Small Letters For Resin

Small Letters For Resin – Wondering how to work with resin to make fun alphabet letters or other fun resin projects?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and are sharing our tips and tricks for working with resin and creating these beautiful sparkle letters!

Who else noticed the resin letters moving like crazy?!?!? I looked online to buy some, but all the sets I wanted were $50+. Since I wanted to get two sets (twin mom here), I looked into doing it. Discovering a kit to make two sets of resin characters was half the price of buying one set, I thought I’d give it a go. After doing 3 different classes, I became a big fan of working with resin! Today I’m sharing everything I’ve learned along the way, plus tips and tricks too! Thank you so much for stopping by today to learn how to make resin letters! Let’s get started!

Small Letters For Resin

Small Letters For Resin

For equipment, you can buy everything individually, but I recommend buying equipment. With the kit you get the most bang for your buck, plus everything you need for this project! When you buy everything for this project $ extra. I bought this device for $29 and loved it so much I bought a second one. Plus, if you have the kit, if you want to make a lot of resin letters or other projects, all you need is resitonal resin.

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Glitter or Sprinkles (Here’s the glitter I bought and use. The glitter kit that comes with it would work fine too, but it’s less glitter than the one I used.)

Start by planning your workspace. For this project you will need to work in a well-ventilated area, open your ceiling fan to circulate air or open a window. When working with resin art it is best to work in a warm room rather than in the fridge to dry. At work I put plastic wrap down on my counter, and put cardboard on top of that to make the top. Old paper is another great way to work on it.

Place the silicone mold on the work surface. Sprinkle a small amount of glitter into each mold and spread it out as much as possible so that there is not too much glitter. Try to have a light that is not crowded. I have found with glitter/sprinkles if it is too layered it can create bubbles/divots in the project.

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Once the glitter/sprinkles are added to your liking, set aside on the work surface.

Making Monogram Charms With Resin

Now it’s time to make the resin. When working with resin make sure you have gloves on at all times! You don’t want to find these things on your hands… or anywhere they shouldn’t be. .

For this character set including numbers, you will need 130 mL of resin and 130 mL of hardener. .

In a silicone beaker measure 130mL of resin. Once you have 130mL of resin, add that to the empty plastic cup. . . Try to be as realistic as possible when measuring.

Small Letters For Resin

Gradually mix the remaining ingredients together. Therefore you will want to stir gently for 4-5 minutes. Don’t skip this step! Pulling gently will help reduce bubbles in the resin.

Small Love Resin Letters Framed With Quote

Time to mix in a little mica powder. If you want to make different colors of resin, add small pieces of mixed resin in different plastic cups, then add a small amount of mica powder. You can skip steps 5 and 6 if you are making clear resin. Mica powder is a highly concentrated pigment so a little goes a long way! Start with a small number and know that you can always add more 🙂

Once the mica powder is added, slowly mix the powder into the resin for about 2 minutes until the powder is well mixed.

Now the fun part! Time to pour the resin mixture into the silicone mold. I like to have a mixing stick on hand to help catch the drip in the bowl while pouring. Slowly pour the resin mixture into the letters/numbers one by one. When the letter starts to look good, I like to get an eye level to make sure the resin mixture is poured over the surface. 130mL of resin/hardener is the perfect mixture for this figure to fill in all the letters and numbers.

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If you happen to pour too much resin into a letter, take a drop from the container, drink some resin and put it in another letter. Another option is to let the resin harden. When the resin is completely dry, take the nail file and file the excess.

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If it’s too windy during the dry season, use a toothpick or heat gun on the floor to remove the clumps. (Or just leave the bubbles and don’t care 🙂

To clean the alcohol, baby wipes do the trick! Just make sure you always wear gloves so the resin doesn’t get on your hands.

After the 24 hours are up, try to remove one letter from the mold. If it is soft or crooked, put it in storage and wait another 24 hours.

Small Letters For Resin

If it’s still strong after 48 hours, it’s likely that the mixture is off and it’s time to start over. Hopefully that won’t happen though 🙂

Pcs Art Silicone Mold Epoxy Resin Casting Diy Craft Set Uv

When it comes to dusting after the letters are out, I’ve found that dusting the patterns with a baby wipe works best! Soap and water also work but can be difficult to remove excess glitter.

If the letters don’t change, (and you want them to be shiny) use another method. Silicone molds will leave the letters with a matte or glossy finish depending on the storage.

There are lots of fun ways to use your characters! Use it to help children learn the alphabet or how to write. Add to the mix with dry oats or rice. Super glue the back of the letters on the new fridge magnet. Make a key from the letters. Use it in play dough and have fun. Lots of options.

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Thank you so much for stopping by today to learn how to make resin letters! I hope you are happy! If you make resin letters, write, and let me know how it goes! I want to hear all about it! I hope you have a great day!

Small Initial Letter Keychain

Wondering how to work with resin to make fun alphabet letters or other fun resin projects?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and are sharing our tips and tricks for working with resin and making these beautiful sparkle letters! DIY epoxy resin letters. No craft project has ever given me so much joy, they are so satisfying to make!

I found this idea with my Wild Sparrows and after doing some research I knew I had to try it. I feel like I have to say this – these are not toys, they are for educational and entertainment purposes. I would never leave Peggy with them unsupervised because letters are a big danger to small children.

These resin letters will make a unique gift for someone. There are so many things, key rings, wedding favors, mini signs, place settings, or just use them like me and teach your child the alphabet and letter sounds with them! You will be a slave to the craft though, be warned.

Small Letters For Resin

I used mica powder to color my letters and added in dried sage leaves and chamomile flowers. Feel free to make it in any color you like but I will match the powder I used in the recipe, I love those warm tones.

Diy Resin Letters/numbers — Collective Creative Company

Click on some gloves and open the window. You will need to carefully follow the instructions on your epoxy resin bottle. Mine was a 1:1 ratio but yours may be different. Mix your epoxy thoroughly but not hard as you can see bubbles. Once mixed add your mica pigment.

Mica is naturally very pigmented so add a little, then build. My red letters were meant to be very simple, too

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