Words With 13 Letters

Words With 13 Letters – What are 13 letter words in the English language? Since you’re here, there’s a good chance you need a 13-letter word for something. Maybe you’re in the middle of a crossword puzzle and you only have two on the left side, which has 13 blanks. Or, how about sounding smart in a conversation with your friends? Knowing 13 letter words and their definitions can be helpful in this matter. Regardless of why you have such a thirst for knowledge, you’ve come to the right place to read on to learn more.

There are many 13-letter words in the English language. They are nouns, adjectives, verbs and others. Some start with this letter, some start with a different letter. Terms describe things, show action, etc. And they can be used many times. Whatever you’re trying to say, chances are there are 13 letter words to say it.

Words With 13 Letters

Words With 13 Letters

Objectivity has a total of thirteen letters and is the noun form of the word object. The definition of this term is a goal or something aimed at or sought after. A person can use this word in a sentence such as the lawyer achieved his goal by winning the case.

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Communication is a noun that contains thirteen letters. Its meaning is to exchange information or news. If an individual asks a question using the term, they might say something like, “Does communication go between two countries to prevent war?”.

The next 13 letter word list is the adjective inspirational. It means to provide or show spiritual/creative inspiration. The coach’s inspirational half-time led the team to victory. This is an example of how to use an adjective correctly.

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Uncomfortable is another word with thirteen letters. It is an adjective that can be defined as causing slight pain, physical discomfort, discomfort, or inconvenience. Are you uncomfortable with this broken leg and pocket? This is how someone might use the term in a question.

The last 13-letter word discussed here today is antibacterial. This term is an adjective meaning to prevent the growth or spread of bacteria. To use this word in a sentence, you might say, “His mom always keeps antibacterial soap by the bathroom sink because it stops germs in their tracks.”

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Hopefully these 13 letter words will help you, no matter what you need them for. But don’t worry if you need more terms. Just get out the dictionary because there are tons of words in there. Or, if such a book is not at hand, how about a quick Google search on your phone. This should give you all the words you want and more. Scrabble word tips take you into the exciting world of multi-letter words. But did you know that knowing two-letter words is also important? Without using such tricks, it is difficult to score a hundred games and win the title as the ultimate winner. Scrabble requires you to maximize everything, including your 2-letter words or ones you think will score much lower. During your endgame, 2-letter words are an absolute lifesaver.

Using words with fewer letters helps you get rid of word block or simply unused and redundant vowels.

2-Letter Words The Scrabble word finder helps you find those important 2-letter words to help you build blocks, especially for your next turn. Alternatively, use the official Scrabble dictionary. There are up to 101 words to learn and memorize so you don’t lose a turn even with limited resources or tiles. AA, AB, AD, ZA, YO and XI are some acceptable 2-letter words to learn.

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Words With 13 Letters

Scrabble help and tips also lead you to the much-desired and equally important 3-letter words, but these are potentially higher-valued and higher-scoring than their 2-letter counterparts, especially if you can add words that start with x. Knowing basic 3-letter words can dramatically improve your game. You might initially look at them like they’re acronyms or gimmicks, but these words are a gold mine. Some words to know and remember include ZZZ, ZOA, ZAS, SUQ, QIS and XIS.

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These 2-letter and 3-letter words may be counterintuitive, but your greatest weapon is knowing and even memorizing these words so you know exactly how to use them strategically when needed. Learning these words with limited letters or tiles will not only keep your score up. They also help you avoid missing your turn and being at the mercy of your opponent.

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