Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword

Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword – The subject detector for this large 22×21 puzzle is 50a. [Reborn with 97-Across … or what does the end of the five Across answers in this puzzle do?], RISE FROM / THE ASHES. Other contestants can bend up into the grid and change their A’s to ASH for another, more ambiguous answer.

Great theme, but maybe too easy if you give the theme mechanism to expose the theme. Theme pairs like to have multiple live entries. For example, I would love to see HOGWASH or JOHNNY CASH in a puzzle game.

Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword

Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword

Constraints in grids with angled inserts mean a lot of locked space, which often means lower fill. Having a CRYER next to a CRIER just doesn’t seem right and the ACT AS/multiple AHS puzzles put a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 66a. [Some UN officers, briefly], SGS. General Secretaries? SORER, blkh. There were things scattered about that just worried me. I might not have noticed them if the opening corner had been great instead, you know? Set the tone.

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5d. [Something close to the Colonel’s mind?], SILENT L. We need a linguist to judge whether we should call it a silent L when there is an R sound instead.

41g. [___ Minella (Muppet)], SAL. Oh! Didn’t know that. Pleasing. My grandparents were friends with a couple named Sam and Della, and I had never heard of “salmonella.” Do not eat in their place!

Theme: Each theme answer for this puzzle contains a first and last name, each name starting with the letter C and the first letter being CC. Double-lettering refers to the postal practice of carbon-copying someone (i) so that they receive a copy of the correspondence.

This thread was clean and easy to fill in, keeping my solving time for USA Today as normal. After I found out about CINDY CRAWFORD and CONNIE CHUNG, I knew I was looking for C.C. blueberries. There was also a nice bonus 37d [“Telemarketer’s Hard Task”], which stands for COLD CALLING. It not only played CONNIE CHUNG’s original C, but suggested a fourth unnamed C.C.

Rochester, New York: The City Kodak Built

As for the grid, the top right and bottom left corners were easy to fill in Acrosses, so I didn’t even look at the Bottom Tips until I started working on my outline. I thought the upper left and lower right areas were well understood and nicely balanced with the short words in the opposite corner.

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Fun idea, especially the title revealer. Some of the silly responses that result need to be trimmed down a bit from the main language. For example, HOME TEACHER and HOME TEACHER are quite close in terms of being teachers. Both MSHROOM RISOTTO and MUSH RISOTTO are still Italian rice dishes (I’ll also add that RISOTTO is really soft). BALL DANCE is…weird. Do you think my mind is in the basement?

I liked these for the most part, especially when the puzzles were going on. After all, they seemed stronger. Sorry about the INSIDER information. It would have been nicer if another similar insert had been used. there seem to be many other prepositions like on, off, over, below, under. [as Bono ___ jumps as U2 jumps] OVER THE EDGE?

Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword

Enough bullshit. There isn’t much in the way of long shiny fill tracks on the net, as we include a number of topic entries, some of which are way down. We have TIRED and SENATOR as well as OPEN WINNER and ISOTOPE. No slouch, and that’s no small feat for a network the size of Sunday.

Dmv Smo Word Search

SUBJECT: Food’s initials were removed and crudely indicated. The collective missing letters are a kind of revealer in Birnholz’s fashion.

Today’s puzzle is incredibly complex yet seemingly simple. I don’t think I fully appreciated that all the theme entries were food until near the end of judging. I don’t know how I missed it, but it’s a lot more fun than cutting off the first letter of an old phrase.

I sensed from the first post that these missing letters would spell something (because Birnholz). This trick (wrong word…trick sounds gross, but the correct word eludes me) never fails to improve the puzzle. Tried to guess it, but after discovering the first three letters (POT), my mind thought it had something to do with pot.

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Conundrum struggled in the Middle East. Couldn’t I for the life of me do anything with AN?LE [seen while wearing ankle braces] clue. The alphabet is run twice. Bad, obviously. Big slap on the forehead because my mind never thought of another definition of “joint”. Great clue. Couldn’t see DOSE or TANKED for a while. Just a big blackout for me.

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Favorite theme = HANKS GIVING TURKEY. It’s a pretty cool visual, and let’s face it… Who wouldn’t want Tom HANKS on your dinner table for Thanksgiving?

Today’s puzzle, The Divorce Company, is puzzling. All I see is a circle that says JMBARRIE in 8 theme entries. Additionally, each of these 8 entries contains half of the four Neverland characters (not including any of the Darlings). The first and last entries, PETERjennings and flashinthePAN, make up PETERPAN; two and seven get AHMADAMERIK, HOOK; five and three TINKERtoys and sleigh BELLS; six and four are TIGERteams and easterLILY.

About a third of my solving time was spent completing the area below the SKIIN. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. I was confused between the names, especially the spelling: STAGG (stang?), KIMMEL, INES (z?), and RIAN (not a Y?); Vague hints of INNAT, AMNESIE, LEAD, and a phrase that seemed like it could be one of many things, ___INGTHEHOOK, put me off for a while. However, my mistake was GTA/ASTO. I don’t think I know abbrs./Latin is good enough!

Some Duplicate Letters In Two Ways Crossword

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Word of the Day: Tracee ELLIS Ross (15D: Actress Tracee ___ Ross) — Tracee Joy Silberstein (born October 29, 1972), known professionally as Tracee Ellis Ross, is an American actress, singer, television host, producer, and director. is. She is best known for her starring roles in the television series Girlfriends (2000–2008) and Black-ish (2014–present). She owns Pattern Beauty, a hair care company for curly hair. She is the daughter of actress and Motown recording artist Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein. He started acting in independent films and serials. He hosted the pop culture magazine The DishonLifetime. From 2000 to 2008, she starred as Joan Clayton on the UPN/CWcomedy series Girlfriends, winning two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. He also appeared in the films Hanging Up (2000), I-See-You.Com (2006), and Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), before returning to television on the BETsitcom Reed Between the Lines (2011). Played as Dr. Carla Reed. he won his third NAACP Image Award. Since 2014, Ross has starred as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the ABC comedy series Black-ish. She won three NAACP Image Awards and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy for this work. He has also been nominated for two Critics’ Choice Television Awards and five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2019, he co-produced the prequels to Black-ishtitledMixed-ish. In 2020, he performed and recorded the soundtrack album for the musical The High Note. (wikipedia)

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It’s a very solid puzzle, but for me it’s much slower than a thrill ride. The only thing I was excited about in this puzzle was (predicted?) the NAKED SCENE (good answer, well done – 54A: Raw footage?). It’s a very fragmented and highly segmented network, so traffic isn’t great. I felt like I was running more than zooming through this puzzle. And long answers never add up to a strong impact. All squares have pairs, but (apart from the bare image) none of the associated words are noises, and at least one of each pair is noise. It’s hard (for me) to get excited about MATHLETE or SEMITONE or TWO POINTS or (for example) A-LISTERS. Some of the short circuits are really strong and a little too easy – I’d like to highlight REAL and CHAT. But the filler was so sparse and the clues tried so hard to be cute (more on that below), that the overall vibe was a bit off. The main answer is solid enough…but its clue duplicates the type of clue used before.

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