Makhraj Of Arabic Letters

Makhraj Of Arabic Letters – Where are Maharaj letters read? It is important to know what the 5 main makarij of letters are to help us in our Tajweed so that we can pronounce the Arabic letters correctly. The 5 main maharijs are:

There are six letters that come out of the throat, they are غ خ ع ح ء ه. In English, we don’t use our throat for any letters, so many of us have trouble pronouncing the letters in our throats. It took me a very long time to pronounce ع correctly. To learn the letters, I recommend watching the Arabic letters series by Wisam Shariff.

Makhraj Of Arabic Letters

Makhraj Of Arabic Letters

A gap is an open area in your mouth. If a doctor asks you to open your mouth and say aah, have you ever wondered where the sound is coming from? The sound comes from the empty space in your mouth. There are three letters that come out of the empty space, they are alif madd, wau madd and ya madd. Now Aaaa, EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, try where the sound came from.

Match And Count The Letters هَ

Most of the Arabic letters come from the tongue. There are eighteen letters that come out of the tongue, they are ق ك ش ج ي ي ض ل ن ر ط د ت ص ز س ظ ذ ث. These letters are divided into special maharijs that help you understand which part of the tongue helps to pronounce each letter. InshaAllah this will be covered in more detail in another blog post.

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I never knew that the nose is an integral part of both the letters م and ن. When the sound of these two letters falls into the nose, we call it gunna. Did you notice that м is pronounced through the lips, but the sound also goes through the nose. Try saying hmmmmmm.

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