Pottery Barn Moss Letters

Pottery Barn Moss Letters – Even though the Pottery Barn fresh moss letters look amazing, $79 each is way over my budget! The solution to this problem is simple enough. Let’s DIY them! As the holidays are approaching, I think “JOY” will be the perfect start. But what time of year isn’t that right for moss letters you can create for less than $5 a piece? Using Owl & Mouse printable letters, I was able to print, cut and attach these wonderful moss letters. Yes, they may not be “live moss”, but they are still as cute as ever!

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Pottery Barn Moss Letters

Pottery Barn Moss Letters

Using the Owl & Mouse website, select and type in the font and size you want to use. For “JOY” I chose the 2 x 2 4 page option, which makes the font approximately 18 inches tall.

Moss Initial Tutorial

Use the Jig Saw to begin cutting the letters you drag from the project panel. Please note that some letters must have pilot holes. For this method, simply use a drill to drill holes in the discarded section to crush the jigsaw blade to make the cut.

Place the moss mat on a level surface with the moss side facing down. Using a hot glue gun, hot glue the back of the cut letters and place the letter glue side onto the moss mat. Trim the letters, leaving about 1/2″ of excess. The next step in applying the moss is to wrap the moss around the edges. For characters with curves To cut with moss every fingers for easier cutting Do the same for the corners of the letters. Place a bead of glue around the edge of the letter and wrap the moss around it. Hold for a moment for the glue to dry. Work in small sections. The final step is to turn the letter over and cut off the excess moss.

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I decided to stick my letter on a wooden stand. So that they would stand beautifully alone on my china cabinet. However, they would be just a cute tooth picture hanger hanging on the wall. for stand option We used a 1 x 4 inch wooden block with pocket holes. Using a Brad Nailer, we nailed the letters onto the block. and screw it to 2 x 6”. You can use what you have for this. If you don’t own a Pocket Hole Jig, you can screw it onto the board.

As always, if you have any questions Feel free to comment below. and especially Be sure to post pictures of the finished product in the comments! enjoy!

Faux Indoor/outdoor Mounted Staghorn Ferns

I was busy with my mom at home from a small town in Michigan. My husband, Jamison, drugged me in Georgia. And I’ve turned a house into a house ever since. After a long day of juggling with our growing family. I love to relax with a little DIY decoration and a nice glass of wine. I picked up my coffee and Pottery Barn’s March catalog this morning and parked it on the couch. They were there on page 4 Pottery Barn Moss Letters when we were planning the wedding. We want the wedding to be full of personal touch and we want it to feel different. Are we all? We can’t stop brainstorming. The letter from the moss was one of those thoughts. After all We might be the only ones who noticed. But we still love those letters. I’m not surprised that PB sells moss-covered letters. It’s a $79 price tag.

For $20 and 20 minutes, you can easily do the same thing. I bought wooden letters at Michael’s and moss, a glue gun and glue sticks from Joanne Fabrics. Next was a little trial and error. But in the end it’s very easy.

Put the moss out (Upside down the moss side) and drag the front of the letter. (Put it back on the moss.) I drew the line wider than the letters so that no moss wraps around the back. because I want clean edges

Pottery Barn Moss Letters

Using a glue gun, apply moss glue to the front of the letter and wrap it around the back of the letter. after a few days I feel like I’m finally starting to recover from meeting Haven! However, spending time with all my blogging friends this past weekend made getting back to work tomorrow harder than usual! Words cannot express how scared I am! Maybe someday this little blog will be my job. And I can spend all day talking to you guys!! More free time means more DIY projects and more posts…. Isn’t that fun!

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Last week I shared my Summer Mantel here on the blog & I had a few of you inquire about how to make a moss-covered monogram that I hung in the center of the display….

Fortunately, I took a picture while doing it. So I thought I’d share a short tutorial. with you today!! This is a very quick and easy project….I think I finished it in less than 10 minutes! I promise if you have a hot glue gun and get tricky, you can!!!!

I bought this 16″x18″ sheet of moss at JoAnn Fabrics. It was originally $8.99, but I had a 50% coupon, so I paid about $4.50 (excluding taxes).

I used leftover wooden letters from our Father’s Day project. It was bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.00. I had spray paint for a previous project. But that doesn’t make a difference to the current project.

Diy: Pottery Barn Moss Letters

I started by placing a full sheet of moss on the counter and placing a “D” in the bottom left hand corner.

I then cut off the excess moss using scissors to get rid of all the excess & have a smaller one to work with.

Next I cut off the middle part & cut a slit in the moss to fold the back of the monogram.

Pottery Barn Moss Letters

I then took a hot glue gun and dragged the glue down to the edge of the letter.

Connected Wood Letters

I quickly folded the moss on the back of the letter before the glue dries and held it tight to ensure it adhered to the glue/letter.

I repeated this process all over the back of the letter until all edges were covered.

Just FYI: You may have to prune the moss here and there as you go. You need to make sure it wraps tightly around the letters to prevent gaps in the front.

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I like how fast and easy this project is. And I love the greenery added to the shelf. There are many things you can do with moss-covered letters and so many ways you can display them! For a little inspiration and a few other ideas, I searched the web for more images….

How To Make A Moss Covered Monogram Wreath

I love the idea of ​​spelling out your child’s name or hanging a monogram on the outside door like these examples via Pottery Barn….

Did I mention that Pottery Barn sells these for $79.00 a piece?! Did I even mention that I made under $6.00?! Wow!!

They will also be beautiful for a wedding….hanging in front of the church door! Or even hang it on your front door!

Pottery Barn Moss Letters

And last but not least….how stinky the graffiti of the stinking moss! If I had a brick wall in my backyard or on my patio…I think I would definitely consider this!!Once upon a time Cute Husband and I were partners in the Dark Ages. He used to tease me about the whole thing. My craft supplies are neatly organized and labeled in clear shoe boxes. In particular, one box tickled his funny bones. It is marked “Moss.” This box has been a source of much entertainment and has often been raised over the years. Who has a box that says Moss? Why would there be enough moss to merit a box of its own, let alone a labeled box? I have no defenses for my organizing and inventive insanity other than to say it’s the 90s and I’m entering the middle of the streets.

Diy Rustic, Moss Chalkboard — The Rustic Boxwood

I randomly searched Etsy and came across moss-covered initials and thought $40 each? I can definitely figure out how to do those things myself. Then I opened the pottery catalog and saw these and almost fainted at the $79 price tag~

My lovely husband suddenly seemed very interested in the contents of my moss box. He should be the same. I made one too for about $7!

I started with the initials I.

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