Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

Spell Cow Using 13 Letters – Researchers say that if cows that produce less methane can breed with each other, it can reduce crop production. Photo: Alamy

From low-cost cattle to robotic land management, the agricultural industry will explore new approaches due to UN warnings that the world needs to reduce meat consumption or face a worsening climate crisis.

Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

That was the message from Guy Smith, deputy chairman of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), this week as policymakers began to discuss how Britain could tackle the challenges posed by the news. global warming caused by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). IPCC).

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Agriculture and land use are expected to take center stage in the climate debate following the report, which has urged countries to step up their efforts to reduce emissions. than the energy industry and agriculture and transportation.

Smith said NFU members were “in serious trouble” as the unusually cold “beast from the east” had damaged this year’s crop with a winter and drought. worst rain since 1976. Many British farmers, especially on the east coast. , works in fields that are already under the sea and depends on the flood protection that threatens the sea.

“If consumers want to reduce consumption of red meat, farmers will respond,” Smith told a meeting of politicians and climate experts in parliament on Wednesday, noting that farmers have energy can be converted into other products and use technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector. .

Among the possible technological improvements he mentions is the use of satellites and more robotics to increase the amount of organic matter that fixes carbon in the soil and to breed new livestock that emits less methane.

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Cattle are the main source of greenhouse gases, but researchers – who collect the gases in bags fitted to cows – have found that there is a large variation from animal to animal. They say that if low-emission cows can bond with each other, this can reduce these factors. Researchers in other countries are also looking at changing diets to make cows less gassy.

Britain’s agriculture, which has already undergone dramatic changes as a result of Brexit, could come under intense scrutiny next year when both the IPCC and the UK’s Climate Change Commission (CCC) produce reports on the role of land use in decline. crops. This affects many political issues, including whether the land will be used for carbon forests, food production farms, housing or factories.

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Smith said he was opposed to any cuts to Britain’s manufacturing land. He warned that the reduction here could mean expansion in Argentina or Brazil, where crops and beef are produced and the conditions of environmental destruction and shipping lead to a high carbon footprint. It is better, he said, to reduce waste in farms, processing, shops and houses.

Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

He was supported in this by Ann Jones, a Cumbrian farmer and vice-president of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes who also opposed changes to the tax law that could lead to the expulsion of animals. “I would be sad if we eat red meat,” he said. “It’s food waste that we should be fighting.”

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Climate scientists say meat production is important. “The clear message from the IPCC is that food is important,” said Professor Jim Skea, head of the team working on the new UN report. “If we eat healthy meat, we will live longer and in that way reduce our carbon footprint.”

In light of the IPCC report, Baroness Brown, a member of the CCC, said her group could advise governments to work harder to meet current climate targets, which are currently on track. a, and to add “a part of other things. ambitious” when it is requested legally legal advice.

But he said the committee is unlikely to discuss fracking, which produces more fossil fuels, or airport expansion, which adds to the carbon footprint of travel.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas criticized the restrictions. “It is not good for the government to try to add a green tinge to business as usual,” he said.

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Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

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Spell Cow Using 13 Letters

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Riddle: Spell Cow 13 Letters

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