Lost Letters Far Cry 4

Lost Letters Far Cry 4 – Lost Letters has been part of the Far Cry series since before Far Cry 4. The sequel also has another story to tell about Robert Barclay and his wife Charlotte dating back to the early 19th century.

Collecting all the letters will not only unlock the achievement, it will also play a role in completing the game 100 percent.

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

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Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars: Larry’s Notes Locations

Each missing ticket has a map – different coordinates as well as a given location name. We have also detailed what you will need to do to get each of the 20 letters.

For each of them, when you get to the exact location, you will see the skeletons of well-dressed people (most likely mailers). So know that you have reached the right place when you see something like that.

: You will find the first missing letter in Kyra’s Slumber. Go to the coordinates x: 313 y: 325 to enter that area and then to the back of the given coordinates to find the worn skeleton Up by the bag.

: First go to the x: 275 y: 563 coordinates to find the entrance to the cave in front of you. Now go to the given real coordinates. You will reach the end of the cave with the skeleton of the dead and the bag with your ticket inside.

Far Cry 3 Letters Of The Lost Map 4

: Go to Rato Lagoon at given coordinates. You will reach the middle of the lake. The missing ticket will be on a small island.

Go to Yalung’s Seed and point to the exact coordinates mentioned above. You will find the missing ticket in the skeleton bag at the back of the cave.

: Go to Yalung’s Rot inside the cave, look for the stairs on your right where you can climb. Stay where you reached the top of the stairs and locate the entrance to the green tunnel in front of you.

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

: Reach Yashini’s Ecstasy according to the given coordinates. Now go to the stream inside the well. Continue and locate the stupa on the left.

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Far Cry 6

Go to the shrine and look for the monster statue. The missing letter is at the bottom of the statue.

: On the given coordinates you will reach the heart of Yalung (though go to these coordinates to enter the cave x: 491 y: 559). Go to the back of the cave to find the dead man with the bag.

: Near the Keo Ria mine there is a stream. Go up the stream until you reach the coordinates at the end of the stream. There you will find a letter in a bag of dead skeletons.

: This ticket can be found in the closed KEO mine. Go inside the mine and on the given coordinates to the back of the mine to get your lost ticket.

Atlantic Wall Personal Letters

: There is a house at the coordination given to enter the room and go to the cave, destroying the obstacles at the end. Your ticket will be at the end of the cave.

: Go to Svargiya Takataki Camp according to the given coordinates. You will need to locate the point where you can reach the place by shaking hands. Now go up and take the danger pad to your right. You should head towards a small tower with a flag on top.

: Reach Yalung Belly and follow the given coordinates. You will have to go to the end of the cave and reach the open area. Now look for the missing ticket in the center of the area.

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

: Go to the lieutenant’s resting place at coordinates x: 796 y: 806 and then locate the ladder with the ropes from it. Climb to the top of the hill and then jump to the next floor.

Home Of Secchan: Dealing With Backlog: Far Cry 4

Locate the handle and use it to climb the cliff. There should be a log to your left across it and then jump across the chain. On top you should find a cave; Go inside and grab it to the top.

: Reach Kyra Ki Sansa and go to the bridge. Now head to the mountain under the bridge along the exact coordinates to find the skeleton of a dead man wearing a bag. With a letter inside.

: At Banashur Sanctuary, go to the area from these coordinates x: 451 y: 755 and go straight for the back. Now find a shrine and look for the letters in front of the shrine.

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: Go to x: 408 y: 774 coordinates to find something to fix. There is a ladder on top of the cliff (it should have a rope on it) to reach it and to the east of KEO Logistics.

Game Ui Database

There should be a house on the east side, go to the house and find the letters under the stairs.

: Go to x: 492 y: 408 coordinates and use the handle to go left. You will reach Yalong’s jaw. Now go to the center of the cave and pick up the ticket from around the right wall.

: Go to Kalinag’s Descent and x: 554 y: 453 coordinates and find the location with the rope. Raise your legs and continue to use the handles to jump to the stairs on the left. Take the next support and use the second handle as well across the chain.

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

Take the stick to another ladder with a rope and continue to the waterfall north. Locate the third handle near the waterfall and use it to descend to the platform below.

Hurk’s Second Letter

Go right and find a giant statue inside the room. Your letter is under the statue.

: There is a handle at x: 302 y: 505 Take it and then to your right. Enter the tunnel at x: 299 y: 509 (it will be on the left).

: Locate Smuggler’s Portage at x: 374 y: 502 and go inside. Continue until you are in the middle of the area. Then look around to find the skeleton with the letter bag you are looking for.

If anything is missing or there is confusion in the instructions, please let us know in the comments below and we will do everything we can to help you with it!

Far Cry 4 Achievements

Sarmad is our senior editor and also part of the further improvement and culture among us. He is 25 years old, a financial expert and has spent most of his life writing video games. Unofficial introduction to Far Cry 4 is a comprehensive knowledge document about the key aspects of gaming in the next installment of the popular series of FPS games from Ubisoft. Inside you will find a complete guide to how to campaign a single player, as well as a list of optional extras with instructions on how to complete it.

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A detailed list of locations with many places is marked on them, where you will find hundreds of collectibles scattered around the world can also be found inside. Most of the game time will be spent on the liberation camps and forts of Pagan Min’s army. The guide will not fail in this and will describe each of them while telling the best available method so that the player can defeat them from the enemy easily and effectively. Since Far Cry 4 is a regular shooter, the guide thoroughly describes each weapon and equipment available to the player, along with information on where to buy or find the desired equipment. In addition, the guide explains the individual abilities of the main characters with their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their performance.

Far Cry 4 was created by Ubisoft Montreal Studios, which previously worked on the second part of the series, whose action was set in Africa. In addition, each department of the French studio assisted in the production of the game. The first installment of the game was produced by Crytek in 2004, and a year later Ubisoft was responsible for creating the sequel and console roll of the series. Far Cry 4 is the first installment of the series to appear on the consoles of the new generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

Lost Letters Far Cry 4

Alternate terminations are often used in video games. Our favorite genre is Mystery, which often changes the tone of the game completely, sometimes shining more and more globally. We have prepared the most interesting summary of them.

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