Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board – Have you seen the pictures popping up on the internet of parties in all caps?! I have too, and WOW they add to the makeup!?! I love them. I went to rent some for the baby shower and quickly realized they were a little out of my price range for the party I was throwing. A neighbor of mine had decorated for several birthday parties without lights. I picked his brain a bit and decided that was totally something I could do. ANNNDD, even better, my husband had sheets of insulating foam that I just needed to put in my pantry. FREE FOAM! I put together a video on how to make the letter B. This is the perfect letter to show the process with because it has straight sides and curves.

I started by drawing my letters in foam. I used 2 inch x 4 foot x 8 foot insulation sheets. I wanted to use 2 thick ones so the foam would hold the lights inside. If you don’t need lights, you can easily use thinner foam.

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

After I cut out the letters with my foam cutter, I started putting in the edge pieces. I cut the foam board to 5 inches wide and used hot glue to attach my edge. To cut out my lights I traced the base of the circle in the foam and spaced my lights 8 inches apart.

Marquee Letters Build Advice

I also used white tape on any breaks in the foam board where I needed to hold it together. A ribbon was drawn everywhere.

Also important tip!! DO NOT PAINT your foam letters. Spray paint eats the foam and disperses it. I learned the hard way. If you need to paint them, use only craft paints. I made a smaller version of these DIY marquee letters for a birthday party a few years ago. This is an affordable way to create large letters and numbers for your next party.

They are perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, themed parties and more. The sign letters are made from foam core board that you can find at the dollar store or Walmart. Once you’re done with the letters, the string lights can be reused for other projects.

You can also choose your own font or design for this project. If you choose to do this, be sure to save the page setup as a custom size of 20″ x 30″ before saving it as a PDF.

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You must use Adobe Acrobat to print the pages. If you don’t have the app, you can download the free version to use. I included the files containing A-Z and 0-9 in the font I used for my characters.

Your print screen should look like this. Select the POSTER option for page size and manipulation. It can change the overall “poster” size for the actual printer paper after stacking.

This makes it easier to collect the letter. You may need to cut some corners so that the letters line up properly.

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

Place the grid on top of a piece of foam core board and trace it with a pencil. Using any right angles, cover the stencil with the edge of the base foam board.

Ft Giant Balloon Mosaic Numbers And Letters. Cutout Foam

Use a knife to decorate each letter from the base foam boards. I used a basic foam board per letter.

If you have leftover pieces that are 3 inches or more thick, save them and set them aside.

I used a string of lights per letter. You can certainly use fewer lights per letter and get two letters per strand, but this was easier for me because I wanted to use about as many lights as there are per strand.

We placed the bulbs around the letters to get an idea of ​​where we wanted them and how much we would need to use them.

Diy Marquee Love Letters: How To Part 1

Once you have a general idea of ​​how many lights you want and where, flip the letters so the back is up.

You can skip that part if you want, but I’m glad we did some measuring and planning.

I started most of the bulbs 1.5″ from the bottom or top and spaced the bulbs 4-4.5″ along the center of the letters.

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

We had to put a few letters in or out to help rotate some of the letters. 3ft Large Marquee Letters Mosaic Balloon Frame Pre Cut Foam Board Marquee Light Up Letters S For Birthday Party Decorations,wedding,baby Shower Diy Party Supplies (letter S)

Just make sure in your plan that you don’t place the holes farther than the distance where two bulbs are in a row.

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I pressed the pencil into each point we marked for the holes to make a small indentation.

This helped to show where each hole should go on the front of the letter when I flipped it over.

Now it’s time to drill the holes. I placed the letter on a piece of wood and used an electric drill to drill the holes. You can also cut with a pencil or nail and then wiggle it around to make the hole wide enough for the part of the bulb you put in to fit.

Coloody Marquee Letters Plastic White Luminous Numbers Alphabet Lights

You will need different lengths, but I started them by cutting the length of the long side of the base foam board, 30″.

Hold the section up to the edge of your letter and mark where you need to cut the length to match the edge of your letter.

Glue the thin edge of your 3″ strip to the front edge of your letter to create a 3″ lip that outlines the letter.

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

I spaced the lines one inch apart (1/2 inch apart for really curvy pieces) to create the edges of the curved parts of your letters and numbers. 3ft Tall Mosaic Balloon Frame Letters Big Marquee Light Up Letters Diy Kit For Birthday Party Wedding Backdrop Decor Letter R Pre Cut Foam Board

Carefully glue along the lines so that the piece is bent. The paper on the opposite side should remain in tact.

Light bulbs are carefully pushed into the holes from top to bottom. Attach the light color to the back of the letter.

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I chose to just do a few simple things since the kids coming were all 4 and under. I wanted them to be able to participate without any confusion or guidance. Many of these activities can be adapted for older children as well

Diy Marquee Letters Foam Board

You can serve anything you want, but for my age group, I served Pizza, Uncrustables, Goldfish and Cake. All were well received by the kids and it was a mess to say the least. There really are endless possibilities for what you can serve, but my advice is to keep it simple and aim to please your audience. Free Standing

At past family parties, I’ve served my favorite local pizza with toppings, Ham and Swiss sliders with salads and pasta salads, and of course lots of treats.

Create a focal point with your party. I do this with the background, or just the food table. Since it was an outdoor party, I didn’t want to leave out the food. I used the arched backdrop I made for my sister’s baby shower and added a ton of balloons.

Balloons are definitely my favorite way to decorate. They pack a great punch and you can buy all kinds

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