Mixing Capital And Lowercase Letters In Handwriting

Mixing Capital And Lowercase Letters In Handwriting – Last week I started a series of posts focusing on improving handwriting. I’m working my way through the book Penmanship with Melissa Esplin and invite you to join me!

The format of this chapter is similar to Chapter 1 and begins with an introduction to Basic Strokes. There are more strokes used to make lowercase letters, including the inverted and inverted (picture the rounded part of a “u” and “n”). I also learned that the “stem” of lowercase letters varies with some having a small hook at the top and others at the bottom and some having no hook at all.

Mixing Capital And Lowercase Letters In Handwriting

Mixing Capital And Lowercase Letters In Handwriting

Just as she did with the capital letters in chapter 1, Melissa next goes through four groupings of small letters with helpful tips and stroke order marked. The practice pages for this chapter are on 4mm x-height lines, which means it includes a dotted line to keep the mid-height letters a consistent size. As before, each line starts with a solid sample of the letter, and as you move to the right, it fades out. I took these pages out of the binder so I didn’t have to work around the rings, covered it with tracing paper and practiced each one.

Spectrum: Spectrum Cursive Handwriting, Grades 3

I found the lowercase letters much more challenging than the uppercase letters. When I walked across the page to where the model letters disappeared, my letters were not uniform at all. I think these are more difficult than capitals because there are a lot more curves, making it harder to maintain consistent shapes.

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After completing the letter-by-letter exercise, I wrote a page full of random phrases and words. I also mixed in a few capital letters. For this week’s practice, I used a .01 journaling pen and the 3mm x-height lines on page 49 for this.

In this chapter I learned a standard way to form each lowercase letter. For different letters I have made 40+ years different! Here are a few things I picked up that may help you as you work on your handwriting:

I hope this series on handwriting gives you a few tips and encourages you to practice to improve your writing, and most importantly, add more fun, tell your story on your scrapbook pages! Please keep in mind that I am just touching the surface of the information in this program. If you want to​​​​get ahead,​​ I encourage you to get yourself a copy of Penmanship with Melissa Esplin.

Week 2 To Better Handwriting: Lowercase Print

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