4 Pics 1 Word Cheats 8 Letters

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Looking for the answer to today’s 4 Pics 1 Word competition? Check out the answer for the May 8 6-letter Spain Challenge here.

4 Pics 1 Word Cheats 8 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word Cheats 8 Letters

The competition is now live, with six words related to the Spanish theme for May. If you are working on a puzzle today but it keeps you stuck, we have posted the answer today along with the link to the previous daily challenge below.

Pics 1 Word Daily Bonus Puzzle February 8 2022 » Qunb

Today’s puzzle involves 4 photos, all of which have similar themes related to the monthly Spanish theme. They are as follows:

Spain is a multi-religious country. The main religions of the region are Catholic, other religions in practice include Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Spain is home to many famous churches, but it also has one major temple that is part of the modern tourist attraction: Debod.

Debod Castle is a true ancient Egyptian castle in the Parque del Oeste of Madrid and a prominent attraction for visitors in the Spanish capital. Originally built in the 2nd century BC near the city of Aswan in southern Egypt, Spain received the temple as a gift from Egypt in 1968 for its role in rescuing Abu Simbel. The temple dedicated to the goddess Isis was dismantled and reassembled in Madrid, where it was opened to the public in 1972.

Debod Castle includes a terraced hall and a small museum and many cathedrals for tourists to visit. In addition, the temple includes a collection of fine logos and inscriptions carved into the walls.

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