Chipboard Letters Hobby Lobby

Chipboard Letters Hobby Lobby – I finally did something with the unfinished chipboard letters I got from Hobby Lobby a long time ago. I made them look like letters sawed out of old barn wood! Faux barn wood letters!

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Chipboard Letters Hobby Lobby

Chipboard Letters Hobby Lobby

The regular price for this letter size is $1.99 and I got them 40% off. If you finally wait

Chipboard Letter E

In this store is for sale. I haven’t tried to track their sales cycle, but I’m sure their sales follow some sort of rotating schedule. So unless that’s something you must have now, wait! Why spend more when you don’t need it.

At first I thought I would just paint them with aqua spray paint. Very easy and they look quite pretty. So you could stop there.

Then one day I went to Hobby Lobby to look at some fabric and walked down the scrapbook aisle and saw these wonderful faux barn wood scrapbook papers. Aren’t they fabulous!

They also have other images like pebbles, straw, bricks, rocks – very cool and different from the usual scrapbook paper designs. Again, they were 40% off, but even if they weren’t, the regular price is only 49 cents each.

Diy Word Wall Art

To cover the chipboard letters with the scrap paper – I laid the letters on the paper and traced around each letter, then cut them out. I wasn’t too particular about the cut since I planned on using sandpaper at the end to distress the letters.

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First because otherwise you’ll see the painting unfinished unless you wrap the paper around the edges (and for me that’s just a hassle). I had already painted mine aqua.****

Then I used Mod Podge and lightly coated a letter and pressed the scrapbook paper I had cut out on top. You can also use spray glue. I smoothed out bubbles and wrinkles. Then I made each of the other letters the same way.

Chipboard Letters Hobby Lobby

I then sanded the edges of each chipboard letter. This takes care of any extra paper and gives them a nice clean edge.

Scrap Escape: Prima

Covering chipboard with paper or fabric is a very easy and inexpensive way to decorate it and make it reflect your style.

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