The Jolly Postman Replacement Letters

The Jolly Postman Replacement Letters – 2 Warm-up game This exercise requires empty space! The center of the room is called the house. When the group hears the word home, all students should move to the center as quickly as possible. One side of the room is the post office, and the other side is the three bear hut. Practice different commands with the children so they can move from one point to another without hesitation. Next, we introduce the jolly postman command. You stand there and everyone has to ride your bike. The giant signals everyone to climb the stalk on the spot, and the Wicked Witch signals everyone to freeze in a witch pose. Practice these new commands and continue the game, including a house, post office and 3 bear huts. To develop this exercise, have the children introduce new behaviors for other characters in the story. Fee Fi Fo Fum Everyone roams the room. Have the children walk and move like the giants in the play. How is he standing? How fast/slow can he walk? Practice moving as a giant before transforming into a wolf. Again, how does this character behave? Next everyone goes to Little Red Riding Hood. Make your movements bigger and clearer. Stand there and call the Giant, Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood and all students have to keep changing characters (choose the wrong character or if it’s the last character, don’t sit down until one person is left). Change the name and action to increase the challenge. That is, now a giant means a stand of red hats and the like.

3 Practice the above characters. Groups spill in two rows and face each other at a considerable distance. Explain that the giant overwhelms the wolf, the wolf overpowers Little Red Riding Hood, and Little Red Riding Hood overpowers the giant (paper, scissors, stone effect). Each line secretly has to decide who it is as a group, and both lines walk into the center saying Fee Fi Fu Fum and represent a character. A line in which one character overwhelms another can bring two students into the line and restart the game. Story Recall and Retelling Recall the characters in the story throughout the class. To whom did Jolly Postman deliver the letter? What do you know about this character? Where have you seen it? Place your characters in the order they are visited. For Teachers: 3 Bears Evil Witch Giant Cinderella Wolf Goldilocks Divide the class into 6 groups and each group uses their body to play one of these characters. Actions should be clear and loud. Next, each group can choose a sentence to speak together. This will give you clues about their personality. To further develop this practice, groups can walk around the room and meet each other. When the teacher calls for a stop, the group should be very quiet. The teacher can tap the child’s head and ask questions about her child’s personality. In groups, have the children recall their favorite moments from the play and create still images. Other children can explain what they see in the picture or guess which moment in the play. Encourage students to add lines for this character to express the thoughts and feelings in the character’s head. The role on the wall Draw the entire body of the child on a large piece of paper. Name this image Cinderella, Jolly the Postman, or whatever name your child chooses. Ask the children to provide information about this character, such as happiness, sadness, etc. Add her hopes, relationships with other characters. Decorate your character with collage materials.

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The Jolly Postman Replacement Letters

The Jolly Postman Replacement Letters

4 Grandma’s Footsteps Grandma (with a red hat) is now living in her grandmother’s house. See if she can open the door to where the real grandma is. She has to move slowly and freeze very quietly so that her grandmother cannot see you when her grandmother turns around. If she sees your grandmother moving, she will have to leave the house and try again. A hot seat character can lead this exercise with an example. Choose a character like Cinderella. Set up your character using props like a tattered apron. Sit in the hottest spot in front of everyone and invite the kids to ask questions about you. Encourage them to ask questions about why you did it. Rhythm and song practice Once Upon a Postman was one — From over the And far —- Can you replace the missing words? Use different words or sentences in the blanks to create a whole new song! When the children have learned to rhyme, ask them to walk to the beat of the drum while reciting the words. When the drum beats softly, children should walk and speak softly. When the drum hits loudly, you have to shout out the words. fast, slow, etc.

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5 Soundscape Create a soundscape for a birthday party in one of the places Jolly Postman visits in the classroom. Every child chooses a noise that a postman can hear. The teacher acts as a conductor and gradually introduces each sound by pointing to the child. The teacher can adjust the volume of the class by moving her hand up and down. To develop this movement, children can become conductors. Letter Practice What types of letters do we receive in the mail? Invite the children to collect a few letters from home and examine them together. Take a look at the different styles of letters we receive. Think of different types of fonts, logos, including official, handwritten letters, junk mail, flyers, invitations, cards, and more. What catches your eye? Try and write a letter. Here are some examples: – Valentine’s Day is coming soon, writing a love letter or a love spell from an evil witch to a wizard. Remember that she is a witch and she finds warts and blisters attractive. – Write a postcard to Jack describing the amazing sights he has seen around the world to the giant. On the other side, you can draw a picture of the scene and make a hanging mobile of any postcard. Write a letter to Jolly Postman. At the end of the play, the postman receives a letter. Who wrote him a letter? Can you write a letter to the postman? What would you like to say to him? What kind of letter is this?

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6 Mapping Exercises Map the journey Jolly Postman can take. Create your own Jolly Postman map by coloring the buildings, cutting out and pasting them on paper. Try adding another building that Jolly Postman sees along the way. What buildings do you see on the way from home to school? Do you have a park or shop?

8 Design your own stamp Draw a character or scene from a fairy tale. Or draw pictures of people you know or places you’ve been to.

9 Help Jolly Postman find his bike Additional reading and resources: A letter from The Jolly Postman or others The Christmas Jolly Postman The Jolly Pocket Postman

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The Jolly Postman Replacement Letters

Purpose: God is omnipotent! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With men it is impossible, but with God all things

The Jolly Postman Or Other People’s Letters (the Jolly Postman)

Jesus Magnificent Bible: Luke 8:40-56 & Luke 18:35-43 Purpose: God is Almighty! Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

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