Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword – A letter Vredenburgh placed in a wine bottle and thrown into the sea in 2010. Photo courtesy of Max Vredenburgh

A 19-year-old college student from Rockport received a response from France on Friday to a message in a bottle he threw into the ocean when he was 10 years old.

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

Max Vredenburgh, now a sophomore at Suffolk University, said he couldn’t believe his bottle survived nine years in water and was found by someone across the ocean. Even when he persuaded his father to take him to Long Beach in Rockport in August 2010 to throw a glass wine bottle into the water, “I never thought it would work,” he said.

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But on Friday, Vredenburgh got a message from his father, who still lives in Vredenburgh’s childhood home in Rockport. The amazing “G. Dubois” had found the bottle, washed ashore on the coast of Southern France on October 10, and sent the letter again.

“I’m just frustrated, mad,” Vredenburgh said. “I have this picture on the top of a wine bottle with a message floating around in a cold cold sea with nothing to see.”

Vredenburgh tweeted Dubois’ article and his first letter to his then-40 followers (he now has 2,646).

“I like apples, I like the beach, I like blue colors, I like animals, I like cars, I like the outdoors. Please write again,” Vredenburgh wrote in the 2010 letter, in which he included his address.

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On Friday night, the tweet exploded, Vredenburgh said. He woke up at 8 am Saturday to his phone ringing like crazy on his desk, and his phone hasn’t stopped ringing since.

“Honestly, I have to shut them up, but I know this is my five seconds of twitter viral-ness,” he said.

Vredenburgh said he would like to go to France and meet his mysterious correspondent. However, he said he has received hundreds of messages on Twitter from people who claim to be Dubois or who know who Dubois is, making it difficult to separate real leaders from fiction.

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

“I’m going to write a letter back with my contact information and contacts,” he said. “Here this time I will just send a letter.”

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On August 21, 2010 I threw a message in a bottle into the ocean off the beach in Rockport, MA. On October 10, 2019 that letter was found on a beach in France. I’m out of my mind. 9 years. — māx (@VredenburghMax) November 8, 2019

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Ed and Carol Meyers were watching the sun rise on a North Carolina beach when the idea struck. “Ed looked to the side and saw a bottle of wine,” recalls Carol Meyers. “We’ve decided, let’s send a message in a bottle. Why not?”

They wrote a note on some hotel stationary and put it in a bottle, along with a piece of cake. They joined hands, threw it into the Atlantic Ocean, and watched it go to sea.

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“I was hoping it would wash up on the shore not too far away, and that would be the end of it,” says Mrs. Meyers. “But it’s not.”

Clint Buffington in Turks and Caicos, and Carol and Ed Meyers message in a bottle. Clint Buffington / Message In A Bottle Hunter

In May 2007, 22-year-old Clint Buffington was exploring the shores of an unnamed Caribbean island in Turks and Caicos with his father and brother.

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

“Back then, we were just backpackers – we were looking for shells, fish teeth, things like that,” he says.

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They passed a few uninhabited islands of the region with no luck. Then, on the third day of the trip, Buffington noticed something unusual sticking out of the sand: “a little green bottle.”

“There was a moment of lightning,” he recalls: “Oh my God, there’s a piece of paper in there… and you’re written on it.”

Eight years at sea had not been kind to the paper inside. “It was hard, brittle, and damaged,” he says. “I had to sit there with tweezers and a spray bottle and gently take it out.”

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“Carol and Ed Meyers celebrated their first wedding anniversary at the Sanderling Inn Resort on February 14, 1999. They were married on Valentine’s Day, 1998, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Included in this post is one of our wedding cakes. Peace and love to you, We wish you happiness. Ed Meyers Carol Meyers”

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Buffington then felt compelled to find Meyers, but he didn’t have much to go on.

The message, written at the resort, included information, but Buffington’s efforts to contact the site “were futile.” Although it also listed the date and place of the couple’s wedding, months of Googling yielded no results. Back in 2007, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were rare; Buffington was “trying to find information in the infancy of the information age.”

After a year of fruitless searching, he contacted Cathy Dyson, a reporter for the Fredericksburg Freelance-Star. He published an article documenting Buffington’s findings, and by sheer chance, a friend of the Meyers saw it, and informed the Meyers.

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

A few days later, Buffington – who was working as a deckhand on the ship Chicago at the time – received this email from Carol Meyers:

Sealed With A Kiss

After finding Carol and Ed Meyers’ message in a bottle and connecting with the two, Buffington made it his life’s goal to hunt down as many messages in bottles as he could find.

Most of them are still unopened: The messages are thin, fragmented, and sometimes require months to piece together. But he also tracked down many senders, met several in person, and made new, unexpected friendships — all experiences he records on his blog, Messages in a Bottle Hunter.

He found messages in all kinds of containers: beer bottles, plastic jugs, pill bottles, and – the most popular – traditional wine bottles, re-corked. The messages he received range from a few months old to over 50 and cover a variety of topics.

“Some people send love letters in bottles — they just want to get something off their chest and move on,” says Buffington. “Some text just for fun, from cruises or island holidays. They also send them to remember a loved one who died.”

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Sometimes, he says, the bottle contains a person’s ashes and a note that says: “This person really wanted to travel and didn’t really get the chance, so we’re taking him on a big trip now.”

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Clint Buffington opens a message in a bottle he found in the Caribbean in 2013. Clint Buffington / Message In A Bottle Hunter

His oldest possession is a 1959 bottle from Guinness. That year, the beer company dropped 150,000 bottles into the ocean as a promotional item. Inside the Buffington was a message made from the sea god Neptune and an ad for the Ovaltine.

Beach Bottle Letters Crossword

He used the serial number on the bottle to determine that it was from the late 1970s, and tracked down the Beachcomber Motel in Hampton, New Hampshire. At the time, the message writer had passed away, and his daughter was running the motel. Buffington flew to New Hampshire to deliver the letter himself. It was the last letter he received from his father.

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There was a time when Buffington found two messages in bottles – sent from different places in England, 30 years apart – only to discover that one of the senders knew the other’s brother.

In general, the messages Clint Buffington recovers are not read at all. Clint Buffington / Message In A Bottle Hunter

It may seem impossible for one person to have many of these things. For most of us, the message in a bottle is folkloric, present in pop songs and horror Nicholas Sparks novels.

For nearly 200 years, researchers have used messages in bottles to deepen our understanding of ocean water. And since the beginning of the 1900s, an estimated 6 million bottles of water have been released from the ocean, 500,000 of which are said to have been written by oceanographers.

Longboat Observer 1.03.13 By The Observer Group Inc.

(2009), Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Eric Scigliano say that the so-called “bottle papers” were first sent by Navy Admiral Alexander Becher in an effort to understand the gears – the six rotating systems in the middle of our oceans. In a series of different projects between 1846 and 1966, the US government scattered thousands of words in bottles in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and used the reported findings to compile maps of our current ocean systems.

Today, GPS sensors

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