Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters – This is an original crossword I wrote that hasn’t appeared anywhere else. It will be spoiled in the post, so try to finish before reading!

In a technology-driven world where computers do many of the daunting tasks once relegated to humans (and do them faster and, in some ways, better than humans ever did), these are the questions I get. And, I get this question about trading and about my other passion – building crossword puzzles. Both are easy attempts to imagine computers doing better than humans. Technology has revolutionized both, but I believe that humans are, and will continue to be, most important to the highest level of performance.

Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters

The first step to writing (most) crossword puzzles is theme development. This is a step that clearly shows why computers will (likely) never replace people in cruciverbalism. Take, for example, my theme from the sample puzzle (spoilers below!):

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Southern Cornmeal Dish / Fri 6 17 22 / 1987 Lionel Richie Hit / Whose Work May Be All Play / Comic Who Said I’m Not Addicted

The theme here is BREXIT – four people whose names start with BR are clued in reference to the famous exit they have made (BRAD PITT from his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, BRIAN JOHNSON from AC / DC, etc.). And since BREXIT is called that because it is BRITA’S EXIT from the EU, each of these constitutes BREXIT itself. This is not the kind of idea that current – or even easy to imagine – software can create, and represents the kind of creative re-imagining of language that is so common in crosswords today.

Once the theme has been fleshed out, the next step is to design and fill in the rest of the grid. This is the stage where computers, for the most part, outshine humans. It’s very simple to write an algorithm that, given an incomplete grid and a list of words (and a score for each word indicating how “good” it is), can provide multiple choices of the filled grid (and can also optimize for the total score). Indeed, there is a number of commercially available software that does just that, and a good word score list is out there as well. The emergence of this software has made modern crosswords

Better than their counterparts even five or ten years ago. Obscure/illegal words and common letter sequences like ETUI and IIII and AEAEA no longer dominate the grids because the algorithm can find fillers that stick mainly to words and phrases in the language. Solving a crossword no longer feels like mire through the mire of foreign words and abbreviations, which can score appropriately low on the list of constructors’ words (or deleted altogether!), and that is entirely due to the emergence of software.

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Phrases that can be good to put in a crossword – a constructor’s own vocabulary and the sense of what-in-the-language will always be more complete. Take, for example, the BREXIT puzzle. In particular, see the FASHIONISTA entry at 12-Down. At the time I was building the puzzle, FASHIONISTA didn’t show up on my word list, for whatever reason. I need to fill the pattern ???????I??? (I am being fixed by the theme entry), and fill that I am most satisfied by finishing this one, depending on the entry I put in the grid itself. Adding phrases like this that my word list (and possibly other people, too, because mine is partly based on the database of entries used in previous puzzles) does not contain, represents one of the greatest human value-adds in filling grids. . I also manually added the DIBS ON, FAV, and BAE entries – all examples of modern slang that haven’t been used in mainstream puzzles before – as well as the older DON’T SCRUB and NAME GAME entries.

Escaping Into The Crossword Puzzle

There is also some level of “oversight” that I do when filling in the grids. After all, I have a better idea of ​​what makes a good entry than the software, which only has a score calculated for each entry. I trust my judgment about the quality of entries more than I trust computer-calculated judgments.

Indeed, my software presents this as the best fill-in for the BREXIT puzzle, after fixing the theme entry in place (and the original one for comparison):

This computer generated grid strikes me as, overall, a little less lively, and filled with entries that are significantly more questionable than my final grid. The result is, for the most part, because the entry value software like APIARIAN (19-Across) is the same as ENDEAVOR (16-Across), DIBBER (48-Down) is the same as DIBS ON (48-Down) – something, I think, very little solvers will agree. This grid also doesn’t do a good job of separating short entries like AYS, ERS, IRINA, ROO, SLR as bad fill options (although I always try to improve – I downgrade the score immediately after I generate this!) . When I fill in the grid, I look at software like this, select the elements I like, and fix them (for example, I can try to fix the good BLADE II / LIVE A LIE / TEN PINS), then fill it again. around that entry, see if I can find something I like better. And I’m also trying to plug my own entry (like FASHIONISTA) and see if I can do better with it. My process is one of continuous iteration, filled with interesting and challenging decisions.

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Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Perhaps the biggest reason humans are still needed in filling is the actual grid design (ie where to put the black squares). Grid design is still a completely manual process, and executing well in grid design can turn a mediocre grid into a great one (a simple example is not forcing yourself to the spot where you have to fill in the ??K?V pattern, for example – but it becomes more subtle and more harder than that).

How To Make A Crossword Puzzle

Overall, I liken filling the grid to the day-to-day, computer-aided trading we do at SIG – we rely heavily on our models and algorithms to guide us, but we also place a very high value on human decision-making. . There are many unique problems that humans are better at solving than computers. For example, pattern recognition is key to both entering the grid and figuring out trends in the trading market, and it is a skill that computers have not fully mastered and do not (yet) match humans in running.

Once the grid has been created, the final step is to write the clues. A computer can, of course, generate a dictionary definition-based hint for any entry. There is also a database of hints for entries that have been used in previous puzzles. But fun, wordplay-based clues cannot be written by a computer, and other less conventional clues cannot – like those for ID TAG, ONION, and FASHIONISTA in the BREXIT puzzle. Here are some examples of wordplay-based hints I’ve written that aim to blame the solver:

Today, no one can be produced by a computer – they require a person’s understanding of the rules of language (and how those rules can be strategically broken). Computers can recognize signals that they are specifically trained to look for, but often unexpected situations occur – and that’s where human understanding comes in.

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The constant innovation in crossword construction (from brilliant puzzles to new takes on what a crossword can be) signals to me that the human role in creating quality crosswords – just as in successful trading – will not disappear.

A Vocab Crossword

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Mire Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Hi. Hello. This is Rex Parker here (not my real name, but it seems to work, so let’s stick with it). I’m back from Minnesota, where I helped The Girl (soon to be a 21-year-old woman, actually) move into a new place to live,

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