to read newspapers or magazines.

Meanwhile: Is this the first time a Big Four team has used a magazine cover as a technique for negative publicity? (It will almost certainly be the last, because soon there will be no more newsletters!) If you know of previous examples, please post them in today’s comments.

As for the design, it’s not bad, but it could be better. I like the chest logo, and it’s better to see NBA change uni that is white without color. But the standard number font clashes badly with the characters, and the colors of the armholes and the waist logo feel out of place with the black/white theme.

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The Midnight Train Podcast

This outfit will make its court debut on November 22 and will be combined with the new court:

Additionally, the Clippers’ main court has been given a black-themed makeover, including the black color of their “LAC” logo – which makes it look even worse than their red/blue color scheme. the logo on the waist of the new. alternate uniform:

That concludes today’s episode of Irony in the Media. Thank you tomorrow, when we will see an NFL team make a surprise unveiling on SportsCenter.

Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers

People are starting to get their 2019 Uni Watch Press Pins (which, if you missed it, started on Friday and sold out three days later). Since we made a limited edition of 200 pins, with each pin numbered on the back, a few people have expressed interest in trading for a specific number, or just know who got which number.

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With that in mind, I’ve created an interesting form where anyone who buys a pin can enter their name, their email address, and a note or comment. If you scroll down to the list, you will see that I have listed the pin I have been wearing (No. 195) and eight other pins that I am saving for a special occasion but I am willing to exchange if a real person. want or need numbers.

• If you have purchased a pin and want to enter this list, feel free to do so. (Remember to use the number shown in the “Pin Number” column, not the numeric column. These two columns are always one digit apart, so it’s easy to make a mistake – be careful!)

• If you’re a big fan of, say, the number 73 and see that the person with the number 73 is interested in doing business, go ahead and email that person and see if you can come up with lest. (Actually, shipping arrangements, postage, etc. are up to both traders – do it yourself.)

• I think people who can’t buy a pin can also use this list as a way to buy one (“I’ll give you 20 bucks for pin No. 53!”). Personally, I find that feeling unsatisfying – I want to promote business, not sell. But if it happens, so be it.

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• Participation is completely voluntary. If you buy a pin but don’t want to put your name on the list, that’s fine.

• I am aware that there are privacy issues with sharing email addresses on public records. If you’re willing to enter your name but don’t want to enter your email address, that’s fine. (You may also want to consider creating a new email address for this spreadsheet. It’s easy enough with Gmail and many other services, and that way you won’t be giving out your original address. )

• Obviously, this only works if everyone behaves and no one fucks with the spreadsheet. So: Please behave and don’t fuck with the spreadsheet. Thank you.

Letters To Sports Nothing Superstitious About Clippers

Baseball News: Astros 2B Jose Altuve pulled up his pants stealing second base during the second inning of yesterday’s ALCS game (via Kary Klismet). … The Nationals are now 7-0 when wearing their blue jersey this winter. Do you think they’ll be wearing uniforms like that throughout the World Series? … Speaking of the Nats, SS Trea Turner wore an NC State football helmet during the night’s champagne celebration. Turner went to college at NC State (from John Muir). … The photographer at last night’s NLCS game wore a catcher’s helmet (by Ethan Hopkin). … Here are the uniforms for the Auckland Tuatara, New Zealand’s first team in the Australian Baseball League (by Gareth Hooton).

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Football news: Head coach S Tyrann Mathieu wore a thigh-high shirt embossed with a picture of a honey badger, his nickname, on Sunday (via @DrSoup_MD). … According to the Titans Uni Tracker, the Titans are flashing blue across the ocean this Sunday. … Here is the Panthers Uni Tracker through week six. … The Broncos sent out a game survey for last Sunday’s game, and it included questions about the use of their blue alternate jerseys (by Zeke Perez Jr). … The Museum of Jerseys blog, which is mostly about football, rugby (union), and Gaelic games, has a guest post picking the top four NFL jerseys of all time (by our own Jamie Rathjen). … A group of Packers supporters created a section of Lambeau Field, complete with their own stickers (via @KroenkeOut2019). … It looks like ESPN photoshopped new Rams CB Jalen Ramsey’s head onto former Rams CB Marcus Peters’ body (via Jakob Fox). … Also by Jakob: The Rams released a photo of Ramsey wearing a blue jersey with the team’s missing TV in the body on the shoulder. They also said his number is TBD but Ramsey was announced with number 20 (currently used by CB Troy Hill). … More from Jakob: The LA Kings of the NHL wore uniform-themed warmup jerseys yesterday.

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College Football News: Texas will wear back their 1969 championship this offseason. Here’s a more detailed look (by Griffin Smith). … North Dakota State is going to turn green this Saturday. It is the first time in NDSU history that they have worn the uni combo (by Ryan Workman). … The Navy staff is in need of equipment for its players to choose from in its Army-Navy game uniform (via Shawn Hairston). … The latest helmet from Blaise D’Sylva showcases FAU. … Cross-listed from the baseball section: Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner wears an NC State football helmet during the team’s champagne celebration after winning the National League championship. Turner went to college at NC State (from John Muir).

Hockey News: Predators Winter Classic fans have hit the shelves, even though uniforms for the game have not yet been released (by Hudson Nuckolls). … Cross-referenced from the football section: The Kings wore Los Angeles Chargers-themed warmup jerseys yesterday (by Jakob Fox).

NBA News: A photo of Charlie Roush spotted by Heat SG Tyler Herro’s Instagram story pretty much confirms the long-rumored existence of a blue Miami Vice uniform. … Add Hong Kong to the list of places where people have burned LeBron James’ jersey.

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College Hoops News: New Unis for Princeton Men (by Nikhil Lal). … The South Carolina men unveiled their retreat (by Ross Mashburn and Andy Shain). … Florida State men posted their worst hitting streak this season (via @VictoryCB). … New court for NC State men (by Chad Lehman). … The NCAA has released the 2020 Women’s Foursome logo (via Joey Harvey). … Here’s an overview of every college baseball field named (by James Gilbert). … Create a new court for Washington State (by Jeff Peterson).

Football News: By Josh Hinton:

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