University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters

University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters – A sorority recommendation letter is a document used to support an individual’s application to a specific female sorority or fraternity. Some sororities do not require a letter of recommendation, but those that expect the letter to be written by an alumnus of the specific sorority the applicant wishes to join. Most large sororities provide forms on their website for the college to fill out, or you can mimic the structure below. The intent of this letter of recommendation is to highlight the candidate’s positive attributes and past accomplishments, helping to persuade the admissions committee to consider this new member. The Admissions Department is looking for women they believe will be a perfect fit for their sorority and will be a valuable addition to the chapter.

It is required that the writer of a sorority recommendation letter be an alumnus of the particular chapter the new member wishes to join. If someone close to you has participated in one of the sororities you wish to apply to and is willing to vouch for your character, they will be your best option. A close relationship between the alumna and the candidate will allow the author to go into more detail about the desirable characteristics of the candidate and can provide a more stable recommendation. However, it is not the end of the world if the candidate does not personally know any previous members.

University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters

University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters

If you do not have a direct relationship with an alumna and have exhausted your primary resources such as friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors, you can search local alumnae chapters or Panhellenic conferences to find someone willing to write you a letter. You can also try contacting the national offices of the sororities you wish to apply for, but this should only be used as a last resort. In situations where the alumnus does not have a strong relationship with the applicant or any relationship at all, the applicant should compile a list of extracurricular activities, volunteer work, awards, scholarships, and any other personal information relevant so that the former student can write a convincing argument. letter that will help strengthen the candidate’s candidacy. 14k White Gold University Of Alabama Crimson Tide School Letter On Disc Pendant 16x15mm

A typical sorority recommendation letter should be 4-5 paragraphs, including an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The letter should always start with the greeting “To whom it may concern”.

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The introductory paragraph does not need to belong, but it should include the name and qualifications of the author, the name of the potential member, the relationship between them (if any) and a sentence or two offering a general impression of the merit of the individual.

Example #1 To Whom It May Concern, I have known Megan for 8 years and was thrilled when she approached me to ask if I would write a letter of recommendation for her application to Alpha Pi Phi sorority. I’m a member of the Delta Chapter of the Alpha Pi Phi sorority and I’m sure Megan would be a great addition to the beta. I watched Megan grow into an outgoing, talented, funny and compassionate human being, a perfect example of what an Alpha Pi Phi sister should strive to be.

In the first example, the alumna knows the candidate personally and can vouch for their desirable characteristics.

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Example #2 To Whom It May Concern, As a member of Kappa Delta sorority, it is with great pleasure that I write to you on behalf of Rachel’s candidacy for our sorority. In the short period of time that I have known Rachel, it has become apparent that she is a mature and warm person. I was Vice President of Fraternity Development for 3 of the 4 years I was part of Kappa Delta sorority, and I can assure you that Rachel is one of the most complete people I have ever had. encountered. If she is accepted, I’m sure her sisters will welcome her with open arms.

In the introductory paragraph above, the alumna does not have a long relationship with the prospective member, but provides sufficient qualifications that support her ability to craft a suitable recommendation.

The first paragraph of the body includes the applicant’s qualifications for sorority membership. This should include the applicant’s interests, hobbies, academic achievements, and any other accolades that will enhance their chances of acceptance.

University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters

Melissa maintained a 3.82 GPA during her high school career and still managed to play softball, win dance competitions, and volunteer at a daycare center. She is dedicated to her studies and passionate about her hobbies, which include dancing, horse riding and painting. In her senior year, Melissa won the President’s Award for Academic Excellence. In the same year, I had the chance to see her win first place in a very prestigious dance competition.

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In the sample paragraph above, the writer takes this opportunity to list the candidate’s specific accomplishments and show interest in the candidate’s life.

Throughout her schooling, Allie was a star both inside and outside of the classroom. She always got good grades, participated in class, and was a valuable addition to the math club. His teachers wrote outstanding reviews in his report cards and always expressed how lucky they were to have him in their class. Allie is also an accomplished singer and musician. She has been playing the piano since the age of 5 and received a full scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music. After graduating, Allie went overseas to volunteer in Ecuador for the summer, as part of a program that helped teach children to learn English as a second language. Her commitment and dedication to these children did not go unnoticed. The staff and family she stayed with raved about Allie’s helpfulness, kindness and relentless work ethic.

This example speaks to the nominee’s excellent work ethic, demonstrating that she can excel in many areas and has gained real-world knowledge and experience through music and volunteering.

The second paragraph(s) of the body should describe the potential member’s positive personality traits. Although accomplishments are crucial, it is very important to show that the candidate is fun, friendly and appreciated so that the sorority can see the value in accepting this particular person. This section of the letter can be split into 2 paragraphs, depending on how well you know the potential member and how many examples you can provide.

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Zara has a knack for brightening up any room she walks into. Her presence is welcomed by everyone and she has a smile that can stop people in their tracks. He is a friendly and approachable person who behaves with grace, dignity and without any trace of arrogance. She is devoted to her friends and family, and everyone who comes in contact with her feels a sense of warmth and comfort. People speak highly of Zara, always noting her leadership skills and the high level of enthusiasm she brings to her schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and life outside of school. I know she would make a great addition to Alpha Delta Chi sorority because of her unwavering loyalty and commitment.

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The alumna in the first paragraph of the body above goes into great detail about the candidate’s personality, suggesting that she knows what traits the sorority looks for in a new member, and confirming that the candidate possesses those distinctive traits.

Bianca is probably the most mature and balanced eighteen year old girl I have ever met. Her charm and beauty never go unnoticed. Although she does extremely well in school and in her extracurricular activities, she is down-to-earth, very respectful and always seeks to help others. Whether it’s a family member, a good friend or a stranger in need, Bianca is there to lend a helping hand. Bianca knows when to be serious but knows how to let her hair down and enjoy it. This is exactly what you want in a Sigma Delta Tau sorority sister.

University Of Alabama Sorority Recommendation Letters

The example above provides evidence that the prospective member knows they are talented and successful, but do not have an inflated opinion of themselves.

Free Sorority Recommendation Letter Template

The concluding paragraph should only contain 2-4 sentences. It should summarize all of your final thoughts about the nominee and include a closing statement that highlights your support for their candidacy. It should include a formal or semi-formal endorsement and signature at the bottom.

In my opinion, Lauren is an obvious choice for Beta Sigma Phi sorority. She meets all the requirements of the ideal candidate. She has so much love to give and so many talents to offer that she deserves your attention. Any member would be proud to consider her a sister. Sincerely, Morgane Paige

I don’t know if the process of accepting girls has changed over the years, but if I was able to become a Delta Delta Delta sorority sister, then there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll accept Sammy at arm’s length open. She’s the kind of person who will always strive to be the best person she can be, always be there for her sisters, and enjoy every moment she has in this wonderful sisterhood. Sincerely, Annie Greendale

The author in the example above uses his own experience of entering sorority to confirm it

Sorority Letters Of Recommendation: Everything You Need To Know

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