Shelby Front Splitter Letters

Shelby Front Splitter Letters – Great purchase No complaints. Find a YouTube video on how to install it and it will last a lifetime. (I wash my car very often) Thank you!

Got this for my father-in-law for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I don’t know much about car accessories. but he is very excited

Shelby Front Splitter Letters

Shelby Front Splitter Letters

Go easy.. use soapy water and it’s nice and easy. You can dry it…but that’s not a good idea..

Shelby Gt350 Returns With 500+ Horsepower

I ruined it until I couldn’t fix it. I think I wasted my money but i send email to xplore offroad and it’s awesome Send a replacement set within 2 days!! Unexpected, thanks again 🙂

CAUTION: Once you’ve applied this to your truck. Be prepared to tell the contest 5 – 10 people per day that you get!! Really eye-catching.. I tell them Xplore Offroad makes them very high quality. so give it a try

Bought as a present for my husband… Boy, he was happy when I showed him the photo. He waited until the weekend to use it.. Very stoke!

Watch YouTube videos that come with the kit. The application is quite simple. It took about 30 minutes, helped by my wife. Includes everything we need! Letters A+ A+ A+Vinyl designed to fit in SHELBY lettering on the front splitter of 2015-2020 GT350 & GT350R Mustangs are offered in the same color as our stripes to match the Big Worm Graphix stripes. Will not. GT500 (also available click here) is intended for Ford splitters only and will not fit splitters, conversions or reproductions. Includes 2 character sets to give you an expansion pack or a practice set. Click here to see our available vinyl colors.

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Mustang Gt350 Front Lip Splitter Letters Vinyl Decal [16fs_sl]

All orders include installation instructions. Orders placed before 9 AM central time will be shipped out the same day. (Monday to Friday) We use high quality vinyl – Hexis, KPMF, Avery or 3M depending on the color. All of the vinyl we use has a breathable backing, UV protection and pressure-sensitive adhesive for easier installation and longer life. Colors will appear different depending on the color of the vehicle on which the graphics are installed and in different lighting conditions. Email [email protected]. for free color samples Striped dresses cannot be returned once they have been shipped.

2015-2022 GT350/GT500 LED Reverse Light This dynamic diode LED bulb replaces your stock 2015-2020 GT350 or 2020-2022 GT500 halogen reverse light bulb for a modern white look. No resistor or…

2015-2022GT350/GT500 Dual Line Rocker Stripes This 2015-2022GT350/GT500 Mustang Rocker Strip features two stripes with space between them. Overall height 3.4 inches before cutting…

Shelby Front Splitter Letters

2015-2022GT350/GT500 Front Reflector Overlays This kit includes a pre-cut material covering the amber reflector in your headlights for model year Mustangs. 2015-2022GT350 and 2020 GT500 all…

New Shelby Gt350r Mustang Unveiled In Detroit With Burnout And Over 500 Hp [live Photos]

2015-2022 GT350/GT500 Heritage Style Rocker Stripes Inspired by the 1966 Mustang GT350, these rocker stripes feature a larger center bar with a top and bottom center stripe. Pre-cut…

2015-2020GT350 Mustang Dual Full Length Stripes will only fit GT350 Mustangs. These stripes are inspired by the twin stripes designed by Ford for the 2017 GT350. Two 6.75″ wide stripes…

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2020-2022 GT500 “SHELBY” Splitter & “GT500” Inlays Vinyl lettering designed for installation in GT500 on front bumper & SHELBY lettering on front splitter of 2020-2022 GT500…

2020-2022 GT500 Mustang Dual Full Length Stripes will only fit 2020-2022 GT500 Mustangs. These stripes are inspired by the dual stripes designed by Ford for the year 2020-2022. The GT500 has two 6.75″.. .

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