Tiny Small Cross Stitch Letters

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Have you ever wanted to personalize your stitch projects with names or initials? Learn all about alphabets in our complete guide to cross stitch letters, including a selection of easy-to-stitch ABC projects to start today. Plus, get a free download of the backstitch alphabet chart to use for all your cross stitch projects!

Tiny Small Cross Stitch Letters

Tiny Small Cross Stitch Letters

Cross-stitch alphabet letters offer endless opportunities, from creating name plaques for children, table settings for events, personalized tags and cards for gifts and more. Letters are also great for adding names or initials to your other cross stitch projects. Or perhaps you want to cross-stitch a favorite phrase or quote, or even a full poem or song lyrics, to display on the wall.

Small Cross Stitch Font Backstitch Alphabet Tiny Alphabet

With so many possibilities it can be hard to know where to start looking for the perfect cross stitch letter theme or style. World of Cross Stitching magazine includes a brand new set of letters in each issue – check out their digital archive of back issues. Each issue contains a new set of letters of the alphabet on a variety of themes, including animals, plants and flowers, vehicles, seasonal events, children and more. You’ll also find many different typography styles, from bold and modern to swirly and scripted.

You’ll also find a set of backstitch style letters with every Design Library project in The World of Cross Stitching magazine too. Save these to mix and match with other projects – you never know when one might come in handy.

The key to success with cross stitch letters is all in the spaces! If you’re combining several letters into one word you’ll want to make sure it looks right by considering the spacing between each letter, word, and even rows or columns of words. It’s about being consistent.

Alphabet sets will usually be presented as individual charts in alphabetical order, or even combined into one large chart, so it’s a good idea to plot your chosen words before you start stitching. The backstitch alphabet is often presented in a way that suggests the best visual balance as well, such as how many stitches have a gap to leave between letters or the way they might connect.

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Summer Cross Stitch Patterns

To get the spacing right, you’ll only need graph paper (or squaring) and a pencil. Using the letter charts you can then draw a picture of your chosen words to stitch onto the paper, creating a brand new chart to stitch from.

By doing this, you ensure that all the letters line up along the same base line with each other. You should also leave the same number of spaces between each letter, word or line of words for a consistent finish. If your chosen letter style is intended to be interlocking, make sure each joint fits their adjacent letter as well. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your chart design either – if something doesn’t look quite right or letters don’t work with the suggested joins or spacing, just tweak it until you’re happy with the way it seems.

This is easier to do with the backstitch alphabet, but it’s a good idea to sketch larger cross stitch letters in the same way. It helps prevent costly spelling mistakes or spacing errors that will take longer to unselect later.

Tiny Small Cross Stitch Letters

Buy pads of graph paper or squares from stationery stores, or you can even get special cross-stitch graph paper notebooks to fill with all your own charts and patterns. With pages of 14 count grids (14 stitches per inch) this is the simplest method of transferring your sketches to stitchable charts on 14 or 28 count fabrics.

Free Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern: Be Nice Or Leave

There are a variety of formats and styles to use whichever way you choose. Remember to plot your arrangements first on graph (or square) paper before you start stitching.

Once you’ve created your chart to stitch from, choose your own thread colors and get started. The reverse stitch alphabet can be used to create new designs or be used to add your name or initials to other cross stitch projects. Some stitchers like to do this for a flourish by including the completion date as well.

You’ll also find great free cross stitch letter sets in our pattern archive. Stitch a pretty phrase or name using this floral abc pattern designed by Susan Bates. It’s a handy set of designs to use for special gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and other occasions throughout the year.

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Or it’s never too early to start stitching for Christmas with monograms, cards and gifts for everyone with Jenny Van De Wiele’s lovely Christmas alphabet. The designs are perfect for winter holidays and special occasions, and include a variety of letter styles to mix and match with a choice of two beautiful round borders. It’s a great opportunity to test your spacing skills!

Cross Stitch Alphabet Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Now that you’ve covered the basics of cross stitch lettering, why not check out more fun charts and projects. Whether you’re looking for small alphabets to personalize gifts, large letters to stitch individually or full alphabet samplers to frame and display at home, we’ve collated some of our favorites for you help get started.

Don’t miss this amazing 132 page collection of alphabet charts featuring beautiful themed letters to create personalized gifts and decorations. It even includes two sets of decorative numbers and blank graph paper to get you started sketching out your letter placements. With designs from fan favorites Stitchrovia, Durene Jones, Joan Elliott, Tiny Modernist, Susan Bates, Jenny Barton and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for when you keep this wonderful collection of patterns handy.

Press an alphabet sampler for a baby’s nursery or child’s room to help them learn their ABC’s with this sweet kit design by Kate Garrett. Kit includes 14 count Zweigart aida, pre-sorted stranded cotton, needle, stitch diagram and instructions. With a finished stitched size of 31x44cm it will make a lovely framed picture to hang on the wall and everyone will enjoy it.

Tiny Small Cross Stitch Letters

This absolutely roaring sampler design is full of detail and colorful dinosaurs ready to sink their teeth into the letters – or maybe just get a little dinosaur! These friendly looking dinosaurs are shown as a sampler style design to stitch as one, but you could always split them up to stitch as individual charts of your own if you prefer. Measuring 160×200 stitches it is a big project to stitch but will be so much fun to complete and display.

Digi Grotesk Font

Have you ever fancied trying black work? Well look no further than these magical letters – each featuring modern, colorful blackwork patterns with an Assisi style letter in the middle. With a full alphabet available, each fits inside an 8 inch square frame, making picture-perfect gifts. They are available as individual letters or as a full alphabet at a discounted price.

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Travel around the world from the comfort of home with an alphabet filled with the joy of exploration! With scenes from every continent included, each letter in bulk form is filled with a different scene to engage the senses and bring out your inner travel bug. With each letter just 39 stitches high, it’s a versatile set that you can stitch over and over again for nameplates or individual initials.

This beautiful pastel floral alphabet from DMC is just the ticket to stitch for a host of events and special occasions, and best of all it’s free! With an elegant script font and delicious peach blossoms, you can make names and quotes to stitch and display in style. Get your free pattern now and keep it safe for that perfect occasion.

Get your hands on a bright and cheery alphabet in a circus style font to liven up your home. Designed by Emma Congdon of Stitchrovia, it’s a design that keeps on giving with so many intricate details and sunny colours. There’s even a set of numbers included as a bonus. The complete design measures 176 x 241 stitches but it’s easy to split into individual charts and stitch a treat!

Little Handprints Cross Stitch Kit Baby Bear Dog Rabbit Birds 14×11 Poem Memory

With 14 beautiful designs inspired by the world of nature, including birds, animals and flowers, this book is a must for all nature lovers of cross stitch. With comprehensive instructions for each pattern, there are also instructions on how to use the motifs to decorate projects such as bags, aprons, notebook covers, makeup pouches and more. We love the Sakura vegetable and flower designs, which cleverly incorporate the motifs into the stylish lettering.

Create stunning calligraphy style letters with this decorative alphabet pattern set featuring the full alphabet A-Z in both upper and lower case. There are also numbers and punctuation to help you specify exactly what you want to say. Measuring a maximum of 28 stitches tall and between 7 and 35 stitches wide, these letters are perfect for joining together to create beautiful words and phrases in an art brush style, or perhaps

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