Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters – This week is a fairly simple puzzle with some rather exotic (but doable) solutions and a few decent hints. I don’t mind easy ones! Gives me more time to think about this week’s Math Listening Crossword…

Anyway, you can find my completed grid below and explanations of my solutions are where I have them. I hope they are useful. If the last Jumbo seems a bit empty, you can find my Just For Fun page where you’ll find the latest 100+ links to this stuff. There are also the usual old book reviews and my story.

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Thanks again for the kind comments. They are greatly appreciated. Until next time, stay safe, wear a mask and keep supporting the NHS and essential workers everywhere. It’s great that covid infection rates are dropping dramatically, but this garbage still has a few months to run.

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Answer: USED (ie “worn out”). The solution is US (i.e. “American”), followed by ED (i.e. “journalist”, especially short for “editor”) and UP (i.e. “on horseback”).

Answer: CHANCEL (ie “part of the church”). The solution is CHANCE (ie “openness” or opportunity) followed by L (the recognized abbreviation for “big”).

Answer: STAGNATE (ie “do nothing”). Solution GNAT (i.e. “fly”) EATS (i.e. “food”) placed “within” (i.e. “food”) reversed once (indicated by “sent back”), eg: STA( GNAT)E.

Answer: ALL OVER THE WATCHTOWER (ie Jimi Hendrix’s “song”). The answer is EVERYTHING (ie “always”), followed by THE WATCHTOWER (ie the “religious magazine” of Jehovah’s Witnesses).

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Answer: TEAM PLAY (ie “cooperation”). The solution is PLAY (i.e. “participating in the game”), placed after or “BEFORE” (i.e. “social function”).

Answer: MISCAST (ie “wrong role in the film”). The solution is MIST (i.e. “film” – think condensation) after its last letter is removed (i.e. “money”) wrapped or “cleaned” by CASH (i.e. “money”), eg: MIS(CAS)T. Good recycling.

Answer: RANCID (ie “bad”). The solution is RAID (ie “storm”) wrapped or “skirted” NC (the US state abbreviation for “North Carolina”), eg: RA(NC)ID.

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Answer: A PIRATE (aka the “Chief of Britain” who resisted the Roman invasion of Britain a few years earlier). The solution is T (the recognized abbreviation for “time”) placed in CARACAS (i.e. “the capital of Venezuela”) after the last letter is removed (indicated by “mostly”). Then C (ie a musical “note”) and US, eg: CARAC(T)A-C-US. One is whether you know it or not. One chalk to my Bradford one.

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Guardian Genius 219 / Kite

Answer: FIND UPPER LETTERS (ie “facilitate as if”). The solution is KICK (ie “thrill”, as in kicking), followed by UP (ie “to win”) and STAIRS (ie “to fly”).

Answer: STUD (ie “jewelry”). The solution is research (i.e., “examination”) after its last letter is removed (indicated by “abbreviation”).

Answer: QUAGMIRE (ie “awkward situation”). The solution is a QUIRE (ie “paper size”) wrapped or “trapped” AGM, eg: QU(AGM)IRE. Giggled.

Answer: SUNDAY (ie “brown”). The solution is an anagram of BUNS (marked by “new”) followed by another anagram of HEAT (marked this time by “fix”), eg: SUNB-ATHE. Worked well.

Book Of Puzzles September 2019 By Times Record

Answer: FLANDERS MARE (ie “old war horse”). “Slap” represents an anagram. The solution is LENDS FARMER A anagram.

Answer: ABERDONIAN (ie “Scottish”). The solution is once wrapped or “entertainer” DON (i.e. “lecturer”), but not before RI (the US state abbreviation for “Rhode Island”) is placed “in”, A followed by BEAN (informal for “head”). word) will be. ), as: A-BE(R(DON)I)AN.

Answer: NEWFANGLED (ie “modern”). The solution is an anagram of ENGLAND placed (indicated by “ordered”) inside another anagram (indicated by “original”), eg: N(EWF) ANGLED.

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Answer: FRIAR’S BALSAM (According to Chambers, an inhaler made of benzoin, storax, tolu and aloes, whatever the hell they are. Sounds amazing to me). Information about how godly species organize themselves into “orders”. You get the idea. One of those “look and see what happens” moments at the church in “Chambers”.

Get The Digits

Answer: SUPERVISOR (ie “faculty”). “In speech” indicates that the solution is a homophone of I CITE (ie, “I cite”).

Answer: LITERATE (ie “learned”). The solution is L (a recognized abbreviation for “line”) followed by ITERATE (ie “repeat”).

Answer: ASHY (ie “pale”). The solution is A (i.e. “ballerina, finally”, i.e. the last letter of “ballerina”), followed by SHY (i.e. “retirement”).

Answer: ARCHPRIEST (ie “assistant to the old bishop”). The solution is PEST (i.e., “bother”) wrapped around or “controversy” RI (a recognized acronym for “religious teaching”). Then this consists of a “side” of ARCH (ie “trick”), eg: ARCH-P(RI)EST.

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Answer: NITWIT (ie “idiot”). The solution is to reverse TIN (ie “will”) (represented by “in turn”) and then WIT (ie “comedy”), eg: NIT-WIT.

Answer: EXHIBITION (ie “show”). The solution is EX (i.e. “ex-partner”), followed by H (a recognized abbreviation for “husband”) and BIT (i.e. “little”) once wrapped “around” an I (a recognized abbreviation for “island”): EX-H-(I)-BIT.

Answer: RENEGADE (ie “rat”). The solution is READ (ie “study”) wrapped or “including” GEN (ie “information”) reversed once (indicated by “about”), followed by E (the recognized abbreviation for “European”). accompanied by: RE: RE (NEG)AD-E.

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Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Answer: SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE (aka “the poet”). Solution is an anagram (marked with a “kappa”) LITERARY COMPONENTS DO wrapped around “about” (i.e. “end of poem”, i.e. last letter of “poem”). Well done.

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Answer: LEINSTER (ie “Fifteen from Ireland” – a reference to the rugby team). “Some” indicates that the solution is hidden in the wrist, for example: SETT(LE IN STER)LING.

Answer: REALLY (ie “real”). The solution is SINCE (ie “see this”) followed by RE (ie “turn on” or related – think email responses).

Answer: SPEEDY (ie “quick”). The solution is SPY (i.e. “agent”) wrapped around DEE (i.e. Scottish “river”) (i.e. represented by “westward” – this is the other way around), for example: SP(EED )Y.

Answer: STOP (ie “delay”). The solution is S (ie the first letter of “began to appear”, i.e. “began to appear”) followed by TALL (ie “suspicious”, tall order or like a tall tale).

Three Letter Word For Success

Answer: DOLLY WARDEN (ie “hat”). The solution is DOLL (ie “boy’s toy”), followed by an anagram of the colors RED and NAVY (represented by a “dislet”), eg: DOLL-YVARDEN.

Answer: PALO ALTO (ie, “The Place in California”). The solution is PAL (ie “friend”), followed by O (a recognized abbreviation for “old”) and ALTO (ie “singer”).

Answer: CANAL (ie “waterway”). The solution is CANA (ie the “biblical city” where Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine. Fun Fact: Painting by Paolo Veronese

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Not only is it extremely impressive, it’s also incredibly huge, measuring just shy of 7m x 10m, followed by the L (the recognized abbreviation for ‘left’).

Book Of Puzzles October 2020 By Times Record

Answer: IN TIME. The solution satisfies “our work” — “we” referring to the Times — and “now and again.”

Answer: CHEESE KNIFE (ie “whatever you can bring with Stilton”). The solution is CH (the recognized abbreviation for “check” used in chess), followed by an anagram of SEE IF KEEN (represented by “being interesting”), eg: CH-EESEKNIFE.

Answer: LLAMA (ie “beast of burden”). The solution is L (a recognized abbreviation of the Latin word for weight, “pound”.

Answer: SECATEURS (ie “clippers”). The solution is an anagram of “participating” CURSES (indicated by “strange”) wrapped around a TEA or another anagram (indicated by “ruined”), eg: SEC(ATE)URS. Worked well.

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Try Something Different

Answer: ALTER (ie “to change”). The solution is after removing the first letter (i.e. exhaustion or “flag”) (indicated by “to leave”).

Answer: NOW AND AGAIN (ie “from time to time”). The solution is WON (i.e. “successful”) reversed (indicated by “turned” – this is a low indicator) and then AND (i.e. “with”), A and GAIN (i.e. “gain”). , similar to: NOW -AND AGAIN. The solution was used in the interpretation for the given odd 6d.

Answer: TERRIER (ie “dog”). The solution is TIER (ie “row”) wrapped or ERR “participation” (ie “err”), eg: T(ERR)IER.

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Answer: ARTILLERY (ie “big gun”). Solution ILL (i.e. “enemy”) is once “placed” on ARTERY (i.e. “main road”) as: ART(ILL)ERY.

Pdb 101: Learn: Other Resources: Crossword Puzzle

Answer: ADVICE (ie advise or “brief”). “Over the phone” means a homophone. Solution is a homophone of COUNCIL (ie “local authority”).

Answer: SAND DABs (ie “swimmers”). The solution is AND (i.e. “also”) and BAD (i.e. “not good”), the other is reversed (indicated by “up” – this is a down sign) and both are placed in SS or “on board” (p .a. “on a ship”) , specifically a recognized abbreviation for a steamship, eg: S(AND-DAB)S. To be honest, it only got through the pun.

Answer: GRAND SLAM (ie “grand championship”). The solution is “after” GRAND (ie “good”) and SLAM (ie “slate”).

Answer: HEADACHE (ie “problems” – pretty insightful considering I struggle all day). The solution is BASH (ie “great teacher”) followed by ACHES (ie “disease”).

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Answer: HEN NIGHT (ie “the night”). Solution N and N (recognized abbreviations of “name”) are placed “within” HEIGHT (ie “high”), like this: HE(NN)IGHT.

Answer: ERRATIC (ie “unreliable”). The solution is CITE (eg “citation”) “about” A and RR (p. Then the whole thing is reversed (indicated by “arrival” – this is a low indicator), for example: E(RR-A) TIC).

Answer: FATHER BROWN (“literary servant” of G. K. Chesterton). The solution is FAT (ie “chubby”), followed by HER and BROWN (ie “tan”).

Said To Parisians Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Answer: THREE-STAR (ie “good hotel”). The solution is the H (phonetic alphabet hotel) in the anagram of A STREET (represented by “resort”) placed “near” and followed by R (ie “near the pier”, i.e. the last letter of “pier”), as in: T (H)REESTA-R. Another good thing about recycling.

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Answer: UP IN AMS (ie “angry”). The solution is UP (ie “at the university” – that’s what I see

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