Virgil’s Soda Bottle Cap Letters

Virgil’s Soda Bottle Cap Letters – A New York woman alleges that Virgil’s Sodas are falsely advertised as “natural,” when they contain preservatives.

Plaintiff Denise Mason claims in her Virgil’s Sodas lawsuit that product labeling states that the drinks are “made with natural ingredients,” “Brewed with 100% Natural Ingredients,” and that they contain no preservatives.

Virgil’s Soda Bottle Cap Letters

Virgil's Soda Bottle Cap Letters

However, Virgil’s Root Beer and Virgil’s Orange Cream Soda contain a non-natural preservative – citric acid – according to the plaintiffs.

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“These misrepresentations mislead consumers into thinking they are getting a healthy and ‘natural’ soda, when they are not,” argues the Virgil’s Sodas class action lawsuit.

“Conscious of consumers’ growing interest in more nutritious foods without additives and their willingness to pay more for products perceived to meet these preferences, the defendants fraudulently, illegally and deceptively seek to benefit from these consumer health trends.”

Mason alleges that she and other consumers relied on defendant Reed’s Inc.’s representation. When deciding to buy Virgil’s Sodas. She said she would not have made the purchase if she had known the soda contained synthetic citric acid.

“Plaintiffs and class members paid a premium for products over comparable products that did not claim to be natural or preservative-free,” alleges the Virgil’s Sodas class action lawsuit.

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The Virgil’s Root Beer class action lawsuit contends that the citric acid used in Virgil’s Sodas is a well-documented preservative and is included in the drink despite representations that the product is preservative-free.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, according to the class action lawsuit, define citric acid as a preservative.

“Citric acid tends to prevent or reduce spoilage of food products,” notes Virgil’s Orange Soda’s lawsuit. “This remains the case regardless of the subjective purpose for which this substance is added to the product.”

Virgil's Soda Bottle Cap Letters

In fact, according to the Virgil’s Sodas class action lawsuit, the FDA cited another company, Chiquita, for deeming the product preservative-free when it contained citric acid.

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“By representing that the product has ‘no preservatives,’ the defendant seeks to benefit from the consumer’s preference for less processed foods with fewer additives and the association between such products and a healthy way of life,” alleges the Virgil’s Sodas class action lawsuit.

“Consumers are willing to pay more for minimally processed products with no additives because of this association, as well as the perceived higher quality, health and safety benefits associated with products labeled preservative-free.”

According to Virgil’s Sodas’ lawsuit, the deceptive advertising of the drink is false, fraudulent, unfair, deceptive and misleading. Marketing is also accused of violating the New York Consumer and Business Protection Act.

The Virgil’s Sodas class action lawsuit seeks to represent a group of nationwide consumers who purchased beverages from Reed’s Inc., along with a New York subclass for violating New York law.

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“Plaintiffs and the class were injured when defendants denied them the full benefit of their bargain,” argues Virgil’s Root Beer’s class action lawsuit. “They paid for a product that represented to them no preservatives, and then got a product with preservatives, which cost significantly less.”

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, including the difference between the price of Virgil’s Sodas and similar products that do not present themselves as preservative-free.

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Virgil's Soda Bottle Cap Letters

Virgil’s Sodas Class Action Says Natural Label Misleads New York Woman Who Alleges Virgil’s Sodas Are Falsely Advertised As “Naturally Made,” When They Contain Preservatives Lead plaintiff Denise Mason claims in her … read more

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For more than a century, Mercedes-Maybach has defined the boundaries of the luxury experience, and the limited edition Maybach by Virgil Abloh, the special 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S 680, continues this tradition. Created by the special tuning and craftsmanship team at the Mercedes-Benz MANUFAKTUR in Sindelfingen – the exterior of the vehicle features a unique two-tone color combination created for the MAYBACH project. While the upper part of the vehicle is finished in glossy Obsidian Black, the lower part, side flanks and special forged rims are painted in sand hue.

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Unique to the limited edition Maybach S-Class is the individual user interface, which presents the driver with a more luxurious variation of the Maybach MBUX suite of state-of-the-art technology. Hand-picked visual elements are used to complement the digital content: from the home button with a colored border and the brand logo representing the limited edition, to the profile picture decorated with luxurious fashion accessories. The result is a very intuitive vehicle that exudes the unique style of the Limited Edition from the outside to the inside. Ensure every time the driver spends on the road is high.

Every customer will receive a special sandblasted wooden box covered in Nappa Leather with Mercedes-Maybach and Virgil Abloh logos. The gift box includes a 1/18 scale replica of the limited edition car, two car keys and a car key.

The limited edition customized Maybach S-Class also includes a special car cover featuring MercedesMaybach and Virgil Abloh.

Virgil's Soda Bottle Cap Letters

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