Stay With Me Piano Letters

Stay With Me Piano Letters – The piano is one of the greatest instruments in the world, but those 88 black and white keys can be hard to wrap your head around if you’re learning to play for the first time. If you are completely new to the piano and want to start, the key of C major is the best place to start. In music theory, the black keys on the keyboard are called accidentals, and C major is the only major key in music that doesn’t feature any of them. Learning scales, chords and songs in C major can give you the knowledge and chops to be able to play in any key of music. To help you get started, we’ve got five great songs in C major to show you how to play the piano.

– Basic knowledge of how to play simple chords on the piano. If you need help with this, check out our article on basic piano chords.

Stay With Me Piano Letters

Stay With Me Piano Letters

– A metronome. This is a device that produces audible rhythms that you can practice with. Music stores sell these, and there are also many free and inexpensive metronome apps that you can download directly to your smartphone.

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We will provide the lyrics and chords found in these songs, which have been simplified a bit to make things easier. Let’s get started!

This simple yet anthemic song was the biggest selling single of John Lennon’s solo career. The song asks the listener to imagine what the world would be like if there was no war, violence or separation based on race and religion. In the world that Lennon portrays through this powerful song, human beings are united by love and detached from material possessions. “Imagine” quickly became a protest song and is still widely known and loved in popular culture today.

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While all of these C major songs are centered around the key of C, some of the chords in these songs stray from the key and feature accidentals, such as the E7 chord in “Imagine.”

Nebraskan songwriter Conor Oberst of the band Bright Eyes has spent the past two decades cementing his place in the indie folk genre with angsty, delicately crafted songs like this one. Oberst’s pained vocal delivery matches the stories he tells in his music, which typically consist of heartfelt depictions of characters struggling with love.

Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me

Released as a single in 1984 by British duo Wham!, this song is likely to be stuck in your head for a long, long time. George Michael’s inspiration to write the song came from a note his bandmate Andrew Ridgeley left his parents. Ridgeley accidentally wrote the word “go” twice, so the note read, “Wake me up before I go.” More than three decades later, the song is still heard frequently in movies, television and radio.

This thoughtful ballad is a track from Beck’s critically acclaimed 2002 album Sea Change. Beck is one of popular music’s greatest genre-blenders, but folk-centric songs like “Lost Cause” often represent Beck’s most impactful work. Some of the chords in this song feature passing tones, which are notes that move in bass lines from one chord to another.

Written by guitarist and songwriter Tom DeLonge, this catchy song is one of Blink-182’s best-known contributions to pop music and is an ode to punk band The Ramones and DeLonge’s then-girlfriend and wife. Although written on and for the guitar, this song can easily be played on the piano.

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Stay With Me Piano Letters

Learning songs in C major is a great way to introduce yourself to the piano, but you’ll need to apply what you learn here to other keys if you want to get the most out of your instrument. If you need help with these songs, we recommend that you work with an expert piano instructor in your area. For more useful articles about the world of music, check out the Music Lessons blog.

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