Monogram Letters For Wall

Monogram Letters For Wall – Custom made MDF wood letters are cut to your specifications. You choose the size, material thickness and decorative edges. Care is invested in perfectly carved wooden letters every time.

MDF stands for “medium density fibreboard”. It is engineered wood made from pressed wood fibers. This is an environmentally friendly and affordable material for needlework.

Monogram Letters For Wall

Monogram Letters For Wall

Letters 3/8″ and thinner are laser cut, leaving a dark, even edge.

Monogram Letters Scroll Monogram Wooden Letters Wall

Unfinished monograms can be colored and decorated for home decor or a special occasion. Give a child’s room a royal touch with sophisticated lettering styles, from swirling fonts to serious serifs. Add volume with rounded and beveled edges, or go bold with thick wooden monogram letters.

These wooden initials are cut from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), an artificial wood made from fine wood fibers, and pressed together to make a dense composite that is great for interior letters and crafts.

These wooden initials can be ordered with hanging slats. If your wood lettering is taller than 10 inches, we recommend purchasing framing hardware locally and attaching it to the back of the letter. We do not recommend placing the letters directly above the crib as they may fall off.

Shipping Note: Letters over 24 inches in height may be subject to actual shipping charges, which may be more than what is listed in your shopping cart at the completion of your order. We will contact you if the actual shipping cost is applicable to your order.

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Personalized Monogram 20

The height of the letters you order is based on the capital “A” of the font you specified. Depending on the font, some uppercase/lowercase letters may be shorter or taller than the height shown on the order form to make them look proportionate to each other. Thus, you may receive some of your lettering in sizes other than the ordered letter height. If all the letters are ordered in lower case, we still scale the letters to an uppercase “A”, which will make most of the letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like your lettering to be different from our standards. See examples below. Sometimes the simplest, cleanest ideas work best for you and your home. A simple piece of décor, like a monogrammed piece, can add flair and personality to your walls without being too bulky or fussy. This is a great addition to any home with a traditional or modern vision. Let’s take a look at 10 different monogram wall decor items that are not only stylish but also work in a real space.

Make your full set of initials into a swirling flirty design that can be hung above your bed, next to your closet, or even above your desk for a bright and personal touch!

You can always take something as a single letter, styles of your choice and frame it! You can create this look within a variety of themes and place it just about anywhere you need something special.

Monogram Letters For Wall

You can always make your initials a sticker to highlight your bed, living room sofa, or even your dining table. This works for singles, but it can always work for a family name too!

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Nursery Monogram Art Print

A fabric letter, embroidered or glued to a canvas, can be a great addition to an art collage or just a fun nook or nook.

Find some letters of your choice and create a whimsical collage out of them. This is great for a dorm room, entryway, or even a personality right above your bed!

It is also a great idea for a creative DIY project. Wooden letters are a great base to create, then start decorating!

The living room is the perfect place to place a family initial. Compose, glue, paint… whatever the case, don’t be afraid to use such a simple idea as a focal point.

Printable Monogram Letters For Your Wall Decor

Get inspired by other monogram wall decor ideas like this fake flower idea! We love the gorgeous, finished project and all the ways it can highlight a home!

Your monogram accents don’t have to be big, instead they can be small and powerful. Dipped in a bright color or covered with printed paper, small additions can be easily made.

Find some wooden letters and use them in different ways. These large letters were painted with metal wood and placed above the crib as a custom decoration.

Monogram Letters For Wall

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