Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters – I equate teaching syllable types to learning the steps to a new recipe. At first I’ll look at a picture of the final product and think, “well, I can’t make that.” That’s how our readers feel when they come across words with multiple syllables. “I can’t read it.” That word is too hard. It’s too big.”

Breaking down daunting tasks into bite-sized, manageable pieces is important to moving forward and growing as learners. Instead of getting overwhelmed by a complicated new dish, I can look at the individual steps. Dice? Easy. Sauté? Done! Puree? I have this. That’s exactly what typefaces do! They help our students break those big scary words into manageable chunks. These pieces give them a chance to use their decoding skills instead of guessing. They also really help with spelling.

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

In this post, we’ll go over the six types of syllables and some fun ways to introduce them to your students. Keep in mind that as I teach these syllable types and the phonic skills that go hand in hand with them, I talk about my Wall Sound often. I want to make sure I always have a reference point that my students can use independently.

The Jobs Of Silent E

Don’t worry if you don’t know the six types of syllables. Many of us never learned them during undergraduate (or even graduate) school. I know I didn’t learn them until I started doing the science of reading. You can watch the video below for a quick overview of each syllable type – or read a detailed overview and activities for introducing each type. They are described in the order in which I learn them.

This is the first type I teach because it is the most common. Closed syllables have one vowel and end in one or more consonants. The vowel sound is usually short. Closed syllables are what we teach when we teach students to read CVC or CVCC words. They are all closed syllables! Although we generally focus on CVC and CVCC in our youngest students, closed syllables can vary in length:

We could go on, but you get the idea. All these words have one vowel and end in 1 or more consonants.

Once students are able to pronounce single closed syllables, introduce polysyllabic words out of context. I try to pull them directly from the book we are currently reading aloud. Examples of closed syllable words include cactus, napkin, rabbit, finish, basket, and problem. Practice breaking up polysyllabic words as a group first. Mark the vowels and consonants in each word you practice. As your students gain confidence, gradually release responsibility to your students.

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One of my favorite ways to introduce closed syllables is to use high frequency words that my students already know and model how adding a consonant at the end (closing a syllable) changes the vowel sound. You can do this activity by drawing it on the whiteboard, using your actual door, or folding paper to make a door. I always come back to this activity when teaching open vowels.

A really easy way to get student participation is candy. Once you begin explicitly teaching syllable types, use candy to create a delicious anchor board. Write the name of the syllable type, the definition, and stick the candy that matches that rule on the chart. Easy and attractive.

This center has a game board that focuses on each individual short vowel sound. Students can practice reading closed syllables while playing a fun game. For extra practice, ask students to mark or highlight the vowels and consonants in different colors on their answer sheets.

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

An open syllable ends with a single vowel. That vowel usually makes a long vowel sound. Open syllables are briefly discussed when students have learned about closed syllables. When I’m ready to fully introduce open syllables, I go back to my “close the door” models and open that door to make a long vowel sound. Words like

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. My students practice opening and closing the door to reinforce the difference between these two syllables.

After my students understand the basics of open and closed syllables, I begin to slip in polysyllabic words that mix the two. Follow the same routine you used with closed syllables. Choose words like

. Label all the vowels and consonants and model breaking these words into syllables and then sounding them out.

Continue adding to your syllable anchor board. For open syllables you can add a Rolos tube.

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Literacy centers include a Building Center that gives students the opportunity to build polysyllabic words with open syllables. This center can be used as independent work or during small group classes for targeted practice.

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The vowel-consonant-e syllable is called by many other names – silent E, bare E, magic E or just VCe. They all refer to the same thing. There is a vowel followed by a consonant and the ending E. The final E turns the vowel before it into a long vowel sound.

I introduce this syllable using some of the CVC words from my closed syllable classes and show my students what happens when a silent E (I usually call it a “main E” because it “makes” the vowel say its name) is placed at the end of the .

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

I commit to gradually include words that would end in e but do not follow the VCe pattern as words

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. They end in e, but are not VCe syllables. I want to make sure they know to look carefully at what they read. Silent e has other jobs though. As always, map all the vowels and consonants with the students.

Continue adding to your syllable anchor board. For a VCe stack, you can add a Mike & Ikes box.

As a quick exit ticket for my VCe lessons I use an activity I call Take Control! Because that last e is so bossy that it can take control and change the word just by being there. I hand out a post-it note to each student and judge that the final E is so powerful that it can change the sound of another vowel. I put CVC words around the room. Some will make a real word when the E is added and some will be gibberish. Each student will write a giant E on their postit note. Students will then walk around the room, tape their E’s to the end of each word and write down all the correct words they can make in their literacy notebooks or on a separate sheet of paper.

These syllables have two or more letters that together make a vowel sound. These are usually two vowels to make one vowel sound, but diphthongs are also included in this category.

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I know I am definitely guilty of learning the phrase “when two vowels walk, the first to speak” in the past. It’s so attractive! Unfortunately, something like half of the vowel syllables don’t follow that rule, so they go into the vault. Instead, I focus on teaching each team the vowels and sounds they make. Refer to your reading syllabus for the order in which you will teach these teams. Like all good phonics instruction, these teams should be taught explicitly and systematically. We have a great post on teaching vowel teams if you need more ideas.

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Grade 1 Phonics Centers have a huge variety of vowel centers to choose from. They all review specific vowel teams, making it easier to focus student learning. If your students are fluent readers and need something a little more complex, try the vowel centers in 2nd Grade Phonics Centers.

Continue adding to your syllable anchor board. For open syllables, you can a package of Reese’s.

Words Ending In Ike 5 Letters

When a vowel is followed by an r, the vowel controls that r and creates a new sound. The most common name for this type of syllable is r-controlled, but you may also see it called vowel-r.

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These syllables are some of my favorites to teach. Learning r-controlled syllables opens up so many words for students! However, these syllables can be tricky for students, so there is a lot of repetition.

Generally, I introduce r-controlled vowels in the same order every year ar, or, then er/ir/ur. Mastering these requires a lot of repetition. When discussing this type of syllable with students, remember to practice analyzing and reading polysyllabic words that include all the syllable types they have already learned. Some examples are

Continue adding to your syllable anchor board. For syllables controlled by R, you can add a bag of Starbursts.

Now, this center says it targets the silent E and it does, but it includes polysyllabic words with all the syllable types your students have learned so far. That’s a great conclusion to the first 5 types of syllables! You will find it in the 2nd grade Phonics Centers. This is also a great place to stop and check for understanding. If your students are having trouble with this center, then some re-teaching would benefit your students. Check out these free CVCs/self-test CVCs

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