Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

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Sakura/Four Leaf Clover/Maple Leaf/Snowflake are seasonal specials, you can get them by making a wish at the Wishing Well at the following times: Sakura (March to May), Four Leaf Clover (June to August), Leaf Maple (September to November), Snowflake (December to February). Also, there is a chance that they will appear in Mysterious Merchant or Gachapon after updating!

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

No, there is no difference. Items in the Wishing Well are updated and dropped randomly. However, you can upgrade the level of the Wishing Well to increase the number of wishes you can make and the amount of items that are dropped.

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After opening the Garden, the Garden Table is an important item, so go to the area and buy the Garden Table. There will be a vase on the Garden Table, you can click on the flowers to put them in the vase. After viewing flowers, Customers can randomly give you stars!

The reason you can make wishes and plant flowers is because your garden is at a high level. You can use other flowers / watering cans / seeds before you try to make wishes and plant flowers again.

Flowers and seeds stuck in strange places? Clicking and holding down on the Flowerbed, Good Wishes, Mailbox, Gachapon, and Hire sign will cause them to disappear for a period of time. Take this opportunity to grab your stuff!

There’s a chance you’ll find yourself in the Wishing Well if you make a sincere wish! Also, there’s a chance they’ll appear from Mysterious Merchant or Gachapon randomly after updating!

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Yes, if you accidentally put the flowers in the vase, you can click on the flowers to put them back after some time.

There are three types of restaurant watering cans to choose from: Bronze watering can, Silver watering can, Gold watering can. All you have to do is drag the watering can over the seeded flower bed to reduce the time it takes for the flowers to bloom.

The higher the level of the flower, the more attractive it is to Customers. This will increase the number of stars they give you.

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Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

There is a mailbox in the upper left corner of the Garden. Tap to view the letters Hedwig returned.

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However, opening other Clients requires that the corresponding site be opened. Also, except for Flowerbed, income from Resources is cumulative, so skipping levels will affect your earnings. Finally, Slots will increase your star rating!

Currently, it is not possible to sell Resources after unlocking them, but you can change them and customize your restaurant according to your choice without affecting your income.

Trophy Wall is Lv. 4 Wall Decor. You can go to the center to view more details and open it.

Apart from Flowerbed, the effect of the resource (for example, the increase of tips, tips cap, star rating, etc.) is calculated based on the combined effect of the open Resources of different levels.

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Yes they are. The cap for using the Wishing Well and Gachapon is equal to the combined effect of the Resources unlocked.

The customer will only appear in the restaurant after meeting the unlocking requirements and they are counted as unlocked only after eating! (Viewing flowers or placing orders does not count.) There is no set time for them to appear! Introduce more and hopefully they will come to your restaurant.

Mystery Shopper’s activation requirements are confidential. Customer activation requirements will be disclosed only after activation. Connect with other players and find them together!

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

Click on the evil NPC repeatedly to chase them away. You can hire Timmy the Server, he will help you to some extent to chase away the problem customers.

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Special customers come randomly and don’t sit and eat, but they have special skills. You can wait for them in the game.

A small tag on a customer means that the customer came because of your promotion. They do not have any special effect.

Once you open the facilities, you will meet the customer opening requirements. You can change the Features you wish to decorate.

It is possible that the food they like is not open, so they leave angry. Don’t worry, when you open the food they like, they will keep eating in the future

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Once you meet the customer’s opening requirements, there will be an opportunity for a seasonal customer to come along.

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Fortune tellers can randomly update the working hours of currently rested employees so that they can work again, or they can predict the time of Hedwig’s return, and randomly cut the time it takes for Hedwig to return to the restaurant.

Usually, the things you buy from the Mystery Vendor will be in the Garden. You can check if they are combined with other flowers, or if they are blocked by the flowerbed or watering.

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

The items sold by the Mysterious Merchant are updated randomly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check the ad to update the listing.

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This is normal as there are limited time events in this game and some Customers are exclusive to these events, they will only be unlocked in the customer catalog after they visit the restaurant.

When he waters a flower, he reduces the time needed by a few seconds. It may not be visible but it has an impact!

Our beautiful Dori can help promote the restaurant! After Dori is recruited, you can press and hold the Boost button. Giving Dori a promotion will reduce the time it takes to attract Customers!

Code or letters. If Hedwig doesn’t bring you the gift you want, you can try placing other combinations of items in Hedwig’s item slots.

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Click on the suitcase above Hedwig’s head to open it. After opening it, three boxes will appear. You can click on flowers, watering cans, or seeds to place them directly on the luggage rack, then click to tag them, and they’ll be picked up! Different combinations of elements will bring different surprises. Go check it out!

Upgrading a dish usually requires a Permit to Increase Prices, which Hedwig can retrieve. If the dish does not require permission and the price can be increased directly, you will be informed by an exclamation point on the Menu button. Upgrade Hedwig even more so she can come back faster!

Giving your employees a raise will increase your stars. On the employee promotion screen, the difference between the two numbers before and after the promotion represents the number of stars you can earn.

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

We gave Chef Gumi a new story! Once Chef Gumi disappears, that means you’ve started the story. Moving forward, continue to notice the story unfolding in the game.

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Animal Restaurant Customers Database

The availability of ads is currently decided by a third party platform, so they are out of our control… But you can still use the Promote button to attract Customers even if there are no ads!

Ads are managed by a third-party platform, so we cannot guarantee the number of times they will be viewed or when they will be available. The rest of the percussion ensemble may mean that the platform does not have your ads yet. Please wait a moment—they can appear at any time!

Flyer Promo is the most basic promotion method. You may be upgraded to a more advanced promotion method (such as Radio Promo, TV Promo, or Cellphone Promo). Advanced promotion methods can attract high-quality customers and bring in more restaurant revenue!

Cod when you buy Facilities, the system will inform you if you can watch the ad to make a difference, and the corresponding facility will be bought automatically. The amount of

Animal Restaurant Buffet

Ads are managed by a third-party platform, so we cannot guarantee update time. Every player can have a different situation!

Have you noticed the ‘Buffet Rewards’ notification window that pops up when you enter the game? This is what your Buffet found! If you did not claim a reward in the notification window, you can claim it by going to the Buffet conveyor belt.

A Gachapon machine will appear in the Buffet and be used when you open it in the Buffet Facilities. Go open it now!

Animal Restaurant How To Get Letters

Plates shown below. Click the slider down to switch between them. Slide left to activate

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What looks like a memento is actually a toy doll! All dolls are placed in a doll display case. Don’t worry – you can go to the Gachapon screen and click the arrow on the right side to check it out!

Once you have collected enough dolls, a special customer may come to visit you, and you will receive rewards! Click the arrow on the Gachapon screen to go to the doll display, where you can see your doll collection progress!

You need to click on the temp job link again while working so that Yolky can help work for another friend on your behalf.

Your Yolky may not have finished the job yet or may have

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