Talk Incoherently Jabber 4 Letters

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A list of my favorite girlboss x gender tropes and dynamics “He’s after me, isn’t he?” “I’m not going there, it’s the end!” *exactly cut to where they say they won’t go* family enemies friends friends rivals friends friends friends friends allies mutual attachment to lovers maybe a good parent or a good parent to a parent-like child that no character ever intended to be. They didn’t have a twisted mind and feelings about everything they liked about a person who had previously asserted x nerd bad ≠ evil: a “robin hood”-esque dynamic; A wicked or evil person; Put their hearts and talents to good use (i.e. in a news article about an inmate who worked with the police to free an infant from a locked car, they were able to free them in five or ten minutes, link) Inmate saves baby from locked SUV using his car heft skills A team of deputies and possibly some good Samaritans rushed to help rescue a 1-year-old boy locked inside an SUV. “You ass, scare me!” @ Someone who has been seriously injured and/or nearly died (bonus points if they were rival lovers in the past, totally relieved that this person they became close to is still alive) insists that stubborn characters have no soft spot for them. The baby is really soft, “What’s wrong with me!” <- Good friends are basically siblings because someone develops romantic feelings and can't recognize them, and when one of them has a child, the child calls them Aunt/Uncle/Aunt, Character A has a weakness; Character B is surprised to see this; comforted them; They have bonding moments (horror, grief, illness, depression, trauma, etc.) Ill villain x good guy (slowly hate each other and try to fight off each other, villain may have. Redemption summary and good guy meet in the middle of the perversion arc and fall in love) red x blue; Not only fire x ice ships, but also gay in a decidedly gay way, "Idk I'm not celebrating my birthday :/""I can't accept that at all, we're going to celebrate now" *gifts, cakes, Celebrate with silly party hats and make them feel loved* 🥺 An Awkward But True Confession Anyway, this is random, but either Reblog in your favorite styles. dynamics

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Talk Incoherently Jabber 4 Letters

Talk Incoherently Jabber 4 Letters

Writing Tips Punctuation Discussion ✧ ➸ “This is a sentence. ➸ “It’s a line with dialogue at the end,” she said. ➸ “This is a sentence separated from dialogue,” he says. ➸ “This is a sentence,” he said. “This is a new sentence. New sentences are written in capital letters.” ➸ “This is the next sentence of an action. He stands up. “They are separate sentences because they don’t stand up and speak.” ➸ She says, “Use commas to introduce dialogue. Capitalize quotations when dialogue begins.” ➸ “Use a comma when a dialog follows a quote,” he says. “Without the question mark?” she asked. “Or an exclamation point!” He answered. “It’s not the end of the line, so the dialogue hasn’t been added character by character.” ➸ “Periods and commas should be inside closed quotation marks.” ➸ “Hey!” She exclaims, “Sometimes exclamation points are in quotation marks.” However, Exclamation points may be “outside” if it’s not dialogue. ➸ “Does this also apply to question marks? he asks. If it’s not a dialogue, can question marks be “outside”? (Yes, they can.) ➸ “This also applies to dashes. Dashes inside quotes usually indicate—“interruption”—but there are situations where outside obstacles can be present. ➸ “Exclamation marks, question marks, and dashes. You’ll notice that they don’t have commas after them. Ellipses don’t have commas after them…” she says. ➸ “My teacher says ‘use a quotation mark during dialogue.'” ➸ “Use paragraphs to indicate a new speaker,” she says. “Readers will know what someone else is talking about.” ➸ “If the clauses are the same but different, close the closing quote. “This only shows the character continuing to speak.”

Pdf) Chatbots: Are They Really Useful?

Have you ever found yourself overusing the word “said” in your writing? Try using these words/phrases instead:statedcommenteddeclaredspokerespondedvoicednotedutterediteratedexplainedremarkedacknowledgedmentionedannouncedshoutedexpressedarticulatedexclaimedproclaimedwhisperedbabbledobserveddeadpannedjokedhintedinformedcoaxedofferedcriedaffirmedvocalizedlaughedorderedsuggestedadmittedverbalizedindicatedconfirmedapologizedmutteredproposedchattedliedrambledtalkedpointed outblurted outchimed inbrought upwondered aloud (NOTE: Keep in mind that all of these words have slightly different meanings and are associated with different emotions/scenarios.)

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Words to describe facial expressions Absent: preoccupiedAgonized: attractive, as if in pain or torment alluring arousing desire attractive in a pleasing sense; Encouragement for charity and/or interest Beatific: blissfulBlack: anger or sadness; or aggressive Bleak: hopeless Blink: lack of surprise or concern Blithe: casual; Light-hearted or nonchalant: worried and gloomy Eyes: frightened or surprised Chagrined: embarrassed or disappointed Cheeky: fearless; Unethical Joyless: Sad Choleric: Short-tempered and Male: Depressed; Dejected or depressed men to hide their mood or raise a laugh Despondent or despondent Bad: sad or sullen Dour : harsh or dreamy : distracted by daydreaming or fantasizing Beautiful or mad Depression – lacks expression because of cowardly curiosity but avoidance Glazed- fa. Tiger or Confusion: Bad or pessimistic Grave: Expression of emotion due to loss or sadness Obsessed: Panic; worry or guilt Hopeless: depressed due to a lack of encouragement or optimism Aggressive: violently angry; threatening or unresisting hunting – straining – tense as if anxious about the chase feigning laziness or weakness – sexually motivated mild indolence mild indolence – annoying or bad playful aching : feeling discomfort or pain – feeling curious or suspicious – annoying :resentfulVacant: blank, white or mocking Wan: Jealousy: Wary or shrewd eyes: Sweeping with horror or surprise: Furious, angry, angry or revengeful: Twisted or crooked to express a feeling of cunning or dark or unexpected.

I read a lot of fic, I’ve seen a lot of shows and movies that are completely wrong when it comes to sparring. Now, I know that’s wishful thinking. Anyway, I’m very happy. But as a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), I would like to share some things with you. These have a few things in common; There are some things that focus more on European weapons. (This is all historical European stuff; if you’re writing for a different region, this won’t have as much impact.) SPARRING – You’re not training with real sharp swords. It’s incredibly dangerous, especially since you’re trying to practice your kill/injury skills. In ancient times, wood covered with leather or canvas was used for training. Today you use weighted nylon knives/weapons and often wear a mask while doing it. Steel is an option; But the sword will not be dulled at all; The tip will bend itself. – It’s practically impossible to fall off someone’s feet unless you have a weapon strapped behind your leg. It’s hard to step back and let someone fall. They can back off a bit. -You. do not. spend Drop the clock. Especially without A Break. I’m tired Most people go 10 minutes before break time. During training, only train for 2-5 minutes before stopping and resting. – Try your best to never cut your leg. It’s dangerous and throws you off balance. Your opponent can easily take advantage of you. – Usually, You want to attack the opponent with the last ¼ of your blade; Basically just the top and bottom. That is the clearest point. The most powerful behind you. – The knives are not very heavy. giant large I-Can’t-Win-Can’t-Lift-Stop This Big Tree! Swords are usually 3 lbs. It is not heavy when picked up. But it gets heavy when you hold it above your head for a while. Swords were not made to be heavy, especially since they were sometimes held for hours in battle. – It’s very difficult to make a clever rant. You are constantly moving and trying to attack your opponent. It’s fiction, so you can do whatever you want. But know that trying to hold a conversation is like running. This makes you even more tired and usually short of breath and suffocating. -Swords are not lightsabers. You can’t try to hurt someone with just one piece of your sword. It will annoy your opponent. now, To practice, you’ll want to focus on hitting your opponent with the edge of your blade. You would never try to hit someone with your blade. – You will be beaten in training. I got injured. I counted five just 2 days ago. (Also note that injuries do not occur in 1-3.

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