Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Answers

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Answers – 3 Vocabulary Homework Define each term and explain how important it was to the Vietnam War. Remember all homework is due on test day Chapter 30 Section 1 1. Nguyen Tat Thanh 2. Vietminh 3. Domino Theory 4. Geneva Accords 5. Ngo Dinh Diem 10.2 Chapter 30 Sections 2 and 3 6. Gulf of Tonkin 7 Reso Ho Chi Minh Trail 8. Agent Orange 9. Credibility Gap 10. Teach-In 11. Doves and Hawks 12. Tet Offensive 10.3 Chapter 30 Section Connection 14. Vietnamization 15. My Lai 16. Kent State University 17. Pentagon Papers War Powers Act 3:

4 History of French Indochina and US Involvement 1800s Various Presidents US supported President; The US used to support because Pres. The US supported because the president. 4:

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Answers

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Answers

5 2 clauses of the Geneva Conventions. Now the USA supports the President. Because of this, they supported the coup. 1. Describe America’s relationship with Vietnam (generalize, don’t go game by game). 2. Imagine you are LBJ and inherit the Vietnam situation; What would you do after taking office? 5:00

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6 The Gulf of Tonkin leads to the Vietnam War. (create a simple picture in each box to show what is happening) French colonialism in Vietnam. 1800-1941 Japan occupied Vietnam during World War II. When Japan was defeated in 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnamese independence. But the French came again and tried to retake it. The US supported the French (promised $15 million in military aid). Diem is very oppressive and unpopular. He canceled the elections, suppressed the Buddhists and caused great resentment in South Vietnam. October 1955: South Vietnam declares itself the Republic of Vietnam. The US supported the leader of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem. July 1954: The Geneva Convention calls for France to withdraw and divide Vietnam into North and South, with the idea that free elections will be held in May 1954; France is defeated at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in November 1963. dethroned and killed. South Vietnam has a weak government that allows communism to grow in power. North Vietnam smuggled weapons through the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and Cambodia. August 1964: The North Vietnamese attacked an American destroyer in international waters, known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. August 1964: The US Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing President Johnson to use military force in Vietnam. Analysis: Looking at the information above and the information from yesterday’s lesson, do you think the United States planned to go to war with North Vietnam before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed?

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7 Please label the map and include the following: North Vietnam South Vietnam China Laos Thailand Cambodia Gulf of Tonkin Please take a picture of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and label it Answer the questions. 1. List the supporters of each side, explain the role and purpose of the NVA and VC. North Vietnam South Vietnam Supporters. Supporters: North Vietnamese Army (NVA) Viet Cong (VC) Objective: Purpose: 2. Explain why the Domino Theory kept the United States involved in the conflict in Vietnam. 7:00

8 3. Explain what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin. 10. How did the United States try to deal with the tunnel system? 4. Describe the powers given to Johnson in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (looking specifically at Section 2 of the document). 11. How was napalm used during the Vietnam War? 5. Provide details about Operation Rolling Thunder. 12. What is Agent Orange? 6. Predict the expected impact of Operation Rolling Thunder on the North Vietnamese. 13. How was Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War? 7. What advantages did the VC have over American soldiers? 14. What was the purpose of the Ho Chi Minh Trail? 8. Provide details on the tunnel system created by the VC. 15. How did the Ho Chi Minh Trail help the North Vietnamese and the VC? 9. Explain the advantage VC gained with these tunnel systems. 16. In what ways did the US try to deal with the Ho Chi Minh Trail? 8 o’clock

9 1968: Tet Offensive and My Lai Massacre Background The Vietnam War was from the US involved in Vietnam and the total death of US soldiers died Why was the US involved? 1954 Vietnam split in half North-South Tet Offensive Address to Tet Offensive Describe diagram at right 1965 US gets involved Sends troops to Wants to keep southern government from collapsing Khe Sanh January 21, 000 troops attack Khe. Commanded by General Khe Sanh, the Sanh NVA was an isolated airbase about 14 miles from the northern border. General Giap’s plan had the US Marines surrounded along with South Vietnamese forces. The siege lasted as the US counterattacked, pushing back the NVA at home, protesters compared. this to

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10 What is Tet? Tet Holiday Armistice 1968 The Tet Offensive begins on January 31, the NVA, supported by 000 VC, attacks over 100 towns and settlements in the south; The element of surprise helps because of the battle for Saigon on March 7, 50 units can hold. Taking Saigon Battle for Shade January 31 March 2 NVA and VC storm this historic city Hue US and Southern forces counteroffensive battles throughout Tet Offensive Targets 35 of 44 provincial capitals in South Saigon Assault on US Embassy January 31- Soldiers storm US Embassy compound VC killed MP attack VC pinned down by Marines. the liturgy of the officers and Catholic priests was discovered. people were, and sometimes buried alive, estimates may be closer to 6,000 executions Tet The Big Picture Offensive War The Turning Point The Credibility Gap The Drawing Room War The Political Implications of Tet 10

11 My Lai Massacre Background March 16, 1968 My Lai is a small village in South Vietnam US Company soldiers said that VC troops were passing through the area; Their captain said that all the people in My Lai were either members or sympathizers. What happened: rounded up hundreds of civilians Many were raped, beaten, and/or tortured Many were then Among civilians killed Many of those killed were suspected by US soldiers. Killed with guns, grenades and bayonets. photographs, this event was covered up until 1969 (but not brought to public attention until 1969) The photographs were the main evidence of the investigation. It was concluded that there was a widespread failure of discipline and the Americans increased their demands on Vietnam Still considered the worst case of the American war Tet Analysis What was the immediate impact of the Tet Offensive? In the US and Vietnam? Analysis by Im Lai How did this event come to the attention of the American people help America’s anti-war movement? What was the long-term effect? 11:00

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12 Vietnam War Protests and Music Vietnam Invasion of Cambodia Protests in Kent, Ohio, May 4, 1970. and The Numbers Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Details from the evidence analysis; ? In what ways was the National Guard not justified in opening fire? 12:00

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Answers

13 Name of the song. Artist. Details. What does the term tin soldiers mean in the song? What does the Nixon reference mean? The name of the song: Artist. Details. What events are mentioned in this song? The name of the song: Artist. Details. Who are the lucky ones in this song? What is the main point of the song? Title of the song: Artist. Details. Who is fighting the war stem according to the song? Why does the text say that war is good? Who is the only friend of war? Song name: Artist: Details by song: What is the solution to war? What other era was ending in our country in 1971 and is it the focus of the song? 13:00

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14 Dear America. Letters Home from Vietnam Background Vocab KIA Killed in Action MIA Missing in Action WIA Wounded in Action V.C. communist army in South Charlie Communist Forces (both VC and NVA) Victor Charlie Viet Cong Statistical Analysis/Evidence: When you see the screens that will display the following information, copy it into the table below. US troops in Vietnam killed in action (to date) December 31, 1965 Wounded in action (to date) December 31, 1966 , Answer the following questions. Questions 1-8 can be answered in a few words while you watch

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