Wood Letters On Canvas

Wood Letters On Canvas – Surfing on Pinterest are some great designs with white wood letters by the British design group Gogeous Graffiti. The only thing that happens is that they sell for $ 300 – $ 500. Egads! Harassment?

In fact, such an effect can be achieved cheaply as proven by some bloggers like this one and this one, so it gave me the courage to create myself with the title from one of my favorite songs, “It’s good with Raina.” I also turned my attention to the project and added a picture to my drawing. The result?

Wood Letters On Canvas

Wood Letters On Canvas

And all for just $25. It seems more appropriate, doesn’t it? Now, on to the tutorial, so you can make your own.

Love Wooden Letters Wall Hanging Living Room Wedding Party Background Art Decor

1. Place your text and image (optional) on your canvas for size and spacing. I just did a google image search for “bird on wing silhouette” and found plenty of options to choose from. I enlarged the image in Microsoft Word before printing.

3. Trace the shape of your image onto the white foam sheet using a pencil. I recommend making sure to print to the white foam on one small area (ie on the bird’s legs), so your image won’t be too far away when you search.

4. Remove your stencil, place white foam on an old magazine, and use an x-acto knife to cut out your image. Make sure your water is sharp; it should be cut through the foam easily. Try to keep the movement as fluid as possible to avoid lumps and small edges.

5. Prepare a drawing for the letters. This step is the most important of the whole project, but if you are not careful about straight lines or your design does not include them, but it all means, skip it. However, if your goal is to write straight-as-an-arrow, block this measurement, take a pencil, and set the shop in a bright place. Here is my way. Looking at my layout, I found the correct spacing between the bottom of the letters on one line and the next. It was about 2.25″. Then, I figured out how much space I wanted to leave on the bottom edge and decided on 3/4″. I drew lines with my pencil where the bottom of my letters should hit, so the first line was 3/4 inch up from the bottom, and after that, I spaced a line 2.25 inches apart. I just drew a line on the right hand side where the letters would be at about their height to match the words. As for the distance to go on the right hand side, 1 inch is about right, so I left my measurements on the right side of the drawing as a guide. Phew. This is a statement. If you’re still with me, congratulations!

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Diy Typewriter Wood Letters

6. Paste your letters on the canvas. I used super-glue to stick my text on the canvas, which gave me enough time to get each letter in place and press it before the glue dried. Instead of gluing from top to bottom as a normal person would do, I did a jump shot, which allowed me to place the glass bowl on top of the writing line (to create a little in the drying process) while working on my line. three, and so on. against. Also, because I decided to adjust my text “fairly,” I pasted the text below the last letter first. So, for the word, “soul,” I first glued the letter, “l,” and tilted the right side of it over the scale on my drawing. Then, I moved on to “u,” “o,” and “s.” (You have no idea how many times I went over the text in my head to make sure I didn’t make a mistake!) As for my letter spacing, I threw caution to the wind and just looked at this part, I mean consistency. .

7. Paste your image on the canvas. I traced a small line on the left side of the canvas where the branch should lie, then I glued the foam onto the canvas in sections. First, I made a big wing – – hold it until it dries. Then, a small off-shoot, followed by a bird. This allowed me to ensure a strong bond between the foam and the canvas, and since the foam is bendable, it is easy to glue in parts. Something was missing with all that empty space on the left side of the drawing, so I decided to cut out some bubbles with falling leaves. I felt it really completed the picture and brought a lot of depth to the piece as a whole. In every situation of life, I can say,

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However, I began to wonder if the falling leaves looked like bird droppings…. Oh good! There is no turning back now.

Wood Letters On Canvas

8. Apply a base of white acrylic paint to the letters and your image. I learned the hard way that no matter how many coats of spray paint you apply, you can’t completely cover pencil marks or get white highlights on letters without a thick base. I used a foam brush and a small brush to get into the nooks and crannies of each letter and let it dry overnight.

Diy Unfinished Wood Home Sign

9. Apply several coats of white paint to the entire painting. In a well-ventilated area (ie, the great outdoors), give several sprays. Let it dry for 24 hours…or as long as you can wait.

10. Display and enjoy your inexpensive D.I.Y beautifully. art work. Our guest bathroom has a mint, white, and blue color scheme going on, and there’s a blank space on the wall where our new art finds a happy home.

There is something that calms me about the white head. Mark points out, “There aren’t many colors that demand attention.”

To close, it seems appropriate to include the inspiration behind my piece, the poem itself. Treat your ears to “It’s Fine With My Soul,” as performed by the talented Chris Rice. After that, make a break for Hobby Lobby to start collecting your supplies….

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When I got home I realized I hadn’t actually bought what I could have done so it was time to gather some of the things I had around the house. As I rummaged through my craft basket all I kept thinking about was the Glitter Deer Head project I made for Christmas. I have gold jewelry, paint, and canvas…ah ha, I’ll do anything but the above in our room. I bought wooden L.O.V.E letters with Valentine’s Day in mind so I thought this would be a good project for this month. It could also be great for an anniversary gift, or really any time…. who doesn’t love a year old romance?

Wood Letters On Canvas

1- Using a sponge brush apply the wooden letters with Elmer’s glue and lay them on a newspaper. Sprinkle gold glitter generously to cover each letter. Shake the glitter and place the letters on a piece of newspaper. Save the excess.

Stained Script Wood Letters

2-Let the glitter set for two minutes and then lightly spray with clear enamel spray. Let the letters dry while you prepare the drawing.

3- Take a yard cord and a yard stick to cut out the size of the line you want. I made a 2 inch thick line. Draw carefully with a pencil where each line is.

4- Using blue paint tape, cover the lines you want to keep white and open the ones you want black. Make sure you really rub the tape down like that

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