Words Using Letters Heart

Words Using Letters Heart – The Science of Reading tells us that the heart vocabulary method is an effective way to teach kindergarten, first and second grade students advanced vocabulary. This resource is an example of the free Word My Heart resource. It includes digital lesson slides, information and tips for teaching heart words, printable student activities for the top 5 words and more!

The traditional method of learning words by rote does not work for all students. Using orthographic classification strategies, science-based phonics teaches students to pronounce parts of irregular words that follow phonological rules. Then the students should learn a little part of the word “tricky part” by heart.

Words Using Letters Heart

Words Using Letters Heart

This resource is science-based and includes everything you need to effectively teach your students how to use vocabulary to become successful readers. This no-prep resource will save you time and give you confidence as you teach your students to be confident speakers!

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. See full disclosure here. The science of reading tells us that sight words are not stored in our visual memory, so we need to incorporate sight words into our phonics lessons. In this post, I am sharing information about Heart Words, an effective, phonics based approach to teaching sight words

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Did you know that as an adult reader, you have between 30,000 and 70,000 sight words in your memory? These are words you can read automatically, correctly and effortlessly. They are considered sight words because, well, you recognize them by sight! But how did they get there?

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As a teacher, how do you help your students learn their sight words? The answer can be, from the head to the head! This is because our logic (not science!) tells us that words are stored in visual memory. For many years, we believed that if the student just one word is enough time they will eventually learn it. We sent a list of vocabulary words home for the students to study and memorize, and drove them with flash cards.

Although this method works for some students, why doesn’t it work for all? We know that there are many students who struggle to remember new words, even after many exposures.

Recently, reading experts and academics have been wondering if there might be a better way to help struggling readers. They began to look more into the science of how we learn to read. What they found is that reading is not like visual memory – something else is happening and it should change the way we teach our students.

Words Using Letters Heart

In his book Equipped for Reading Success, Dr. David Kilpatrick explains the logic we use to store persistent words for immediate retrieval. This method is called Orthographic Mapping. It is how we take unfamiliar words and make them look like words.

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In order for students to become “good cartoonists,” Kilpatrick says they must develop three skills: 1) automatic letter-sound association, 2) phone recognition, and 3) word study.

He believes that “the study-word part is the big-glue that puts the word in a permanent memory”. This means that students need clear instruction on how to connect the phone (sound) to the written word.

When we try to teach our children to read and spell sight words we rely on memory and leave out vocabulary! It’s as if we think that new words are special structures that need to be memorized and cannot be learned through phonological associations! We were wrong!

Science is now telling us that we need to incorporate “sight words” more often into our phonics lessons. Students use their knowledge of phonemes to draw common parts of speech, and then “learn by heart” the sounds that don’t change in that word, thus called Heart Words.

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The word heart is a high-level word that often appears in print. They are the first words we want to commit to our students’ memories because they appear frequently in the text. The ability to retrieve these words automatically allows students to read more effectively and efficiently.

The higher words that are commonly spelled are called “Hot Words”. We want students to see the word and know it “on fire”. These words can be spelled using common phonetic knowledge and letter-sound relationships. Consonant and vowel sounds make the sounds we expect them to make. Examples of Flash Words include words like

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The advanced words that are translated at any time are called “Words of the heart” because some parts of the words must be well taught and “learned by heart”. Students will encounter these words frequently enough to be able to read and spell them immediately. Examples of Heart Words included

Words Using Letters Heart

In order to help all students become successful readers, we must incorporate high-quality vocabulary into our phonics lessons and clearly teach our students the spelling process. Not good for Heart Matters.

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Are you inspired and eager to start incorporating sight words into your phonics lessons?? Then you’ll want to take a look at my Word Resources! It’s an amazing resource that I had so much fun creating and now I’m so excited to share! It includes slide lessons and student activities for 220 High-frequency.

For many years, I “taught” my students sight words by heart, but now I am learning that we do not store words based on visual memory. Instead of feeling bad about my old ways, I remind myself that once we know better, we can do better!! I am happy to help you succeed and I hope the information I shared today will help you!

Watch out for my next post where I will explain what Heart Words lessons are in the classroom and share more details about my Heart Words resource that will help you bring more effective repetition lessons to your students!

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