Deserve Payment Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Deserve Payment Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Woody bartender on Cheers / MON 7-4-22 / Intense lighting, like in old movie projectors / Female name that looks like a Roman numeral for 51 + 51 / French fashion monogram

THEME: STATUE OF LIBERTY (57A: New York City landmark suggested by the ends of 17-, 22-, 34- and 50-Across) — the last words of themers are parts of said statue; I think this is a 4th of July (?) themed puzzle:

Deserve Payment Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Deserve Payment Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Word of the Day: ARC LIGHT(11D: Intense lighting, like in old movie projectors) — Anarc lamporarc light is a lamp that produces light by anelectric arc(also called voltaic arc). The carbon arc light, consisting of an arc between carbon electrodes in air, invented by Humphry Davy in the early 1800s, was the first practical electric light. It was widely used since the 1870s for street and large building lighting until it was superseded. by incandescent light in the early 20th century. It continued to be used in more specialized applications where a high intensity point light source was needed, such as searchlights and movie projectors until after World War II. The carbon arc lamp is no longer used for most of these purposes, but it is still used as a source of high intensity ultraviolet light. The term is now used for gas-discharge lamps, which produce light by an arc between metal electrodes through a gas in a glass bulb. The common fluorescent lamp is a low-pressure mercury arc lamp. Thexenon arc lamps, which produce high-intensity white light, are now used in many of the applications that once used carbon arcs, such as movie projectors and searchlights. (wikipedia)

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The Atlantic Puzzler

Cringed my way through most of this. The flesh just twitched and moaned. Started with the old initialism at 1A (YSL ) and then ARLO SOPS YESIDO EDER COSI SNL TERA ATON and by now I’m in the middle of the grid. And what the hell was up with that clue on LILI (23D: Female name that looks like Roman numerals 51 + 51). No, 51 + 51 = 102, and unless there is a woman somewhere named CII, then that sign is rubbish. Eventually I got the hang of it—and it helped me change “YES YES” to “YES, THERE”—but if you want consecutive “LI”s and you’re so in love with your little Roman numeral joke, there must be a better way to do this than this misleading equation-style clue. HIC IMHO ATTAR ATAB ETTU AGEE HIC CEO NOFEE NSYNC LORRIE ALOEGEL , two different “___ AND” phrases, ETC. It looks like very little care went into filling and smoothing this grid. If you look at the grid construction, you’ll see that it’s really messy, with lots of black squares cutting through the middle, creating a surfeit of 3- and 4-letter answers. The result is just painful to go through. And it’s not like the theme itself is any good shakes. Four things related to a statue. OK. Kind of warm for (what I imagine should be) a holiday-themed puzzle. I guarantee you that most every other major dailies would do a Monday puzzle *at least* as strongly as today. I don’t know how the most popular and prestigious puzzle in the country, the one whose editor loves to announce how many submissions he gets, couldn’t be managed better than this. Complacent, that’s what it is.

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I had YIP AT before YAP AT (1D: Threaten, as a little dog might)—or, rather, I left the vowel blank and used the cross to be sure. Speaking of getting yapped at, we were walking in the state forest today and were run over by two dogs that came out on a leash on the trail. Luckily they bark more than bite (they don’t bite, in fact), but it’s still weird to have unattended dogs, especially large dogs, running around you, barking. Weirdly, the owners never showed up. The dogs ran off … and then we saw them again, at which point we exchanged all kinds of friendly nods (“hey, whassup, nice to see you again”) and they went off, leaving us to- one. Perhaps their owners live next to state land. I hope. Okay, I’m worried about them. Anyway, the woods are beautiful today. There were lots of bird sounds, but when I pulled out my Merlin app to record and identify the song, it turned out that there was only one type of bird singing, a bird I’d never actually seen (to my knowledge): the red – eyes vireo.

Just wall-to-wall 24/7 non-stop red-eyed vireo. It’s a dang forest, how come there’s only one type of bird making noise? If I sit on my steps in the morning, I can ID half a dozen birds in a minute, but that app is on for a full two minutes in the forest today and the only bird singing is the vireo. I write about dogs and birds to avoid writing about this puzzle. Wouldn’t mind seeing more VIREOs in the puzzles. Hope you have a great break on your 4th. Do not set off fireworks as they scare indoor and outdoor wildlife. Leave the explosions to the professionals. Take care.

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