Singer Lennox 3 Letters

Singer Lennox 3 Letters – Singer Annie Lennox performs at The Old Vic Theater in April 2015 in London, England. (By Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

When countries around the world were locked down, Annie Lennox decided to turn to the internet to meet the people she loved. The end? Scary and inspiring conversations.

Singer Lennox 3 Letters

Singer Lennox 3 Letters

Annie Lennox, sitting in her closet. It’s not until 10am in Los Angeles and at times of interviews that are mostly done via Zoom calls and Google hangouts, this is not surprising – he is looking for a quiet place and while standing, there is that place in his office; A living room with turquoise walls, not too big and not too small, and when he sat down, the soft ocean color of the walls appeared in his face quietly, tainting the conversation with a sense of water (although in Zoom, it is not possible to color. dependable).

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Although America is not busy – at least not at the time of the interview – he spends time at home, talking to people around the world.

One of his conversations was with Anele Mbane – a young South African he met while living in Cape Town.

“I really like that generation because I think they were born at a time when there was a lot of hope for change, where opportunities are shining…”

Lennox’s relationship with South Africa goes back to the Nineties and his involvement with the 46664 campaign that created awareness about HIV Aids; but for the past eight years, she has been spending time in Cape Town with her husband, Dr Mitch Besser, who founded the organization called Mothers2Mothers in 2001. Her aim is “to using older patients who are well-adherent and committed to treatment. An HIV-positive child is born as partners called ‘Mentor Mothers’ to help others take this same path” . And it did, 19 years later, M2M “works in hundreds of health centers and communities in ten African countries, and has reached over 11 million pregnant women, new mothers, and with children”.

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Nelson Mandela (L), singer Beyonce Knowles (C) and singer Annie Lennox (L) after the press conference for the concert “46664 – Give a minute of your life to charities” ” on November 28, 2003 on Robben Island, on the beach. of Cape Town, South Africa. (By Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

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46664 artist Annie Lennox with Nelson Mandela in a photo shoot before tonight’s “46664 Arctic” concert, at Hotel Rica on June 11, 2005 in Tromso, Norway. (Photo by Getty Images)

It was during his visit to Cape Town that Lennox met Mbane. “One day, I went into this cute store where they made beautiful shirts and blouses and little things that were so beautiful. And I was kind of hungry for the quality and beauty of what they are selling. I went there and visited two very nice people. One of them is the manager of the store, he is Anele,” he said.

Singer Lennox 3 Letters

They started a conversation that led to coffee and today, to a Zoom recorded, free call in all countries.

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“He is a young man for me, because I am 65, anyone under 40 years old is a very young man for me… He is the generation born after the end of the apartheid system. Many my interest in that generation because I felt they were born at a time when there was great hope for change, where opportunities were shining, where South Africa would become a free country, that is same country. there are opportunities for children,” he said.

“They’re going to grow into a better society, get education, better housing; that’s going to be important. And to me, that’s what you call ‘Rainbow Nation idealism’, and the hope that equality will begin and that South Africa will be a beacon of hope, above hope,” said Lennox; as he did, his head was tilted to the side, his eyes lifted up as if to capture the image of our rainbow nation for a moment, as if not to let go.

“And that’s where everyone looks as a model country, where it’s changed, the white and the black and the black and the yellow and every color of the people that live yes, it’s amazing. I talked to Anele about this at the store.

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More conversations followed, and when the pandemic changed the world, and everyone found themselves at home, Lennox decided to take those conversations online.

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“I’m a man on this earth. I’ve sat and watched and seen and seen that inequality, and that madness and that pain, the violence, the brutality of the war that’s coming, the injustice of the woman, the innocence of the ancient race.

“I started talking to people and I wanted to hold them because… Popular culture is so toxic, and you have reality TV, of course… I just wanted to talk to people who were serious, [ communication] from the heart. and communication and the organic nature of communication. Discussions are two events; two people speak; two people listen, and you don’t really know… you don’t live in down and say, let’s talk about x y z, you just flow and if you have a change, it’s really cool. You’re trying to fix the world that can’t be changed around you, but more You have a good idea because it’s a human relationship…”, he added.

He publishes every conversation – with people he meets, from all over the world and from different walks of life – on his Instagram; The videos are raw, of course, and for a while, it’s like hearing the conversation of a nearby table, while sitting there

Singer Lennox 3 Letters

Annie Lennox has this ability: twisting the truth a bit. Talking to him, it’s hard not to remember the world star and the inspiration he is, and the artist behind the new exhibition.

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… where, according to Jillian Steinhauer, he revealed “a mound of earth about 8 feet high and 65 feet long that contained about 250 things he had found in his lifetime” at MASS MoCA. However, with his broad smile, twinkling in his eyes and that unyielding energy, his back to the turquoise wall in the bowl, he flattered the famous aura and broke the other’s mind in the stardom.

“And you look at the world and you say, what? Why is this? Why can’t we fix this? I’m one of those people who wants to see solutions. And I know that all the NGOs coming and doing life changing work. I see the political leadership as dangerous, dangerous, self-seeking, arrogant, cutting edge, without concern for the people, with a lack of well, without a lot of things. And that’s the heart. You’re left feeling hopeless and sad, really. Love is important, but it’s not the end of someone. thing. The solution needs systemic change, it will come from the people who are elected to lead the parties. And they have become garbage. And you are left alone with your neck… Why are we bad at this?

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“You look around the world and you see these things going on everywhere. And it’s very depressing, you know, as a normal person… I’m a normal person, and I’m like, oh My God, where do you get your ideas? Do you have any new ideas?”

“The information about Covid-19, the drugs, how to control the spread of the disease and the drugs are constantly changing. with the intention of deceiving the people in the public works to fix it. due to COVID-19. We are therefore deleting the comments section of this article in order to protect the commenter and ourselves from potential liability. , email [email protected]” Journals And Letters Of Frances Burney (penguin Classics): 9780140436242: Fanny Burney, Peter Sabor, Lars E. Troide, Frances Burney, Victoria Kortes Papp: Books

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Singer Lennox 3 Letters

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