Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters – These alphabet cookies are great for spelling out names or making cookies for occasions like “Dad” for Father’s Day or “Birthday” for birthdays. Made using sugar cookies and royal icing, it’s also a lot of fun to make and looks smooth and polished.

Alphabet cookies go a long way, whether you’re trying to teach your child the ABCs or pronounce someone’s name or celebrate a birthday.

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

I have one set of alphabet cookie cutters with each letter so I can mix and match, and they have helped me more times than I can count.

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In this letter cookie tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make letter cookies from sugar cookies, different ideas for decorating alphabet or letter cookies, and tips on how to use royal icing and make this special dough.

With 9 sure-fire cookie recipes and tons of secret baking hacks, this is your ad-free key to cookie success!

Making alphabet cookies requires that you have the ingredients for sugar cookie dough, as well as for making royal icing.

You can find more information on the exact measurements in my posts on powdered sugar cookie dough and my best recipe for royal icing, but the basics are that you will need meringue powder, water, vanilla extract and powdered sugar for the king . icing and for the dough, you will need flour, powdered sugar, butter, salt, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and baking powder.

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I’ve included links to the shortbread cookie dough recipe and royal icing recipe on the recipe card below, and you can check out those specific posts for more instructions, but I wanted to make sure to point out a few. things

First, with the dough, follow the recipe exactly the whole time, including the chill times, as this is what will help keep your dough together and not create messy cookie glasses.

You want clean, crisp edges, and making sure you pinch your dough in different places will ensure that it turns well.

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

You don’t want to see completely browned edges before you take them out, as the cookies will continue to harden as they come out of the oven and yours will be too hard if overbaked before they are even taken out.

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For making royal icing, I use meringue flour instead of egg whites because I find it easy to work with and it is safe for pregnant women.

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You’ll want to use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl to make sure all of the powdered sugar is incorporated.

Royal icing may be new to home bakers, as many people prefer to stick to basics like buttercream, but royal icing is actually easy to use and dries smooth and shiny, which makes delicious cookies.

When using royal icing, you’ll need to use piping bags or sandwich bags with the corner cut off, as this is how you get the icing on the cookies – it’s too runny to do any other way.

Easy Number Cookies With Royal Icing

You can put a layer of royal icing on top to add details, you just need to make sure it hardens first – I like to leave an hour between adding more details on top.

When piping, remember to hold the piping bag about an inch away from the cookie and let the icing fall onto the cookie (guided, of course) rather than placing the tip next to the cookie.

Yes, you can freeze the alphabet cookies after baking the cookie base, but I would not recommend freezing immediately after decorating.

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

Instead, after decorating with royal icing, store at room temperature in an airtight container for 2-3 weeks. Wilton Cake Letter And Number Press Set, Use On Fondant Or Buttercream Frosting, Ideal For Decorating Personalized Birthday Cakes, Includes 1 Holder, 2 Locks, And 85 Assorted Tiles, Purple

You can keep it simple and outline and then flood the cookie with the same color.

You can also add details inside the base of the first layer without waiting for it to dry.

You can also create stripes on the cookie by changing the color you use for the base layer.

For this, outline each line of one color and fill them all in, and then wait for it to dry for an hour or so before going in and filling the rest of the cookie with another color. I made sweet expressions for the holidays using alphabet cookie cutters and just three royal colors to decorate chocolate sugar cookies in four different ways.

How To Make Decorated Sugar Cookies With Royal Icing

The sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe I used are here. But, I made chocolate chip cookies to accent the first design below. Simply substitute 1/c cup of flour for 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa in the linked recipe.

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To decorate these cookies, pipe white royal icing to outline the letter shapes and then pipe stripes on the tops of the letters. Fill the drip tray using more of the water/flood consistency of the royal icing.

To make the cookies look like they have a light dusting of snow on them, I used a cheesecloth filled with a small amount of this insoluble sugar and shook it over the cookies. This gave me more control over the amount and consistency of the sugar coating the cookie. Once the tops were dry I also added a few dots of royal icing to each letter.

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

Yes, holly. I made red and green princess icing decorations to go with the cookies. Pipe the green leaves on the wax paper and when they are partially dry, pipe the fruit on top. Let these dry overnight before removing them from the wax paper so they don’t break. And if you store a little royal icing in an airtight container, you can use it to attach the holly to the cookies.

Artist’s Paint Palette Royal Icing Transfer Template

These adorable cookies were inspired by Christmas tree branches. I used a stiff frosting consistency of royal icing for the branches and painted them green. The bows were placed on wax paper (like the holi decorations above) and attached to the cookies the next day once the bows were completely dry.

To distribute the branches, line a layer of more consistent royal icing around the cookies. Letting the layers dry a bit before adding the next one helps the icing not mix into a blob.

Dust the tops of the cookies with undissolved sugar wrapped in cheesecloth like the “oh what fun” cookies above and then attach white sugar pearls to decorate.

For this simple design, I just used alternating white and royal red icing to look like candy stickers and then I marked the J with the candy.

Ways To Add Lettering To Sugar Cookies

Before decorating, you can use a black ink pen and offset spatula as a guide to draw evenly spaced lines on top of the cookies. Outline the cookies in royal red icing and then pipe diagonal lines. Fill with red flood consistency ice first and then fill the overlapping areas with white.

Pipe and fill the cookies with white royal icing and let them dry completely. Once dry, pipe parallel lines, criss-crosses, dots and loops on top to mimic the look of an oversized sweater. Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend enjoying the fall (spring for some of you) sunshine! I definitely made sure to get outside even for a short time each day to enjoy the autumn colors in the nearby forest – it’s amazing! That combined with cookie decorating and other commitments this weekend means the clothes are not done, but I’ll take that over cookie decorating any weekend. I’m really looking forward to this week because I’ll be secretly delivering these cookies to different people… leaving them in their mailboxes at work and popping a few in the neighbors’ mailboxes. None of these people follow me here (as far as I know), although a few will be able to put two and two together I guess, but it will be a random Monday surprise for them. The more fun I get from decorating cookies the more fun it is to give them!

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If you want to do these too, the method is not difficult, and I will share the steps on how to do it below.

Royal Icing Alphabet Letters

It was these cookies from Icing Land (Instagram), that inspired me to try my own version. They ended up being almost identical, including the same color scheme – I just loved their design so much! Please check them out on Facebook too; their cookies are so creative and delicious! Lymssess 10pcs Cookies Stencils For Royal Icing Decorating, Conversation Cookie Stencils With Love Letter Words, Coffee Stencils Cupcake Stencils Templates For Cookie, Coffee, Cupcake, Chocolate

You can find the dough recipe here. If you want to try chocolate chip cookies or another recipe, all of my cookie recipes can be found here. The cover cookie cutters are from

You can find my royal icing recipe here. The consistency of the icing is important for easy decorating. Click here to see a YouTube video on getting the right thickness of icing. Here are some more videos on spotting and flooding etc., if you need some tips on the basics.

Using tip #3, outline the shape of the cookies using royal icing. For detailed decorating tips, this tutorial may be useful for you.

With the same icing, flood, or fill your shape. Generally summarizing and flooding immediately, but

Spooky Letters & Numbers Royal Icing Transfer Design (3 Sizes)

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