Prospero’s Servant 5 Letters

Prospero’s Servant 5 Letters – William Shakespeare was a famous writer whose plays have been elevated to timeless works of literature. Shakespeare made such a significant contribution to the development of the theater. His works of art have been performed for centuries; how people can perceive the hardships and psychological realism in the play. The Tempest, written in 1610, describes the expansion of knowledge and the importance of power during the Renaissance. The Tempest is a play that contains and crystallizes the conflicts of power, magic and male dominance; depicting the history of the privates, the retreat, the usurpation, the exile, and the shipwreck. Therefore, this article seeks to understand the dynamics of the struggle for power in the “Storm”.

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Prospero’s Servant 5 Letters

Prospero's Servant 5 Letters

The main character, Prospero, was deposed as Duke of Milan by his brother Antonio. Prospero uses magic to regain his power as well as control the people around him. ). An example of Prospero’s restrained but careful attack on his former comrades can be seen in Act I, Scene 2, when he says: “The dreadful sight of a shipwreck, That touched the very virtue of compassion in thee, I have such provision in mine art So safely ordered that no souls Nay, not so much death as a hair, Betid to any creature in the vessel (Act 1, Scene 2)’. In these lines, Prospero is saying that everyone in the boat will be safe despite the accident, the whole accident is due to Prospero not doing it out of malice, but still to steer him.

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Power is displayed through the idea of ​​knowledge as seen in the play. Caliban trades his knowledge of the island for Prospero’s knowledge of basic religion, ideals, and language. Prospero denies Caliban his rich traditional knowledge as “no knowledge” but appropriates it anyway (Wilson-Okamura, 780). Caliban prospered because of the knowledge Prospero taught him; however, he was still at a lower level than his master’s level. Prospero shared with Caliban only the basics of his own education. The master refused to share all of his knowledge with his servants, fearing that it would empower them and force them to take over. The knowledge Prospero gained was far more useful and important than the knowledge Prospero shared. Caliban’s information causes Prospero to prosper on the island. Although Caliban did not notice it, Prospero tried to make Caliban what he wanted him to be. Unbeknownst to Caliban, Prospero was trying to destroy all of his previous beliefs, morals, and ethics. Just as the Europeans tried to fix the minds of the Indians by forcing them to conform to the European way of life.

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Without his magic, Prospero would never have been able to cause the shipwreck and reclaim his right to the dukedom. The way he reclaimed his claim to the dukedom was through his daughter Miranda and her husband’s relationship. What Miranda didn’t know was that her father had ordered his servant Ariel to capture a man named Ferdinand and bring him back to the island to meet her so they could fall in love with each other. When they meet, Prospero carefully monitors every aspect of Miranda’s new relationship while managing their feelings for each other. Their marriage is part of Prospero’s master plan to reclaim his right to leadership. Ferdinand is the king’s son, if he marries Miranda, Prospero will regain all his power over Milan. Prospero does everything possible to arrange a wedding between the future king and his daughter.

Prospero uses magic as a form of power and control. He likes to control every situation and ensure that he always gets his way. He forgives his brother and the king for stealing his right to the dukedom. It is believed that the reason Prospero forgave his brother Antonio and King Alonso so easily is because he wanted to secure Miranda’s marriage to Ferdinand as well as restore his dukedom. Through his magic and forgiveness, Prospero secured his return to Milan and regained his title of power through the marriage of his daughter.

In the fifth scene of the epilogue, Prospero states, “Now all my charms are broken, and the power that I have is my own power that is most weak” (Shakespeare 1-5). He declares that he is giving up all his magical powers and moving on with his life. When Prospero says, “Which is most weak,” he is referring to the weakness of his power. He realizes that his own power without magic is very weak, and he intends to strengthen his power without relying on magic. One might ask themselves why such a person with great magical power would give up all their magic. The answer is quite simple. Prospero used magic to manipulate and change certain situations. His main goal was to regain his right to the crown, hence the reason the storm was called. After he forgave his enemies and regained his rightful title, magic was deemed useless. He no longer needed to feel empowered by magic, rather he would soon be able to experience the feeling of empowerment on his own.

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Power Struggles In The Tempest Essay

The Tempest describes the expansion of knowledge and the importance of power during the Renaissance. The thirst for knowledge allowed the colonizers to manually control and corrupt the colonized. The idea of ​​superiority and knowledge leads one group to believe that they are superior to another. The colonizers crave power, and in order to gain their right to leadership, one could resort to long-term measures. Prospero believed that he was more powerful than Caliban and therefore tricked Caliban into conforming to his way of thinking. The role of magic played in the play leads to a loss of power

Prospero, but also led him to achieve his goal of restoring his powerful role in Milan

After all, the struggle for power was the hot topic of the play. It can be seen through Caliban, who is trying to find a new king and rise from under Prospero’s rule. This is also depicted through Prospero trying to position everyone strategically to be useful to him and his plan. Everyone is looking for power. The struggle for power is something we face every day. Convinced that we are in charge of our own destiny. So what’s your power struggle?

Prospero's Servant 5 Letters

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The Tempest Crossword

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The Tempest Litchart

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Prospero's Servant 5 Letters

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