Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

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Sam Taylor tells people the slogans they live by in a distinctive black and gray lettering style. His work stands out because of the amount of words he is able to pack into his pieces, an approach to typographic tattoos that few others can match. He uses high contrast to create letters that seem to shout out from his clients’ bodies. What makes his work so expressive is his use of embossed negative space. While most tattoo scribes frame their letters with dense black shading, he does the exact opposite, allowing dark backgrounds to push out the unfilled pieces of text to the viewer.

Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

“Laugh with many but trust none” by Sam Taylor (IG-samtaylortatoos). #blackandgrey #hollowedVictorian #lettering #ornate #SamTaylore #script #typography

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Script has a long tradition in tattooing, backed by artists like BJ Betts, Big Meas, and David “Vandal” Ruiz, but Taylor has taken this alphabet genre to a whole new level by creating “hollowed Victorian” lettering. In this nuanced approach to textual body art, he mixes different gradients of black and gray together to create the illusion of depth, giving each of his pieces an authentic look — the metal letters used in the typography. The three-dimensional properties of his work are reminiscent of graffiti, but through the precision possible in tattooing, he has refined this captivating aesthetic into an ornamental form of body decoration.

It is not just the beauty and complexity of Taylor’s writing that makes her so influential; they are also the emotions they express. A phrase like “sacrifice those I love” conveys something very different than “innocent.” His pieces tell the world a lot about their wearers.

“For those I love I will sacrifice” by Sam Taylor (IG-samtaylortatoos). #blackandgrey #hollowedVictorian #lettering #ornate #SamTaylore #script #typography

To read more of Taylor’s beautiful Victorian script, like the letter O and roll over to her Instagram. He is based in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at [email protected] to book if you want the word that best represents the person you are inscribed on your skin.

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Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

To commemorate a feeling or a place, a mantra or the name of a loved one, a particular word or expression can have a deep and powerful meaning.

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With hundreds of thousands of examples to choose from, things can get a little confusing when it comes to deciding which style is right for you. There are various trends to consider when searching for your perfect font. The 90’s brought us colorful Graffiti, Chinese Kanji, and Ambigram – although these styles are now rather archaic.

Today, we get a huge number of requests for script letters which in my opinion is one of those trends (like skinny jeans) that is here to stay and for good reason. It is classic. It looks beautiful. It meets the body well. The double line is very popular among tattoo collectors, followed by Blackletter or “Chicano” style for those looking for a larger, more detailed and finer piece of art.

And for the tattooist or collector looking to improve their knowledge, you can purchase BJ Betts’ guide to all things lettering here -> yes his work among the top in the industry.

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Tattoo lettering is a type of design used in letters and numbers. You can pick the type of font you want and the tattoo artist will copy it using the words you want inked on your body. You are allowed to create your own font and the tattoo artist will only copy the design you want.

Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

Tattoo letters have always been popular with many people simply because there are people who find words more powerful than images. Also, words and sayings are great for motivating people and this can also be used as a reminder of how to live their life. Some go so far as to quote Latin words and Bible verses.

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Before you spend a lot of time picking fonts to match your word or quote, there are a few things you need to consider first when getting a tattoo. Consider these 5 things before getting a tattoo.

A permanent tattoo, as the name suggests, will stay on your skin forever. Yes, you might think it’s too much time, but because the dyes are applied to the topmost layer of the skin, you can expect that the ink won’t be easily removed by removers. At least the tattoo will only fade a little, but it will still be there.

For many people, this kind of commitment is too much. Therefore, it is advisable to try other temporary tattoos before committing to a long-term one. A henna tattoo is usually a good start just to experiment with the feel of a tattoo.

Since tattoos do not fade over time, you should be prepared to see them even on your sagging skin. As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, which means your skin will slowly begin to sag. You will often notice this on your neck, arms and abdomen.

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Having a tattoo even after the age of 60 is a strange thing, especially when you cannot accurately picture an old man with many tattoos. However, if the tattoo means a lot to you, old age will not be an issue.

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The process of applying a tattoo involves using a needle that passes through your skin and injects the ink. The fact that tattooing uses a needle means, at the very least, that there will be a little discomfort because it’s not every day that a needle injects you over and over again.

But don’t worry because depending on where you want to put your tattoo, the pain is reduced. Most of the time, muscular areas are less painful because the skin is thicker and not close to the bone. On the other hand, places where the skin is close to the bone can be very painful.

Negative Shading Tattoo Letters

Many people think that the price of a tattoo depends entirely on the design. This is not true as there are more factors that affect how much your tattoo lettering will cost. Some factors include the placement of the tattoo and the talent rate of the tattoo artist. The location of the tattoo studio can also affect the price of your tattoo.

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Just because a tattoo artist’s rate is expensive doesn’t mean they are good at what they do and can deliver quality tattoos. On the contrary, your tattoo artist should be able to explain to you why your tattoo design costs the way it does. Although it is not recommended to fight the artist, it is right for you to find out the reason behind the price of the tattoo.

Now that you know those 5 facts mentioned above and you have still decided to get that tattoo lettering, then here is a step by step process to get your unique design.

The first thing you want to do is know what word or phrase you want to put on your body. Most people who want to have letters tattooed on their body use words that best describe them or words that remind them of what they should do in certain situations. On the other hand, you can also choose a quote that speaks to you or something that is close to your heart.

The word or phrase you choose will determine the mood your tattoo conveys. For example, Latin words often give more ancient

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