Screwtape Letters Letter 4

Screwtape Letters Letter 4 – For once, your performance in the field did not disappoint at all. The social event in Boss’s house, where your patient and his young wife have been invited, is exactly the kind of place where a man can lose his soul within minutes of his arrival. Between the time it takes to deliver his gloves and coat to the tailor and his first bite of hors d’oeurves, he may find himself in a completely different state of mind than the one that guided his thinking in the taxi not an hour ago. .

Social times of any kind are, for us, annoying. The Enemy, having seen the disgusting duality of being both a spirit and a physical person, is not ashamed that His creatures are both animals and spirits. During their time on Earth, they must remain alone in their bodies; Thus he made them to reduce this terrible loneliness by seeking the association of their own kind. It’s in their nature, and there’s little we can do to stop it. (Of course, I am happy with the news that our experts in the Division of Advanced Technologies have taken a big step in combating this practice with the creation of a product called “social media.” However, we have seen that people only accept the same for a long time. The work continues.)

Screwtape Letters Letter 4

Screwtape Letters Letter 4

If these moments were just a bunch of monsters around a waterhole, we wouldn’t see it. There is nothing interesting about a pack of wolves, although it is fun to watch them occasionally tear each other apart.

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The Enemy’s determination to attract camaraderie and warmth, however, is one of his most abominable traits. He wants people to overcome their nature as mammals in order to start among themselves the kind of relationship that He really plans so that one day they will be able to do with Him. That is why He insists that they pray together, encouraging them to spend time together, and bind them in the evil system of “family.”

The more active and heated the event, the worse it is for us, especially during the “holidays” of the Enemy. Your patient may at any time find himself feeling the need to reconcile with someone he has had an argument with; listening patiently to a stranger who might become a friend; or even embracing others in accordance with the Enemy’s commands about careless “love”. These events should be destroyed whenever possible.

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There is another type of gathering, however, in which a group of people, usually in the same place of work or work, do something similar to an ordered association. These events give us a lot of opportunity, as they are always controlled by the unseen and fueled by unspoken competition and anger. Often, they involve excessive alcohol consumption. If everything goes well, the evening can result in anything from a quick sex to hurt feelings – and among the lower classes, even occasional violence.

Among the upper classes, the situation is more difficult. There, you want to find opportunities to use the pressure of Ambition and Vanity to bring your husband back from the Enemy expected use of human relations. On this score, you seem to have taken advantage of one of your openings.

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The key, as you saw quickly enough, is to keep your husband in mind that the evening is about him and his importance to the Boss. Have you directed his eye to all the reliable signs of style, from jewelry to selected drinks? Was he pretending to be interested in the issues that bothered him? Did he ignore his companions and look around the room – in a way that others could see – while he was looking for his companion?

I see here that at some point your husband started to think that maybe he was too interested in the top anyway. It is possible – even probable – that this advice came from the Enemy. Wherever it came from, I was relieved that you weren’t so stupid as to argue with him, and instead played on his self-esteem by arguing that he owed it to him to find “national representatives” and “know. who he was” as part of his “jobs”.

This is all good. It is important to us that he continues to believe that his dedication to his job justifies any evil. Keep it up, and make sure he adds this new self-correcting routine throughout his day.

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Screwtape Letters Letter 4

Examining your statement, however, I see that you made a serious mistake: You missed the opportunity to put some space between your patient and his partner. You immediately got upset when they got angry after the game, I could tell you not only that such a row could happen, but that you should be trying your best to put out the fire.

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And yet they are still together. I took the liberty of requesting her file from the Records Office – as you should have done on your first day – and I am dismayed to read that a Christian woman is so open and disrespectful.

This is very bad, and I would have reconsidered your placement with the patient if I had known about this relationship. His own case has proved difficult; now he has no Tester given to him, as his case has been raised to the highest office to be sent to the devil who has the most knowledge to stop us. (A very familiar event to you.)

The situation is not yet clear. The patient’s girlfriend doesn’t like Boss, and she really rebels against the environment around her young man’s office. Didn’t you see how disgusted he was with the applause when the Bosses beat the Old Man, whom they know – as they all know – an unwilling and unrepentant liar, robber and adulterer? Didn’t you see how angry he is the way your patient continues to treat him as a foreigner, an attitude led by those around the patient who ignore him because his social and political views are irrelevant to them?

At some point, your husband will see a widening gap between his values ​​and his. Therefore, his relationship with him must end before he provokes the conscience that you are working to beat. It might have ended that night, but for your disobedience.

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Tom Nichols is a professor emeritus at the Naval War College, where he taught for 25 years. Author of The Death of Art and Our Worst Enemy, he writes “Peacefield” newsletter for

Who is always right? Sarah? JVL? Or beg to differ? Show your support with Bulwark merchandise. Whichever side you choose, we’ll come back tomorrow, and we’ll do this again. Americans are deeply divided in our feelings about the election results. For me, one of the worst consequences is that some members of society feel like they have been discarded and are seen as worthless. God help us if we ever treat anyone as useless. I pray that we will be raised to increase love for all and hatred for none.

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One of the saddest things I saw last week in this country is the tendency among the citizens to go back to their sympathetic camps. When we want to reach out in love to all our neighbors, we are going back to our tribes. We are only listening to those who share our views.

Screwtape Letters Letter 4

Perhaps that kind of reaction was necessary and inevitable as a quick response to a real election. But I really want to see the difference going forward.

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I’m talking mostly to myself here. I have a good job to do, and last week I was distracted from it to such an extent that I wonder at my progress.

No longer. There are good deeds to be done, good fights to be fought. There are people who are hurting in my community to whom I must give love.

Yesterday I was reminded by a friend from another country – a country with a much longer history than mine – about this advice written by a foreigner. C.S. Lewis wrote these words in the middle of the 20th century, and they are still as relevant today as when they were written.

Make sure that the patient remains well-adjusted to politics. Arguments, political gossip, and thinking about the mistakes of people they have never met serve as an excellent distraction from progress in character, character formation, and things that the patient can control. Be sure to keep the patient in a constant state of resentment, confusion, and complete contempt for all other people in order to prevent any kind of love or inner peace from continuing. Be sure that the patient continues to believe that the problem is “out there” in a “broken system” not

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