Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes

Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes – I recently went to a live show about spiritual warfare…from a demonic perspective. It is based on the bestselling book The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. The drama is so well choreographed and reminds me of when I was reading the book. Here are some of my favorite quotes (with page numbers) highlighted when I first read them a few years ago.

Remember, the premise of this book is that the devil is expressing his views on how the world works. Therefore, “enemy” refers to God. This is a reverse piety. enjoy!

Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes

Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes

He does want to fill the universe with many nasty little replicas of himself – creatures whose life, on its miniature scale, will be qualitatively the same as his own, not because he has absorbed them, but It is because their will freely conforms to his. We want cattle, which can finally be food; he wants servants who can finally be his son. We want to suck in, he wants to give up. We are empty and will be filled; He is full and flows. Our war aim is a world in which our heavenly Father has drawn all other beings to himself: the enemy wants a world full of beings who are united with him but still different. (38-39)

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But you see now that irresistible and indisputable are the two weapons that the very nature of his plan prohibits him from using. Merely overriding a man’s will (as he senses being, will certainly do so in all but the faintest and most moderate degree) is useless to him. He cannot act recklessly. He can only woo. (39)

Our cause is at its most perilous when a man no longer desires, but still intends to obey the will of our enemies, he looks around a universe where every trace of him seems to have vanished, and asks why he is abandoned, and still obeys . (40)

Christians describe the enemy as “nothing is strong without him”. Nothing is very powerful: powerful enough to steal a person’s best years, not in sweet sins, but realizing them in the dull flicker of the mind, in the tap of a finger and the kick of a heel , in whistling tunes he disliked, or in the long, dim labyrinth of fantasy, with no desire or ambition to even give them a relish, but once the occasional association started them, the creature was too weak and confused to escape. (60)

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Always remember that he really likes this little vermin and puts ridiculous values ​​on the uniqueness of each of them. When he said they lost their ego, he just said to give up the wayward hustle; once they did, he literally gave them all their individuality back and boasted (I’m afraid, sincerely) when they were completely When it belongs to him, they will be more like themselves than ever. (65)

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The more often he feels by not acting, the less he can act, and the less he can feel in the long run. (67)

For we must never forget what the most repulsive and inexplicable feature of our enemy is; he really likes the hairless bipeds he creates, and always gives them back with his right hand what he took with his left. (72)

Even his sin, the enemy does not want him to think too much: the sooner the person turns his attention outside once repented, the happier the enemy will be. (73)

Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes

It’s much better to let them live in the future. Biological inevitability directs all their enthusiasm in that direction, so contemplation of the future ignites hope and fear. Also, they don’t know, so in making them think, we make them think unrealistic. (76)

C.s. Lewis Quotes About Love, Life, Faith, Bravery, And Friendship

Planning the work of tomorrow is the work of today; although its material is borrowed from the future, like all duties, duties exist in the present. (77)

We have done this through poets and novelists, convincing people that a strange, often fleeting experience they call “love” is the only respectable basis for marriage. Marriage can and should perpetuate this excitement; and a marriage that doesn’t is no longer binding. (93)

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Thus, even himself, he was not content to be a purely arithmetical unity. He claims to be three and one so that this nonsense about love can find a foothold in his own nature. (94)

…people who are not gifted for temperance may be prevented from seeking marriage as a solution because they do not find themselves “in love,” and thanks to us, the idea of ​​marrying for any other motive may seem mean and cynical to them. Yes, they think so. They believe that the intent of loyalty to a partnership is for mutual aid, for the preservation of chastity, for the delivery of life, and lower than emotional storms. (97)

The Screwtape Letters

I’m a tech entrepreneur who enjoys fiddling with gadgets, coming up with high-tech ways to automate everyday life, and building tech solutions for a variety of businesses. I am on a dynamic journey by learning how to be a human being and a divine participant. I have a deep desire to inspire those who just exist to live passionately and adventurously to go beyond their goals. I am eager to point my readers to a compelling, life-changing power that is theirs if they want it. Like a blind man trying to fumble along a wall, we must constantly try to grasp the deeper meaning of life. “So we have confirmed the word of the prophecy, you pay attention to it, like a light shining in a dark place, until the morning and the morning star rises in your heart” So the reading plan for the end of home school – op English 1 is a scene of your choice. However, even though I always knew how many weeks I had, my plan fell through and we didn’t have time for it. Instead, I chose a short book for them that fits the group I have (five teenage boys in a Christian co-op). That book, I read it years ago – when I was about their age, I guess – and it was

In college, I took a one-credit survey course on C. S. Lewis and George MacDonald taught by the school librarian. (I also took another Alfred Hitchcock class. I wish I had discovered them sooner.) Anyway, by April 2022, I already knew I loved the book. Recommended reading for the grades I need, so we did a quick and creative reading to get to the end of the term paper/presentation (on selected authors) and taking the final exam (on poetry, Latin and Greek roots) end of the year).

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Ignoring their disappointment at not being able to read the book of their choice, discuss as a class

Cs Lewis The Screwtape Letters Quotes

Of course it’s fun. I suppose you can read this book even if you’re not a Christian (it’s full of conventional wisdom and cultural insight), but it seems very specific. Here’s the setup: Screwtape is a bit of a business/bureaucratic version of a high-level demon in hell. His “nephew” Wormwood had just graduated from Demon Academy and was assigned his first patient (only known as “The Patient”, a young Englishman) to lure the “enemy” (God) and get lost in hell The corral of the soul. The sick had just found the church, and World War II was breaking out. The novel is strictly epistolary, with 31 letters from the screw belt to Wormwood in response to Wormwood’s unseen report, offering advice from experienced men to the constantly inexperienced bumbling of subordinates, including to human beings.” A more general musing on the enemy”. and the nature of human experience and its place in eternity.

The Screwtape Letters Pdf Summary

This book is not literal, but still full of theology. Lewis’ introduction is helpful here. it explains why he writes

And why he chose a fictional, hypothetical version that is both flirtatious and a little creepy. Like some of his theological writings, we are destined to think and learn. Like his novels, we are meant to be entertained. Either way, we shouldn’t be scared or shrugged. Very thought-provoking and amazed me: what did Lewis think

, he has so much in his head? In addition, different stages of life will give you different experiences of this book. Lewis tells about many life stages and scenarios, I

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