Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections – Robert Oppenheimer Letters and Recollections (Stanford Nuclear Age Series) by Alice Kimball Smith, Robertl Oppenheimer J. Robert Oppenheimer ISBN 13: 9780804726207 ISBN 10: 0804726205 Paperback; Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, January 1, 1995; ISBN-13: 978-0804726207

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Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

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Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1996. First Edition 2. Trade Paperback. Like New/Wrap. First edition, second edition. Trade PB in glossy photo packages. Like New and unread. xxii, 376pp in. Chronology Scientific Papers, Books, Notes, Index; shown in pictures.

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[ Edition: Reprint ]. Good quality. [ No Hassle 30 Day Returns ][ Ships Daily ] [ Shipping/Clear: NO ] [ Publication: NO ] Publisher: Stanford University Press Pub Date: 1/1 /1995 Binding: Paperback Pages: 400

Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1996. No text or markings. There are no bends in the covers or the fork. A nice clean and tight copy with bright unmarked boards and no corners. 376pp. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) was one of the few American scientists to become a public and controversial figure in the twentieth century. This book adds a new dimension to Oppenheimer’s story by providing a glimpse into the private behind the public. Contains letters covering the period from his Harvard student days in 1922 to his departure from Los Alamos in 1945. The letters add to the memoirs of who knew him and his own memories from an interview a few years before his death. Wallpaper. Close Fine. 9×6 inches.

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Paperback / softback. New. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) is one of the few American scientists who became a public and controversial figure in the 20th century. This book aims to add a new dimension to Oppenheimer’s story by offering a glimpse into the private behind the public.

Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

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We use cookies to remember your preferences such as shipping country and currency, to store your shopping cart, to check out website visits referred by our advertising partners, and analyze our online transactions. Manage your privacy. The Atomic Heritage Foundation is pleased to present the Martin J. Sherwin Collection, focusing on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, on the “Voices of the Manhattan Project” history website. The collection is courtesy of historian and George Mason University Professor Martin J. Sherwin.

Oppenheimer, a physicist, proved to be a unique choice to direct the Los Alamos laboratory, the center for scientific research on the atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project in World War II. Like many of his colleagues, the doctor Robert Christy joined the Manhattan Project because of one person: J. Robert Oppenheimer. “Oppenheimer asked if I would join him at Los Alamos. I said I would be happy because like many of his students, I would follow him to the ends of the earth.”

Jefferson’s Last Letter — The Thomas Jefferson Hour

Sherwin recorded audio interviews with many Manhattan Project veterans and friends of Oppenheimer in the 1970s-80s, as he prepared to write a biography of Oppenheimer,

. Sherwin wrote the book with writer and editor Kai Bird. The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 and is considered the first biography of Oppenheimer. For the first time, interviews conducted by Sherwin are available to the public. Each interview included audio and video recording. The “Voices” website currently features 17 interviews from the Sherwin Collection; AHF plans to deliver the remaining interviews next year if funding is available.

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The Sherwin Collection includes interviews with approximately 60 people, many of whom worked on the Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer. Others befriended him and his family at Caltech and the University of California-Berkeley, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and St. John in the Caribbean. The interviews cover much of Oppenheimer’s life, from his graduation day to his death. They explore Oppenheimer’s transformation from a brilliant professor, often deep in thought surrounded by young doctors, to a wartime laboratory director. Some interviewees recall how the 1954 Atomic Energy Commission hearings stripped Oppenheimer of his security clearance – ending his influence on the process. nuclear weapons program – affected him and his family.

Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

The Sherwin Collection interviews provide a kaleidoscope of reflections on many aspects of Oppenheimer’s personality, work, and his relationship with his family. They offer a complete understanding of Oppenheimer’s personality and his many roles: a leftist at Berkeley, a physicist, the Manhattan Project leader, and the advocate of nuclear weapons.

J. Robert Oppenheimer Autograph Letter Signed. Three Pages, 6

Sherwin is very excited to see the interviews published on “Voices.” He stated, “The 50 or so interviews I conducted in early 1979 formed the basis of our Oppenheimer profile. It seems my timing was perfect because almost everyone I met contacts prepared to talk at length and in detail about their memories of Oppenheimer. No one was stopped by recording.

“I started my interviews with a few obvious workers and every interview gathered more names. Every interviewee was involved in his own right, and their interests reflected Oppenheimer’s amazingly broad interests. I encourage any historian, writer or journalist to record their interviews. In the long run, if profound, they are treasures for future researchers and historians. Thanks to the Atomic Heritage Foundation for making it available to interested readers.”

Kai Bird described the importance of collecting oral histories: “I only realized the extraordinary value of these wonderful interviews when I joined Marty Sherwin on his Oppenheimer project. This is the year 2000 – and most of the interviews were done back in the 1980s. Marty warned me that the interviews were good, but there were probably some gaps, especially regarding Oppenheimer’s life at Berkeley in the 1930s. He seemed overly modest, or maybe he was trying to lower my expectations.

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“When I started reading the interviews I realized that he had built, interview by interview, a wealth of historical information about Oppenheimer, quantum physics and American political life in the 20th century. Marty was very knowledgeable. in the subtle wisdom of getting people to talk!”

Maker Of Patterns’ Review: Numbers And Letters

J. Robert Oppenheimer has long been known as a complex man who evoked complex emotions. Several interviewees fondly recall Oppenheimer’s ability to inspire his students and his leadership during the Manhattan Project. Alice Kimball Smith joined her husband, Cyril Smith, at Los Alamos. Smith found Oppenheimer “helpful, considerate, and most kind and affable.” After the war, Smith edited a volume of Oppenheimer’s letters.

The Polish physician Joseph Rotblat, who worked on the project at Los Alamos, explained why Oppenheimer impressed him: “At that moment he struck me as a very quick man, most intelligent. I noticed right away that he could take things in almost instantly. From this point of view, he is a genius. I am not surprised that he can be a good director for the laboratory.”

But not everyone took a positive view of Oppenheimer’s character or abilities. Marvin Goldberger, who worked on the Manhattan Project in Chicago and later became president of Caltech, found Oppenheimer a very challenging person when they met after the war. “He is a difficult person to be with in any situation. It was almost like he did it over and over again. Even though I’ve been close to him for ten years, I still don’t feel like I’m really close to him, I understand him well. He really enjoyed putting people down.”

Robert Oppenheimer Letters And Recollections

While many praise Oppenheimer for his intelligence and breadth of knowledge, they also puzzle over Oppenheimer’s place in the pantheon of American physicists. Stanislaus Ulam, who worked on the Manhattan Project and helped design the hydrogen bomb, explained, “When he returned from Germany in 1932, he was considered the best hope of American physics. That has not been confirmed

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