Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters – Mickey Mouse and his friends have come a long way since I was a kid. More colors, more adventures, more interactions and more fun! When I made this party for my son it touched my inner child. I found some great ideas online and really had a blast putting it all together. Hope this gives you some fun ideas.

I used star confetti, jars of rainbow colored candy canes and blow-pops to add color to the cake table.

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake was quite an effort, I looked at many styles online, but in the end I decided to make this one. The head, slide, hand/arm and leg/leg are made from rice crispies and covered in fondant. All except the plastic letters are caked with butter-cream icing and accented with fondant cutouts.

Litton Lane Black Wood Decorative Signs 35876

I made these with white wooden letters that I bought from Joan Fabrics. I bought acrylic paints and printed the hats, round ears and bow tie onto card stock paper. I used real white feathers for Donald’s head and black for Pluto’s ears. Each letter got two coats of paint, and the smaller pieces were hot glued on. The Pluto Tag is a sticker from a collection I found from Joan Fabrics. I drilled a hole in it and tied some thread to attach it.

Those letters have to be my favorite decoration I’ve ever made. I got many of my decor ideas from the party site while searching for Mickey party ideas. Logan and I are crafty about duplicating similar items without pre-purchasing them.

These are our take home gifts for party goers. I found some fun things at the dollar store; They had some themed toys and candy. We personalized the bags with a “Tootles” sticker made by Logan. Each child got a Mickey Mouse rice crispy treat that I made.

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To make the hole, pierce the center with a 1-2 inch kebab skewer or the sharp end of an ice pick.

Fall/halloween Decor Haul From Joann Fabrics

If the red melt is already melted according to the instructions on the package, dip half of the red into the desired height. I went about 3/4 of the way up.

Immediately coat the tip of the cookie pop with red candy, then slide it into the hole in the bottom. Place in a waxed container. Once you’ve completed this step and filled your pan, you can place them in the freezer for quick drying if you like.

Once the bottoms are dry, dip the top of the treat into the melted black candy and place back on the cookie sheet. After all your treats are finished, add some melted white candy to a zip-lock baggie. Cut a small section of the corner and pipe small white buttons.

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

One of the funniest games we made was Hidden Mickey. I cut out black silhouettes of Mickey and numbered them 1-10. I told the kids they were around the party area and they needed to find them. Parents were also amused. You can see one of the wall murals in the photo above, can you see it? Note- this is not the grandest one in the ramp 😉  Some decorations were also found online.

Scrabble Wooden Letter Decor

Putting on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a great idea to keep the kids entertained while they wait for the activities to start. I also colored the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday coloring page.

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This is a centerpiece I made from a ceramic pot. I painted it and added buttons. Logan made the designs and I taped them to kebab skewers and poked them into a foam ball. I shredded some black paper for the filling.

These two small decorative pieces were filled with a little tissue paper and shredded yellow paper. I topped it off with a little ribbon and presto! Beautiful themed decor.

Easy Rainbow Fruit Bowl, perfect for the occasion and super simple! Sing with me… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

White Pumpkin Alphabet 4inch A Z Machine Embroidery Font

These are handmade thank you cards that I made. I actually got the idea from my Hidden Mickey cutouts.

Kate had an amazing day and we had a ton of fun with our friends and family. All the little touches were a lot of work but really came together well to make Kade’s day Mieska, Mouska, Mouska special!

Hi, I’m married to Logan, the co-author of this site, and I’m a very busy mom of three boys. I enjoy crafts, baking, cookie and cake decorating. I love to read, knit, scrap, sew clothes and try new things. I’ve recently been into steam-punk style and I love vintage style clothing as well as decorating for parties. I am currently learning all the ins and outs of my homeschooling adventures. It really takes a lot of determination and I only do it depending on my rock Jesus Christ. So that’s enough about me; Check out our site and enjoy!

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

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Easy Diy Joann Fabrics Unfinished Wood Christmas Decor

Go ahead and stain your letter! I found mine from JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago…looked online and couldn’t find the perfect one…but of course, you can use any wooden letter!!

I used my trusty Kilz Dark Wax on the stain! After everything was used, I took a paper towel and wiped off the excess.

Here’s how it looks so far! Of course…if you don’t like the stained look, you can always use paint itself!

Next, write what you want to spell with your Scrabble tiles, then hot glue them on! I want Riley, obviously… LOL!

Wooden Peg Dolls Hobbycraft Outlet, 51% Off

I get asked a ton where you can find grapple tiles! The ones I used were actually sent to me by a precious follower… but- Hobby Lobby has them! You can shop them here.

To jazz it up a bit, I grabbed this frayed burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby and lined it around the edge of the entire letter.

Look how cute it turned out!!! It shows how a few little things and a little time can create a unique little outfit!

Joann Fabrics Wooden Letters

I’m a big fan of mixing my last name throughout my decor… and if you’re like me, you might like these other DIYs too!

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