Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

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I will talk you through the process of creating a beautiful illuminated letter from scratch using real gold.

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

These letters are fun to make, and painting and gilding techniques can also be applied to border patterns to create the most amazing works of art.

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Silver tends to darken over time, so gold in various forms, such as powder and leaf, has become the preferred choice of lighting as it preserves its shine.

Richly decorated letters marked the beginning of passages and provided visual clues to the context of the page.

There are many different styles of illumination, and in western manuscripts, you can find stunning examples from the Celtic (Book of Kells and Lindisfarne Gospels), to Anglo Saxon (Grimbald Gospels), Ottonian, Romanesque, Gothic, Whitevine, Classical – right. up to a re-invention today with beautiful contemporary lighting.

This is not a definitive list of styles – do an online search and discover which one inspires you the most!

The Szetelas Travel: Ireland, Day 13: Dublin

Making an illuminated letter doesn’t have to be as expensive or require as many specialist items as you may think!

You will need some basic materials, and then as you experiment, you can invest in more lick materials if you would like to try specific techniques.

If you don’t want to use real gold then try gold watercolor, ink or gouache I would recommend Finetec Arabic Gold.

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

You now have the design well marked out so you can apply the gold and paint.

Book Of Kells: An Ignorance Of Vikings And A Pinnacle Of Book Design

I use Kolner Instacoll. Use an old brush to apply the instacol as it tends to spoil them.

You need to pick up a bead of Instacoll on the end of the brush and place it carefully, so it puddles where you want the gold to be.

Gently pull the edge of the puddle of Instacoll to direct it where you want it to go.

It is possible to build layers of Instacoll if you like more of a raised gold effect.

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The Book Of Kells

Once all the gold is stuck, it can be polished with a Q Tip directly or put a piece of glassine paper on it and polish with a burnish.

Mix a light and dark shade of the primary color and paint these in to add detail and depth.

The Instacoll can be a little tricky. If you dilute it by about 10 percent, I find it easier to use.

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

Use the tip of your little finger to test if the Instacoll is dry. That way, if it’s still sticky, you won’t leave fingerprints in it.

Illuminated Initial: Irish Art Project For Kids

If you happen to be in the UK, the British Library is a must visit or check out its digitized collection.

Social media, especially Instagram, has a wealth of talented calligraphers whose work is so inspiring, so check it out.

There are many great books on this topic, but here are some of my favorites (links to amazon) –

Have fun experimenting with different designs. Individual letters make a beautiful gift or combine an illuminated letter with a favorite quote to create a beautiful piece of art!

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

If you have any questions, be sure to drop a comment below or you can also reach out via Instagram.

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I’m Sue Higginson and I’m a calligraphy enthusiast from England, UK. I started learning hand foundations in an evening class about 25 years ago and what started as a hobby soon became a passion. I joined local societies and attended workshops and classes to learn new hands and techniques. I have a particular interest in illuminated manuscripts and draw a lot of inspiration from them in my own work. St. Columcille was an important Irishman in the 6th century who founded 27 monasteries throughout Ireland including one at Kells in what is now County Meath. In 563 Columcille and 12 of his followers traveled to the small island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland where he established another abbey which he used as a base to convert most of Scotland to Christianity. He died in 597 and his abbey prospered for another 200 years until it was destroyed in 806 by Viking raiders and 68 monks died. The survivors fled to the abbey of Kells, taking with them their treasure, a beautiful copy of the four gospels of the New Testament. It would become known as the finest example of 8th century Insular Art. And it would become known as the Book of Kells.

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Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

After visiting Trinity College Dublin, we went to the Old Library to see for ourselves this national treasure that has been in Trinity since 1661.

Letters & Alphabets (dover Pictura Electronic Clip Art): Dover: 9780486996356: Books

Only four pages of the Book of Kells can be seen at any one time.

The trip to Trinity College was free but we had to pay to see the Book of Kells. The only people who do not have to pay are Trinity College students.

Someone turns the page at the beginning and middle of each day. So you won’t be able to browse more than eight pages in one day.

Ogham was the only written Celtic language in Ireland before Christian missionaries introduced Latin and the Roman alphabet.

In The Beginning Was The Initial

About 400 Ogham stones have been found in the British Isles: some in Wales, some in southwest England and some on the Isle of Man. But the majority of them are from Ireland and the majority of the Irish stones are from County Kerry. Most of the stones appear to be tombstones.

The clergy in medieval Ireland worked as farmers, millers, cooks, blacksmiths, masons and carpenters. And some have spent their whole lives copying manuscripts.

The Book of Kells contains 53 pages of introductory information including special descriptions of the Four Evangelists.

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

The Chi Rho page — the opening page of the Gospel according to St. Matthew and probably the most famous page in all Irish illuminated manuscripts.

An Illuminated Alphabet: 26 Postcards, Bodleian Library

Trinity College Dublin has placed a digital copy of the Book of Kells online. You can view all 680 pages of the manuscript here.

After lunch at the Buttery restaurant in the basement of Trinity College Dining Hall we went to Grafton Street and that will be the subject of my next posting.

You have eight minutes to spare? Then sit back and listen to some of Ireland’s great actors and actresses quote some of Ireland’s greatest writers and watch a video of Ireland’s rocky shores and ancient ruins while listening to Davy Spillane’s uilleann pipes. Davy is playing his song

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Book Of Kells Letter E By Aryawinterheart On Deviantart

The Book of Kells was written in Latin c. 800 AD. The letters J, K, U, and W are not used by the Romans; they added to his middle age. J was created from the letter I, while U and W developed from V. Q was used only before a U, followed by a vowel The letter Y was adopted from Greek.

The reverse of this postcard notes the alphabet selected from the Book of Kells: A – Amen (folio 79r); B – Bonum (folio 177r); C – Coepit (folio 266f); D – Duces (folio 100v); E – Heritage (folio 104r); F – Faktum (folio 210v); G – Generato (folio 76v); H – Haec (folio 68v); I/J – Ideo (folio 83v); L – Lucas (folio 16v); M – Magnificat (folio 191v); N – Nemo (folio 253v); O – Orate (folio 173r); P – Petrus (folio 119r); Q – Qui (folio 58v); R – Respondens (folio 80v); S – Sicur (folio 104v); T – Tunc (folio 86r); U/V – Vae (folio 100c); X – Exivit (folio 165v); Z – Zechariae (folio 19v).

This postcard is of the Long Room at Trinity College; it is more than 200 feet long, and houses around 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books. In 1860, the roof was raised to allow the construction of the ceiling with barrel vaults and gallery floors. Marble busts are set down on either side of the hall which also contains Ireland’s oldest surviving harpin.

Book Of Kells Alphabet Letters

The statue of Molly Malone is located near Trinity College, around the corner from St. Andrew’s Church, where she was supposedly baptized. The statue is life size and made of bronze. Legend has it that Molly Malone was a fishmonger on the streets of Dublin in the 1600s.

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