Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters

Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters – Harriet’s husband on old TV / MON 7-18-22 / Said to have the head shape of an intellectual / Modern comfort in many movie theaters / Mixed sloppy reactions / Nickname for Louise

Relative difficulty: Medium (probably on the hard side for Monday, just because of the “?”

Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters

Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters

THEME: [noun] [plural noun] AND [other plural nouns] – verb phrases that follow exactly that grammatical pattern, both literally and figuratively (“?”-style), as if they are related to a field defined by plural nouns. :

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Word of the Day: “OZZIE and Harriet” (67A: Harriet’s Wife on Old TV) – The Adventures of Ozzie and Harrietis an American television series that ran from October 3, 1952 to April 23, 1966 on ABC. released, and starring the real Nelson. the family. After a long run on radio, the show was transferred to television, where it continued to be successful, initially running simultaneously on radio and TV. In terms of seasons, it was the longest-running live-action sitcom in US television history until It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia surpassed it on December 1, 2021 (although it is still the longest-running in terms of total episodes produced holds the record: 435). The series stars the entertainment duo of Ozzie Nelson and his wife, singer Harriet Nelson, and their sons, David and Ricky. Don DeFore had a recurring role as the Nelsons’ neighbor “Thorny”. (wikipedia)

Full disclosure: this introductory puzzle is from the daughter of someone I know and love—creator and longtime editor Peter Gordon. I wouldn’t have discovered this before I solved it, but I accidentally looked on Twitter, and Peter, understandably, praised it, which is lovely. However, even if I hated it, I wouldn’t have said it that way, or said it in such harsh terms. Luckily, I never hated it. It’s an absolutely adorable little monday…although “tiny” is actually incorrect, so the grid is actually a large 16×15! I mean “small” only in the sense that the subject isn’t particularly fat or complicated – pretty normal for a Monday puzzle. But it has this kind of … extra quality, where it has both the literal * and the cheesy signs, and it’s the craziness that both adds to and complicates things a bit. “?” signs will tend to throw you into metaphorical thinking (or overthinking) mode, and that happened to me today, a little bit, although the literal, normal sign is right there (in the first part, sign introduction). The postcomma section involves both more reading and (of course) more thinking, and so thematically this seems a bit more challenging than a typical Monday. More Tuesdayish. But since the literal sign is right there, we don’t talk about the extra difficulty. The postcomma part of the clue seems to exist mostly to give the thematic cohesion a stronger appearance than the puzzle would have without it. “Please consider this wonderful non-raphic context implied by the words in the answer” is a nice way to add only grammatical/syntactical phrases into the thread’s answers. It’s a great find, this set of three themes – all following exactly the same wording pattern, all 16 characters long. The rest of the tour is right on the plate. Something spectacular, something scary. Lots of crosswords, but the kind you can live well, not the kind that makes you cringe and roll your eyes and wonder what the hell is going on. Plus you (step one: drink from the drink) CUP HOLDER and (step two, pick up the drink, *eat*, hear something funny, and …) SPIT in the market. Oh, and “LADY BIRD” and STARGAZE to boot. A lovely quartet from the Long Downs. It’s a nice and clean Monday. A kind of textbook (in the best sense of the word). A promising start.

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Hmm, what else? Well, I’d like to debunk the raw letters, of course (two sets of two-Z’s!), but since nothing is ever sacrificed in the pursuit of said letters, I can’t be justifiably mad. Get all your J- and Z- and Q’s, by all means, unless doing so prevents me from seeing the neighboring Stones. It’s hard to call anything like “Zop” around RAZZ or OZZIE. The only answer I really hate in this puzzle is NHLER (49A: Jet or Shark, in sports parlance). See also NLER, ALER, NBAER and … is MLBER a thing? Oof, I hope not. MLSER? WNBAER? So where does it end? NHLER is probably the most common of all of these mandatory ER-based conditions. I do not know. I just know they all look and feel kind of horrible. But again, that’s one word, no big deal anyway. I had no problem with the grid, although I oddly blanked on S—- for 48D: An action section (SCENE). I say “weird” because I regularly teach games with actions and Scenes. I think my brain just wanted something like SKIT (too short) or SKETCH (too long). Oh, and I’m not surprised that on the “?” the LIDS sign from one of the other signs (69A: Jar heads?). I think if you make “Jarhead” one word, as you refer to a Marine, I like the word game-less better. I mean, if that’s the concept you’re after (and it is) why not just combine them. The “?” tells me you’re walking around, so it’s good. Okay, that’s enough for today. Hope this was a nice cooldown from yesterday’s slush fire/rain burn (depending on your perspective). See you Tuesday. And congratulations, Phoebe. If you like Ross Trudeau’s puzzles (and I do!), check out his website Rossword Puzzles where he posts free new puzzles every Sunday and writes about those puzzles and life in general. He is a generous mentor and loyal observer of Crossworld. Today’s episode is a solid Monday offering – accessible and fun.

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What do all these have in common? 60a [The story of The story of a giant… or the end of the answers to the starred clues] is FEE FI FO FUM. I love that the spelling and pronunciation are correct.

Nyt Crossword Answers: Birthplace Of The Black Panther Party

It’s been a long (and good) day so I’ll stop here. Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we’ve had in PA!

We lost Gail Grabowski in December, but she obviously still had one or more puzzles in the nest, so it’s nice to see her line up again, along with my former building partner Bruce Venzke. This puzzle, as 69A [Ray Charles puzzle, and a hint to the asterisk answers] says, is about R AND B, although the theme isn’t musical at all, just two-word phrases with the initials R.B. For example:

The subject matter and the content seem to be incompatible with each other. The subject certainly lends itself to Monday; “Appendixes with the same initials” is very general and straightforward. I don’t even know if you need asterisks, because there are no entries longer than words. But KETCH, ELKE, YSER, OGEE, DENEB all look like they’re not in a Monday puzzle. ELAND, too, because five letters [African antelope] can easily get you to ORIBI, if you don’t cross, and even though OKAPI is not an antelope, you can be forgiven for not putting your five letters right on it. . monday morning

Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters

TOP GEAR is revealing (37a, [a popular BBC show, and a reference to 3-, 8-, 24- and 26-Down]). Answers of the next subject (in the Down direction) have a car device as the first word (ie up).

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Well, it’s not a complete set of car accessories; you’ll need the third and fourth (and maybe the fifth), assuming we’re talking about a manual car. But for what it is, it is good. I love the list options, including one I’ve never heard of before.

In full, there’s a mini-Florida theme with SARASOTA, SEMINOLE, and controversial governor RON DeSantis. Other than that, I loved LAGOON and LOST YOU. There is also very little to resist.

The symptoms were apparently at a level on Monday, which allowed for a rough resolution, but it also meant that I didn’t see anything interesting.

Thus,  house guest, guest room, room service, service call, call waiting, game waiting, game pet, pet house, house guest…

The New York Times Crossword Apk For Android Download

Hellooooo very fast writing today as I have a six hour drive ahead of me. Just bullet points!

The last few have been harder! Dinner is just around the corner again, so here are my seeds and heats:

What I didn’t know before I did this puzzle: oh, so many things. That Tupac SHAKUR was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, that YAO Ming is the president of the Chinese Basketball Association, that Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was born in ASSISI, that comes to seven diamonds said BRIEF CARD.

Petty Nyt Crossword 3 Letters

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