Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental

Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental – Looking for marker lights in Silver Spring? Marquee Lights Rental Service can help. We are here to help improve your parties and gatherings. We help make everything just a little bit simpler for you and your friends. Rent marker lights in Silver Spring for an enhanced event.

We have incredible customer service and try to give you the best possible experience. Have you used our services before? Did we meet expectations? Were the decorations fun? We would love to hear from you and want your feedback. We’re sure everyone else wants to know too!

Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental

Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental

Marker lights in Silver Spring are just what you need for any event. We can do everything from graduations, weddings, baby showers or many more. Marquee Rental Services wants to make sure you are comfortable and will help make planning easier. You can rent marker lights in Silver Spring for any gathering, party or event! Contact us if you have any questions.

Large Marquee Letters Rentals

Silver Spring No Light Markers – Our Silver Spring No Light Markers are perfect for baby showers and retirements. We also offer a glass table top for the letters. Lets you make a table for everything you need. The marquee letters are white 32” decorations. Perfect for events and gatherings.

In Silver Spring, you can rent marquee letters with lights to enhance any gathering. These lights can be used to magnify any event. Marker letters with lights are 48″ tall, with wired lights and a switch.

We offer a variety of floral wallpaper for rent in Silver Spring. Our flower wall is great wedding decoration in Silver Spring and is exactly what your event was missing. It’s what your weddings, graduations, and even retirements needed.

We have a variety of balloon decorations for rent in Silver Spring. Our balloons are perfect for any party you could be hosting. They add character to any kind of event.

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Marquee Letters — Unlimited Event Rentals

We offer photo booths for rent in Silver Spring. Our photo booths remember your best moments so you don’t have to. Our photo booths in Silver Spring take beautiful pictures of your important moments. Allows you to share the amazing memory of your night with friends or family.

Call us at 1 (855)-954-5152 for faster questions and reservation reservations! You can also contact us using the form below. We respond the same day!

We offer flower wall rentals around San Francisco and surrounding areas such as Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Los Altos, San Mateo, Foster City, Mountain View, Menlo Park,

Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental

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Description Large Tent MARRY ME  sign in letters in background – Delivery in Greater Sacramento area only *please read full description for rental instructions*

This large marquee MARRY ME sign backdrop is sure to stand out for your special proposal. Each letter is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, they are a perfect statement piece. The luminous letters look amazing during the day and light up when the sun goes down.

Marry Me? Marquee Letters

This item requires delivery. Please fill out this form to get a quote for your venue and to check availability! The available dates listed here are not accurate. Select website in the “How did you hear about us” section. Delivery to the Greater Sacramento area

Delivery may not be available outside of the Sacramento area on certain days. Please fill out the form to inquire about areas outside of the Sacramento area.

Cancellation policy. As a specialized company, we only accept a small number of events in one day. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and ensure that our designs live up to our high standard of excellence. Because of this limit, we commit to your event when this item is rented or purchased and turn away other customers who may be interested in using our services on your event date. Therefore, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations, regardless of the circumstances. If the vendor cancels due to problems on our part or does not provide services on the date of the event due to mishaps on our part, you will be entitled to a full refund. Give your proposal a touch of alchemy with our beautiful 40 inch “GIVE ME ME ?” marquee letters. Your partner will not be disappointed. We are pleased to offer “MARRY ME?” at a discount of $350, a savings from our custom pricing of $52.50 per letter. Contact us now to book your date and discuss , how we can help make your big night one that will never be forgotten.

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Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental

Our beautiful marker light letters are made from the highest quality maple and birch wood. The letters measure 40 inches tall and vary in width. In all, “GIVE ME?” occupies approximately 22 feet in width, assuming 4 inches between each letter.

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All our specially designed “Light Letters” are made from smooth and stylish premium quality maple and birch and come with sturdy feet that work on flat surfaces, in grass and even in windy conditions. The letters come with electrical wires running between the letters, but will require access to a nearby standard outlet to illuminate the lights. The letters come with all bulbs, as well as backup bulbs in case a bulb burns out.

Base prices do not include our delivery fee, but delivery/setup/and collection are available for a small fee wherever your event is scheduled to take place. This is by far our most popular option. Leave everything to us so you can enjoy your big event without stress.

Rentals that require our delivery fee include delivery, set-up and collection. For more information on our affordable delivery rates, please see our rates page

Customers who rent letters have the option of collecting and returning them to us at no extra cost. Customer collection requires a truck or large van. The customer collects and delivers letters himself, must pay a cash deposit in advance for incidental expenses or damage to the letters. When letters are returned on time, undamaged, the deposit is fully refunded.

Marquee Letter Rental San Antonio

For more information on customer pickup and deposit amounts, please contact us to discuss how we can work together to make your event LIGHT! Rent from Alchemy Wedding Designs, Tulsa’s Number One Marquee Light Letter Company!

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