Words With Letters P R E C E P T

Words With Letters P R E C E P T – There comes a time for every business when they need to raise prices for one reason or another. The biggest argument in support of price growth is higher earnings. The biggest argument against is always customer reaction.

In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to craft a price increase letter that will get a disgruntled customer on your side and make it easier to switch to new price plans.

Words With Letters P R E C E P T

Words With Letters P R E C E P T

If you need to raise the price – do it, no need to apologize. This will confuse your customers about the intent and more importantly the letter. And the goal is not to appease them, but to publish and explain them. Being direct will help you avoid the air of hesitation that often affects price promotion emails.

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What’s wrong with being honest? When customers think you’re not 100% sure why you’re increasing your price, they’ll try to get you to delay the increase, make an exception just for them, or even refuse the increase. completely. You probably don’t have time to do that.

Stay grounded and don’t walk in circles. Instead of apologizing, move on to the next point – value.

Any statement, decision or conclusion your company makes may go through several meetings before it is published. Use the arguments for your decision to raise prices in your email (be as open as possible, of course). Explain what value you will bring through additional revenue.

Don’t have anything interesting to post? No problem – anything can be turned into good news. Did you have to raise the price because you couldn’t move to better servers? Announce that your service will “redirect revenue growth to new, faster servers that significantly improve service performance.” Feeling like you’re missing out on revenue by offering unlimited discounts? Explain that this step in your business strategy will give your loyal customers a much-needed boost to discover all the exciting new plans you have in store.

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If you work in the B2C niche, the increase in product prices may be due to the increase in production costs. Your customers may not necessarily care about it, but they do care about ethical consumption. Explain that raising prices allows you to avoid sacrificing quality or using exploitative underpaid labor – in fact, by supporting you, customers are contributing to the fair wages and ethical labor movement.

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You should never lie in price increase emails. Never promise something you don’t want to deliver. When you launch improvements, features, or products that you promised, it’s a good idea to give your customers an update to confirm that you’ve delivered on what you promised.

Whenever I write about how to create an email, one thing I like to emphasize is the length of the email.

Words With Letters P R E C E P T

Don’t write long emails. please There are only a few situations where a long email might be a good idea, but a price-raising email is not. Briefly present all the main points, don’t turn it into an essay on the philosophy of the price concept.

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What you might want to do instead (if you don’t want to devote an entire email to a price change) is to post it along with other updates: for example, give 4 updates and announce a price increase; Write a price increase letter to customers that is only 10 sentences long, including a greeting, four improvements (a separate sentence for each), information about the price change, how to contact you, and an exit. Short and clear.

Being passive, even in regular emails like this one, is met with the same attitude from recipients. And apathy is an email marketer’s worst enemy. You are not an email sending device. You are a real person interacting with other people, so don’t strip your email of that humanity.

Show your appreciation to your customers by showing the human side of your business, answering their questions, and making email feel like a personal conversation in every way possible.

“Build relationships” is one of the oldest (and frankly, most used) pieces of advice, but there’s a reason for it. Even in a price increase letter, giving the customer a chance to contact you, express their ideas for your service or product, and let them know you want to hear from them is one of the easiest ways to gain loyalty.

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It’s not 2003, and addressing people by their first name in email is no longer an Aladdin’s trick to making recipients feel special. There are many other ways to do this; For example, you can personalize an email based on the customer’s location or demographics. In comparison, 66% of marketers use age data to personalize their messages.

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However, personalization is no longer just about the data you have about the recipient. This is a personal view. Kindness. Respect.

Of course, the level of personalization will depend on the size of your customer base – you may have 10 large clients or 100,000 customers. It’s worth noting that for the former, letters should be personally crafted and hyper-personalized, even if you’re automating your email. However, if your customer base is too large to take a personal approach, focus on making your email look easy. “Easy” means casual, easy to read, and genuine, not forced. This is easier to achieve if emails are sent from an individual’s account (such as the CEO) rather than from a nameless and faceless “team” account.

Words With Letters P R E C E P T

Let’s take a look at these two price increase letter examples to see what works and what doesn’t. This letter

Letter: To Porter [king], [1853 1856? No Month] 12

✔️ In general, a person is writing to you about company news, not a company.

Now let’s check a less successful example. This speedup letter won’t work for a few easily avoidable reasons:

❌ No personal information from the sender ❌ The value is too vague ❌ No detailed information on how to contact the team ❌ This email should be segmented for those who purchase monthly and annual plans ❌ It’s too automatic, “dry” and impersonal

Some might argue that the kindness of the first example is artificial – it’s still a company publishing brand news. But I’ll argue for that style of copywriting any day. If you can cheer me up with bad news, that’s one less thing to worry about that day and one more good thing I can associate with your company.

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If you’re still worried about dealing with backlash, you can use distraction to turn bad news into an opportunity to save. Here it is.

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Do not announce an immediate rate increase. Set a deadline of at least 30 days from the date of notification and allow your customers to purchase/subscribe at the old rate. Again, give this savings opportunity a clear deadline and give it as little leverage as possible. A bonus may be the ability to buy a 3-month subscription at the old price, not just 1 month before the price increase.

You might even want to ditch the option to buy an annual plan at the old price that works so well for SaaS companies. This increases your revenue before the actual price increases and attracts customers to stay with you longer.

Words With Letters P R E C E P T

It’s important to include an availability line in your price increase letter in case customers have any questions after receiving this piece of news from you. Make sure they can always contact someone on your team with questions about price updates.

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In a scenario where you don’t want to create a long readable email with lots of information and don’t limit yourself to the main points, your customers should be able to trust you to get more information on any query they have. Otherwise, some clients may not get enough clarification from you and turn to your competitors, and you never want that, right?

Every customer is unique. There will be at least two categories of customers: free users and paid customers.

Step-by-step guide on segmenting your base) and create price increase letter variations to customers based on their status. Basically, your customers are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, and you need to use a different approach for each stage and category. This allows you to keep paid and easily convert free users.

We recommend dividing customers into at least three groups: users on a free subscription plan, monthly paying customers, and subscribers with annual plans. Build copy based on the characteristics of each group and their objections and problems.

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There are many examples of price increase letters on the Internet (like this B2C one); however, we recommend using them as inspiration rather than the price increase letter templates. Here are some promotional emails to inspire you:

The most difficult

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