Past Letters From Afar

Past Letters From Afar – While it’s great to receive a handwritten letter in the mail, it’s not always possible in the fast-paced, digital world.

Open your inbox every month to find your letter from afar in a clearly structured digital PDF format. For those who are always on the go, unable to receive mail, or simply trying to reduce paper waste… this is the perfect option for you.

Past Letters From Afar

Past Letters From Afar

Every month you will receive an email with a link to download the monthly Faraway Letter in PDF format. Isabelle’s Field Notes and Map are still included.

Letters From Afar: New Khayrallah Center Collection Of Letters From West Africa To Lebanon

Creating a digital version of letters from afar allowed us to learn more! Curious about a word, location, cuisine, animal or landmark? Click the word or image for pop-up links. We used Brittanica, Wikipedia and Google images to dive in and learn more.

You will receive your first digital letter immediately after purchase and on the 10th of every month thereafter. Cancel or change your subscription at any time.

*It is illegal to reproduce, distribute or resell intellectual content without the consent of the creator, and it is illegal to reproduce, distribute or resell intellectual property. Please refrain from sharing my artwork with anyone who has not purchased it.

We currently mail to families in every state in the US and over 40 countries around the world. Our readers love to explore new places every month.

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Each letter is guaranteed to be different from the previous one and inspire a whole new sense of adventure.

★★★★★ My kids run to the mailbox every day to check their mail. Very interesting! Ellen United Kingdom

★★★★★ I bought this for my dad who lives in a nursing home. She really looks forward to having something uplifting to read.Susan Florida

Past Letters From Afar

★★★★★ My husband signed me up as an anniversary gift! They are like notes on my little bucket list. Whitney Calgary If you haven’t heard of this amazing company, you’re in for a real treat! Started by a wonderful woman named Shaunie, Letters From Afar is a beautiful collection of travel letters delivered to you every month! Shawnee is the author and artist of each letter and they are absolutely gorgeous! She writes to you as “Isabella”, based on the historical world traveler Isabella Bird. Each month you’ll see a new location filled with bits of geography, history and culture. As an added cherry on top, a portion of the subscription fee will be donated to Pencils Of Promise. So supporting Shawnee and Letter From Afar is not just about creating learning opportunities in your own home, it’s about supporting education around the world.

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We fell in love with these letters and use them as a starting point for a weekly unit study.

This year we are working through the study of World Unity. Every week we learn about a new country and learn about the history, nature, geography, culture and art of each place. Because we are a child-directed homeschool, my children get to choose what area they want to explore each week. However, when our monthly “Letters From Afar” envelope arrives, we’re excited to see where Isabella takes us over the course of the week!

The letters contain enough information to start a mini-unit study or day study in the area. We like to take it a step further and spend a week immersing ourselves in the history and culture of each location!

Below are some photos from our Distant Letters lessons so far. You’ll see history, poetry, geography, and more incorporated into each of our studies.

Months Of Letters

So how do you get started? Make a list of topics and concepts you want to include in your reading. Then, find out how they relate to the place in your letter.

History and geography flow together easily for us. It’s easy to include small map tasks (drawing country borders, reading a compass, creating map legends for landmarks, etc.)

To read and write poetry, I browse the bookshelves at home, or go to my local library’s website to request location books when Shawnee posts the address of the next letter. This gives us 1-2 weeks to secure these materials before our letter arrives. I like to choose both picture books and living books, as well as titles that support the themes we cover.

Past Letters From Afar

Science and nature can be about anything related to the city/country! For Petra, we chose to focus on rocks and rock circulation. Because erosion and metamorphic rocks are related to the elements, weathering can easily be wrapped into a lesson. You can also study the animals, the climate, or the terrain of the general area.

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Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria

Art is what we mainly focus on for our Enrichment Fridays. We do crafts all week, but Friday is reserved for enrichment classes and a poetry tea. We will cook authentic food from the region or country we are studying, listen to traditional music and language, read and discuss poetry, and create physical art. We often reread our letter on this day because my kids love to connect the dots and build on what they have learned throughout the week.

Try searching for a famous painting or historical piece of art to draw your own versions! Make a bust out of some clay and recreate the statue or obelisk that sits there. Use legos, food, or craft supplies to build attractions out of space.

My children’s response to this wonderful service inspired me to create Letters to Isabel, where my children write postcards to her about what they have learned. Get a FREE Letter to Isabel template to add to your lessons in the Freebies section!

We find these studies to be very interesting and informative, tied into a holistic educational framework. Learning in this way creates a deep connection with humanity, history and nature. My kids felt like they were there because they got a comprehensive look at what life is like in these different countries.

A Letter From Afar. A Letter That Connects, A Friendship…

If you have any questions or want more suggestions on how to get started, leave me a comment below! Do you love to travel and have an insatiable sense of adventure? Do you miss the days of receiving real letters in the mail?

Welcome to Letters From Afar, the ongoing story of an explorer traveling the world. Every month, as she travels around the world, Isabella writes a letter at each stop to tell you all about it. Accompanied by lively illustrations, field notes and a map, your monthly letter will take you on a literary adventure to a land far and wide.

You’ll learn about each destination’s culture, cuisine, wildlife, attractions, quirks, heritage, and more! You’ll explore castles, climb mountains, visit markets, wander forests, explore ruins, attend festivals, and sail the seven seas… all while sitting in your favorite armchair with a cup of tea.

Past Letters From Afar

Letters from afar are a magical and nostalgic way of knowing the world. Join thousands of people around the world and get ready to check your inbox.

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In an age where almost everything is digital, the art of snail mail is dying out. Our job is to help keep it alive and well.

There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of getting a handwritten letter sent to you. Letters from afar is designed for travelers of all ages to explore the world in a fun, old fashioned way. Not everyone can be globusd. These letters bring a spark of adventure to your inbox.

We have students in every state in the United States and in more than 40 countries around the world. Read more about our postal guarantee here.

A portion of all sales will be donated to Pledged Pens. They build schools in less privileged communities around the world.

Letters From Afar: V. I. Lenin, Alexander Trachtenberg: Books

I bought these for my kids, but I think they’ll love them just as much!Debbie Rochester, NY

★★★★★ These are the perfect addition to our school curriculum. It certainly makes our month more interesting. Maya Berkeley, CA

I bought a subscription on a whim and now I have over 36 emails. I still love going back and reading it all Rachael Dublin, Ireland. How would you like to open your mailbox every month to find a beautiful, handwritten and interesting letter from another country?

Past Letters From Afar

With a monthly subscription to Letters From Afar, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a letter from a new and exciting part of the world each month. Enjoy learning through the eyes of a researcher! On each of Isabel’s adventures, she takes you with her and tells you all about the cuisine, culture, sights, traditions and attractions of each stop!

Vintage Letter From Afar Memo Notes Collection Shakespeare

If you subscribe by the 10th, your first email will be sent on the 10th. Why is this? During the first ten days of every month, we (the LFA team) often travel abroad to gather knowledge for your next letter.

This subscription will automatically renew each month until you decide to cancel it. If you would like to purchase a non-renewable gift subscription, click here.

Snail mail is a fun and fascinating lost art and we want to keep it alive and well! Keep in mind that it’s called snail mail for a reason. Sometimes the letters can take themselves

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