Joanns Paper Mache Letters

Joanns Paper Mache Letters – Our Christmas card this year looked like this: I wanted to write a J-O-Y papier-mâché letter and add the words “to the world” to the card and quote her one of her favorite Christmas songs.

First, from JoAnns she got a J, O, and Y on a 24-inch paper mache letter, along with some gold glitter and the usual Elmer’s school glue.

Joanns Paper Mache Letters

Joanns Paper Mache Letters

Then I took some glue and sprayed it on the front of the letter. Then I used a foam brush to spread it evenly all over the front.Glitter up next! I thought I needed a lot of glitter but it actually covered very well and I didn’t need as much as I thought.I really liked how they turned out!

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Then I had a friend take a picture of my little family and make a Christmas card. In six and a half years of marriage I have never sent a Christmas card so I am actually very proud of it!

The letter then sat in the back of my car for about a week or so before I started collecting Christmas decorating ideas. I wanted to hang the letters on the wall. For fun, I held it over my TV and fell in love.

When…. It’s all here! I am very happy to have found a place to hang JOY’s letter. In a moment, I’ll show you some of my 2012 Christmas decorations.

I really love it and am so glad my letter isn’t sitting in my car or closet yet! Haha! What do you think! ? Are your Christmas decorations in progress?? I won’t moan, I won’t moan, but I won the challenge so I thought you liked my name project !And I thought it would be fun to put together a tutorial for those who want to make it themselves! Have fun with this project… just think of all the pretty fabrics you can buy and all the great scraps left over…

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• Fabricac – Great fabric glue! It works like magic, but heed the warning on the bottle – it dries quickly, and you’ll get a card when you buy this at Joann’s. I think it’s comical that anything you do at Joann’s is treated as a card.

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• If you want to hang letters, you will also need lint and felt crumbs and other her Fabritac.

1. Iron the fabric when it gets wrinkled! I don’t want to wrinkle my pretty letter. If you ignore wrinkles, they will show up later and drive you crazy. (Or maybe it’s just me!)

Joanns Paper Mache Letters

2. Trace the letters for batting. This step allows you to put the letters right side up. Use a Sharpie for this step and mark just above the batting.

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3. Cut the batting letters. Cut only inside the lines so that the batting fits over the letters and does not overlap.

4. Glue the batting to the letter. Get our his Fabritac and start gluing the batting to the front of the papier-mâché letters. If the padding overlaps the sides of the letter, cut it off.

5. Trace the letters on the fabric. In both cases, place the dough opposite side up. This will allow you to mark the other side with a marker.For this step, use a disappearing fabric marker.

The front side of the letter should be quilted side down and touch the back side of the fabric. trace the letter.

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(It’s fine for symmetrical letters like ‘a’, but I’ve messed up an ‘L’ before and it came out backwards.)

6. Cut the letter fabric. Cut about 1/2 inch around the letter trace. The extra cloth is a way to wrap the letters. These little “flaps” are actually glued to the entire side of the letter.

7. Make a “notch” in the letter dough. Cut off that extra 1/2 inch… Now you want to make a small cut notch from the outside of it, but not touching the letter traces. and how it will flatten to the shape of the letter. You can have notches every 1-2 inches for straight sections, every 1 inch for curves and corners, or as needed.

Joanns Paper Mache Letters

8. Glue the fabric to the letter. Take out the Fabritac again. Place the letter on the other side of the backing fabric and start applying glue to the side of the papier-mâché letter and wrap the “notched tab” around the letter.The glue works fast, so work in small sections. Glue it all on, then repeat for the fabric on the front. Helps get inside creases and letters (e.g. inside the ‘a’ cutout).

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These little flaps are the notches I’m talking about.. They do 2 things: so you don’t have to put any glue on the front or back fabric that’s shown (to glue the sides together), Letters can be easily wrapped. fabric.

9. Outer lining. Make your “circumference” cover…this is a long piece of cloth that covers the sides of the letters and looks very nice and clean! Doing this makes bias tape (as I understand it) It’s something like

Measurement. Use a flexible tape measure to examine the outside of the letter and the “circumference” of the insert. For example, I measured the outside of the “a” to be 31″ – including the wiggle room and overlap, and the inside of the “a” to be 6″ (also with a little extra length). , you need to cut a strip of fabric 2 inches wide and 31 inches long and a strip 2 inches wide and 6 inches long.

Iron. Now that you have the pieces cut, use an iron and lots of steam to make them look like bias tape.The strips are 2 inches wide and the letters are 1 inch deep, so tuck in each edge 1/2 inch. Finished width is 1 inch = character depth. Does it make sense? Finally, fold one end over so that the raw end is covered and tidy when exposed. (:

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Hopefully this photo makes it clear what I’m talking about… These are the two strips: one for the outside of the ‘a’ and one for the inside. It was 2 inches wide, but I ironed the long end with a 1/2 inch iron to give a finished width of 1 inch.

10. Wrap the exterior. Glue, starting with the “raw” end of the long sheathing strip. Glue the outer strip all the way around the letter and start pulling. Finally, glue the folded ends and hold them until they stick together. Don’t forget the inside letters with “holes” like A, B, D etc. Overlap the ends at the least noticeable part.

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12. Instructions for hanging on the wall. These letters fit nicely on the shelf, but when I made them for my daughter, I wanted to hang them.So this is how I did it. A photo will help you understand this. Prepare about 5 inches of scrap yarn. Tie it into a knot so that it forms a loop. Trim the ends. Then flip the finished letter over and glue it to the top of the back. Cut out a square of felt and glue over it for extra “security”. For letters like ‘u’, you need to make two loops so the letter hangs straight down. Tip: It may not be perfectly straight when you hang it. I used double sided tape on the bottom of the letters and attached them to the wall so the letters would hang better.

Joanns Paper Mache Letters

Close up of the loop – imagine this photo rotated 90 degrees to the left… The loop is clearly UP! An incredibly easy way to impress your friends without having to. I made some charcuterie letterboxes over the weekend for game night and Father’s Day. Perfect for your next party, event, dinner party or happy hour.

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First you need to cut off the top of the paper mache letterbox with a box cutter. Using Joann’s box, I was able to start with a box cutter and peel off the top based on how it was folded.

Then line the box with wax paper. I didn’t like the idea of ​​just dumping meat and cheese on cardboard. So I cut strips of wax paper and lined the entire bottom of the letters.

Finally, lay out the meat, cheese, fruit and nuts. Have a variation of each and don’t let her two foods of the same color touch each other. These boards featured Gouda, White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto and Boursin cheese. I also added pistachios, sliced ​​almonds, grapes, kiwi, two types of crackers, pretzel crisps, and strawberries.

Both box sets were big hits! I love how they turned out and will definitely make

Paper Mache Letters

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