Graduation Cap Letters Michaels

Graduation Cap Letters Michaels – Graduation season is here! I think one of the most exciting things about graduation is decorating your graduation cap. My high school didn’t allow us to decorate our caps, so I was especially excited this year when I got to decorate my graduation cap. Also, I think my parents will appreciate the fact that they can easily see their daughter in a sea of ​​green during graduation. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned along the way when decorating my cap to help make the process a little easier for you. So, let’s get started now, shall we?

Brainstorm potential look ideas and start thinking about what you want to wear on it. Pinterest is very useful for getting some ideas. You can check out my “College Life” Pinterest board for some graduation ideas!

Graduation Cap Letters Michaels

Graduation Cap Letters Michaels

Write some things you would like to put on your cap such as your major, any organization you belong to, your favorite color, quote, etc. What kind of story do you want to tell? This will help with the brainstorming process.

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Let’s face it, almost everything looks better in our heads than it does in real life. Make a sketch of your idea and start sketching how you want your cap to look. This will also be useful for when you go to pick up your supplies. You will be able to save time and money once you have your game plan drawn up.

Now that you have your game plan set, it’s time to gather all your supplies. Hobby Lobby or Michaels is always my go-to. Plus, if you just Google “Hobby Lobby coupon” you can almost always find a 40% off coupon to use on an item!

Cardstock all the way – card stock is great if you want a different colored background or a more solid piece to stick all your decorations on. Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell a ton of different card stock options to choose from and for super cheap! The only thing with cardboard is that you have to remember to cut a small hole for your tassel

Check out the scrapbook aisle – the scrapbook aisle is filled with stickers, letters, and embellishments that would make great additions to a graduation cap. I recommend sticking stickers to make sure they don’t burst.

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You can not paint? Print! – Let’s face it, not all of us are Van Goghs or Picassos. If you have a print that you absolutely love (ie Lilly Pulitzer!) you can print it out and mod podge it onto your cap. It is a good alternative to have your print on your cap without insisting on painting it on it.

Side note on the Lilly Pulitzer print: Cut out the Lilly print from an old Lilly planner! I actually got two of my Lilly prints from an old Lilly diary and stuck them on my cap. Although I have to admit that it was sad to cut it from my agenda, I know that I am probably never going to look back at my old agenda again.

Also, if you plan on using pearls like I did, I highly suggest getting pearl strands or pearl stickers that are linked together. This will save you a TON of time and your pearls will look much better. I spend a lot of time individually sticking down each bead and key bar I wanted to look for a single strand.

Graduation Cap Letters Michaels

Now that you have all your supplies, lay out a rough draft of what you would like your design to look like before you start gluing everything together. There is nothing worse than starting right away and realizing half of your design is not what you want it to be. Also, BE SURE TO FIGURE OUT WHERE THE FRONT CAPS ARE. You’ll thank me later when you avoid walking across the stage at graduation with your cap backwards.

Tips On Decorating Your Graduation Cap [ The Daily Amy ]

Hot glue will be your best friend throughout this process. I mean, it dries super fast and for the most part, it will guarantee that your decorations will remain intact. Make sure you get enough glue sticks to last you throughout your decorating process because I definitely ran out halfway through!

Now that your masterpiece is finished, put on this fountain and show off your hard work! Also, make sure you take a ton of photos. I mean, did it really happen if you didn’t take a picture of it?

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And these are my tips! I hope you all found this helpful and picked up some tips to use when decorating your graduation cap. Let me know below if you are graduating this year and if you plan to decorate your cap! I hope you all have a great day and if you are graduating this year, congratulations! Congratulations to the class of 2017!! Valid online. EXCLUSIONS: Great Buy items; clearance; doorbusters; Pro Pack; custom frames; drinks and sweets; books and magazines; gift cards; LEGO; sewing machine; craft technology and accessories; Cricut, Silhouette; Christmas tree. Exclusions subject to change.

Celebrate in style with this Graduation Buffet Decoration Kit. Each fun kit includes nine perfect food labeling tent cards, seven picks, two paper fans and graduation hat decoration pieces, four string decorations and bright and crisp graduation caps, as well as a large “Way To Go” letter banner. This kit has everything you need to decorate.

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Graduation Cap Letters Michaels

So let’s talk about graduation cap decorations. I had the freedom to decorate my cap for my graduation and it was so much fun! I searched for ideas online and found lots of cute caps with inspirational quotes, jokes, and flowers on them. I found myself endlessly scrolling to appreciate the effort these people put into decorating their caps. Graduating is a special feeling that makes all the hard work, stress, and sleepless nights worth it. Celebrating, together with peers you have known and made lifelong connections with, and teachers who have guided and helped you along the way is truly special. I knew that once I got my cap it was only a matter of time before I made it into something special.

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The phrase, “shoot for the stars” stuck with me for a long time during my brainstorming phase so I decided to go with it. I sketched out what I wanted and then went to Michaels to buy my supplies. Black glitter scrapbook paper, glitter letters and stars, jewelry, planet stickers, silver glitter, and ribbon is what it took to decorate my graduation cap.

I was very happy with how my cap turned out. I like the phrase “shoot for the stars” because it really speaks to my character which is to always push yourself and never stop improving. I now feel many things, such as a sense of pride and accomplishment, my self-confidence is at an all-time high, and I feel unsure but eager to see where I will end up in life now that school is over. I went from having constant deadlines and assignments due, and stress to peace, quiet, and boring. In the meantime, I will be looking for internships to enrich my knowledge of art and design while I wait for my graduate program to start in July. I will also write for the blog in the summer and switch to print blogging in the fall semester so I have plenty to keep me busy this summer! Until next time!

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