Nasty Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Nasty Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Poker Snafus / THU 4-14-22 / The Subject of Rationing in the Old English Navy / Homer’s Self-Satisfied Assertions / Yam Sources Historically / Facilities Often Referred to by His First Letter

Theme: From Stem to Stern (56A: Completely … or a hint for parsing some of the lowercase letters in this puzzle’s four clues)— you have to read “m” as “r n” if you want to understand the theme clue; The theme runs on the idea that “rn” can easily be mistaken for “m” if the font has bad kerning (if you don’t know what “kerning” is, look up the word below):

Nasty Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Nasty Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Word of the Day: Kerning (not in a puzzle, I thought it would be…) — Intypography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. Kerning adjusts the space between individual letters, while tracking (character-spacing) adjusts the spacing evenly across a range of characters.[1]In a well-kerning font, the two-dimensional spaces between each pair of characters are all visually equal. The term “kemming” is sometimes used informally to refer to poor kerning (the letters r and n are placed too close to each other and are easily mistaken for the letter m). (Wikipedia) (emph. mine)

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Holy cow, that revealer! I don’t think I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by a revealer in a long, long time. By answering the second theme, I knew what the concept of the theme was, so I worked my way down the grid to see how the puzzle would end, i.e. how the revealer would express the theme. In my head, I thought, “Well, this involves bad kerning… so maybe the kerning is in the grid somehow… it’s an interesting word, but … it won’t fit into that long final theme … and this No longer part of the expression that I know of… so maybe the revealer will be one of the short answers… or maybe… oh god, it won’t be some kind of “kern” pun, that would be sad… maybe anyone Won’t reveal! … Hey, I guess we’ll find out eventually … Better just keep fixing and see what happens.” or something like that. This is to say that the concept was simple and I scrapped it so I didn’t feel like the puzzle had anything left to show me. And wow, was I wrong? STEM to STERN is so on-the-money that I almost went AGASP (which I thought was a mythical, crossword-only state until now). They should have started with this phrase and built the puzzle around it, because it’s right on the money: it’s a familiar phrase that can stand on its own in any puzzle *and* uses clever wordplay to imply the theme (instead of just pointing to it) *and * This is a perfect grid 15 characters long. This is called “sticking the landing”. So much fun solving rides at the moment: the revealer reveals. And it’s great to have a revealer surprise you, especially when you think you know (or actually know) what’s going on with the theme. Simple concept, absolutely killer reveal. Stem to stern took me like to love in a big boom. The bow on the present, the icing on the cake. Yes, I’ll take this.

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The theme was deceptively simple. I say “deceptively” because Thursday won’t sneak up on me with his tricks. I know it’s a day of shenanigans, and I can see that the clue question marks are wacky, so I proceed cautiously, waiting for the booby traps to start springing. But with the first theme, I could see / feel that the answer would be what a good boy I am … but then I thought “No, you can’t fool me, stupid puzzle. It just can’t be. What a good boy I am.” … Because it has nothing to do with Homer! He’s not crazy at all. Where’s the “D’oh!”? Oh no, it’s not a good D’oh! Am I? !?!?! Please say it’s not. ” The result of this caution is that I left the BOY part blank because I thought that was where the craziness was … but then the cross ended up not revealing any (overt) craziness at all. Just familiar what a good boy I am. If I had stopped to think about where that sentence comes from, I might have discovered the theme sooner. But as it was, I didn’t get it until the next theme, in which I had to look it up to see if it said “bums” or burns … and then the Scottish POET should be “burns” … but the clue (resquints) Says “bums,” so… aha! there is That’s the theme. Not Homer but not Horner, not Bums but Burns and so on. So that was my mini aha. And that’s all I thought I’d get. That is why the revealer was so happy. The only flaw I can find in the theme is that Scottish POET is not a good stand-alone answer (more so than Belgian POET or Peruvian POET). This is more of a clue than an answer. But for the purposes of this particular theme, it’s fine. That’s the thing about cleverly themed puzzles that are executed beautifully—you forgive and forget the faults of such puzzles all too easily. Stuffed Jewish Dish / THU 4-7-22 / Jordan Peele’s Production Company Named for the classic horror short story / 1981 video game featuring the first appearance of Mario / Shopping is a high-tech hobby

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Theme: Turnkeys (48A: Jailers … or a hint to “unlock” the four answers in this puzzle)— The four down answers intersect the letter string “KEY”, which must be “turned” 90 degrees to become part of the down answers to make sense. To be:

Word of the Day: EBOY(41D: Gen-Z style with emo and anime influences) — E-girlsande-boys, sometimes collectively known as ase-kids, are a youth subculture that emerged in the late 2010s, particularly popularized by the video-sharing app TikTok. done .It is an evolution of emo, scene, and mall goth fashion combined with Japanese street fashion (such as asanime, cosplay, kawaii, and lolita fashion) and K-pop fashion. Videos of e-girls and e-boys are flirtatious and often overtly sexual. Rolling eyes and sticking out tongues (a facial expression called asahegao, imitative climaxing) are common. According to Business Insider, the terms are not gender-specific, instead referring to two distinct styles of fashion, stating that “e-boy is a vulnerable ‘softboy’ and embraces skate culture, while e-girl looks cute and innocent”. (Wikipedia)

Bride To Be Makes A Massive Crossword Puzzle For Her Guests To Solve

Several things conspired to make this the hardest Thursday I’ve solved in a while. First NOOB. Which was not spelled like that. Somehow (1A: Newbie, in lingo = NEWB) (Side note: What lingo? Maybe name it? As in, it looks like a word is missing from the clue). But even after cleaning it up, I kept staring at WHISE JUG and thinking that there was just one kind of jug I hadn’t heard of before. Perhaps Constructors had one of those ridiculously large and poorly curated word lists, and the obscure WHISE JUG was a 19th-century holdover that found its way onto that list. i don’t know I just accepted that the answer was WHISE JUG. Further, I somehow never heard of Kishka, which … how? (6D: Stuffed Jewish dish). KNISH, of course. Kishka somehow followed me. That made me feel sorry for myself (not Riddle’s fault, obv). Further, the cluing was awkward and made me write wrong answers repeatedly. UNIONISTS Before UNIONISES were bad (17A: Organized labor). Are unionists just… union members? like me? I guess that’s an okay word, but not enough for me to enjoy your obviously deliberate misdirection (when the misdirection is stronger than your own answer, the misdirection actually works against you). Still not sure what the clue on BEAM is doing (13D: big laugh). BEAM is a verb. If I smile, there is no beam on my face. I’d sooner drink from a WHISE JUG than play a beam. But the clue is that the answer *is* a noun. So… the puzzle was very slogged up top. It subsided when I finally got the theme and realized that WHISE JUG wasn’t the thing I was being asked to accept. But it remained very sloppy on the clue and (desperate-to-current) fill levels. ROBOT KITS was absolutely hilarious. Expecting something really new and fancy but just got it… two words that probably go hand in hand. Not even sure what these kits are or why you are buying so many. I think the theme is clever enough and once I understand the bottom half it’s easy to enjoy/appreciate

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