Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters – My complete grid for this week’s Times Jumbo Cryptic, with explanations of where my solutions are. If you have a previous jumbo that gave you sleepless nights chewing on some boring formula, my Just for Fun page can help. When I get you here, I might find something else to help pass the half hour of idle time, like my review page or a short story. Hey, a guy has to try!

Answer: SEERSUCKER (meaning “material” – which I’m not very familiar with). The solution is the seller (ie “trader”) with the LL removed (indicated by “spending £50”) – this is a cheek: L is the Roman numeral for 50, while L is a recognized abbreviation for “pound”, although pounds of weight instead of coin) and after the remainder SUCKER (meaning “gullible person”), eg: SEER-SUCKER. One achieved only through wordplay.

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: ABORIGINE (meaning “native”). The solution is to put ORIGIN (meaning “beginning”) or ABE (like “Lincoln”, specifically Abraham Lincoln) to “settle at” eg: AB(ORIGIN)E.

Using Antonyms For Context Clues

Answer: Special (meaning “significantly better”). The solution is to wrap S (an accepted abbreviation of “son”) and PAL (ie “friend”) around or “holding” ECI (ie “London area”, ie postcode area EC1), eg: S-P(ECI) A.L. .

Answer: The elephant in the house, an obvious problem that people don’t want to admit. The clue riffs that “jumbo” is another word for an elephant, and “chamber” is another word for a room. You get the idea. A signal that reads rather well, given its context.

Answer: RUSTY. Solution “15” satisfies – solution 15a is a brown, rust color – and is “out of habit”.

Answer: Sestates, which are “groups” of six. “More than one” indicates the solution is plural. The solution is to put or “absorb” EST (meaning “is in Paris”, ie French for “is”) SETS (meaning “gang”), ie: S(EST)ETS.

Dp Puzzle Hunt

Answer: Glassy (meaning “expressionless”). The solution is to drop GUY (meaning “fellow”) U (indicated by “not upper-class” – U is a recognized abbreviation for upper-class) and wrap the remainder around or “hug” LASS (as in “girl”), eg: G(LASS)Y.

Answer: Ordnance (meaning “arms”). The solution is the ordinance (meaning “command”) that I removed (indicated by “a surrender” – I is the Roman numeral for “one”).

Answer: IDIOTIC (meaning “stupid”). The solution is IDI Amin (meaning “African dictator”) followed by O (a recognized abbreviation of “old”) and TIC (meaning “twitching”).

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: TETRAPOD (meaning “bear, ball”, including a large part of the fauna). “Catch in” indicates the solution is hidden in the clue, eg: ELABORA(TE TRAP OD)DLY. This was the last clue I solved and it took a while for me to figure out what was going on. Well played.

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Spartan Daily Vol. 153, Issue 18: Fighting ‘fake News’ By Spartan Daily

Answer: Thebes (meaning “old city”). The solution is to place HEBE (meaning the Greek “goddess of youth”) “at” ST (a recognized abbreviation for street) when it is reversed (indicated by “looking back”), ie: T(HEBE)S.

Answer: DAMON RUNYON (meaning “American author” – no, me neither). The solution is DAM (meaning “mother”, usually of cattle, horses, etc. – again, me neither) followed by ON (meaning “performing”), then run (meaning sprint or “carrier”) and YON (meaning a poetic “that”). Sheesh!

Answer: Plantation (meaning “growing field”). The solution is to place PLAN (meaning “organized”) followed by the first letter of STATION (meaning “office”) (indicated by “start to end”), eg: plan-tation.

Answer: Split second (meaning “very short period of time”). The solution is SPLIT (ie “Adriatic resort”) followed by SECOND (ie “almost the best”).

Lesson 3 Crossword

Answer: The LOT (meaning “everything”). The solution is HELOT (meaning “surf” – a word that I now understand is used a few times) placed “after” T (meaning “end of slavery”, ie “last letter of slavery”), ie: many. Another formula that scans really well.

Answer: Bhranti (meaning “misunderstanding”). The solution is DE (meaning “French”, i.e. French for “French”) followed by LION (meaning “hero”) once it is “rounded” US (meaning “America”): DE-L( US) Ion.

Answer: Hipster (meaning “trendy type”). The solution is HI (meaning “Greeting”) followed by Poster (meaning “Bill” – ignore the confusing capitalization) once the O has been removed (“Exuding Love” – ​​”Love” indicated by the zero score in tennis), ie : HI-PSTER.

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: Inventor (ie “designer”). The solution is IN (meaning “[at home]”) followed by VENT (meaning “bit of a hole”) then O (meaning “nothing”) and R (a recognized abbreviation of “right”).

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Answer: Thrifty (meaning “moderate”). The solution is F (a recognized abbreviation of “fort”, which is “loud” in musical parlance) followed by RU (ie “game”, especially rugby union) and GAL (ie “girl”). The “at the end” bit seems a bit redundant, so I may not have it 100% correct.

Answer: Swindon (meaning “city”). The solution is SON (ie “family member”) wrapped “round” WIND (ie “twist”), eg: S(WIND)ON.

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Answer: OWLET , a baby owl (meaning “hooter”). “Little cry of pain” jokingly refers to an “oh!”, using the suffix -let to indicate a little ‘un’.

Answer: Standing Committee (ie “Working Group”). The clue deals with how “standing” and “sitting” are reversed. You get the idea.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Answer: Glacier (meaning “what is big and icy”). The solution is an anagram of LARGE and ICY (indicated by “ongoing”), once the last letter Y is removed (indicated by “endlessly”). Well played.

Answer: RENEGOTIATED (meaning “renegotiated”). The solution is RENE (meaning “French”) followed by GOT (meaning “understand”) then IT (meaning “thing”) once it is “about” wrapped around A (meaning “article”) and finally ending with ED (a). Acceptable abbreviations for “Editor”, eg: RENE-GOT-I(A)T-ED

Answer: INDISCREET (meaning “inconsiderate”). “We hear” indicates homophones. The solution is a homophone of INDISCRETE (as in “not having more than one part”).

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: scary hard (meaning “horribly afraid”). The solution is S (meaning “head of school”, i.e. the first letter of “school”) followed by CARED (meaning “worried”) and STIFF (meaning “corpse”).

Had My Entire Family Looking For A Non Existent Word In This Puzzle

Answer: ELOPE (meaning “elope [to marry]”). The solution is POLE (meaning “European”) reversed (indicated by “going north” – this is a down clue) followed by E (a recognized abbreviation of “east”), ie: ELOP-E.

Answer: A little (meaning “most modest”). The solution is to place L (an accepted abbreviation of “student”) “in” SIGH (meaning “expression of frustration”) followed by TEST (meaning “test”), eg: S(L)IGH-TEST.

Answer: Clients (meaning “customers”). The solution is C (a recognized abbreviation of “circa”, i.e. “more or less”) followed by LIEN (i.e. “right to possess the property of another”) and the initials or “main” letters of “fiduciary” and “supporter”, ie: C -LIEN-T-S.

Answer: Sandhya (meaning “when the light goes out”). The solution is to wrap EG (meaning “say”, eg “for example”) around venin or “swallow” (eg “poison”), eg: E(VENIN)G. A chalk to my Bradford for the poison bit.

Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1555

Answer: Rhode Island (meaning the “[US] state”). The solution is an anagram (indicated by “deployed”) wrapped around the soldier or “protected” by N (a recognized abbreviation of “the answer”), eg: RHODEISLA(N)D.

Answer: Rosemary. The solution satisfies “herbs” and “women”. Also my benefactor for some of the reference books used in these blog posts. (Tips hat.)

Answer: REINS IN (meaning “stop”). The solution is that SIN (meaning “wickedness”) is placed “after” REIGN (meaning “period of monarchy”) once the G is removed (indicated by “not good” – the G being the accepted abbreviation for “good”), eg: REIN- SIN.

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Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: Silly season (meaning “periods not taken seriously”). The solution is an anagram of ESSAY SON (indicated by a “slash”) with a wrapping or “penning” of ILL (meaning “badly”), ie: S(ILL)YSEASON.

The New York Crossword: ‘indecisive Moments’

Answer: Shipshape (meaning “well presented”). The solution is to put HIPS (meaning “fruit” of the rose) or “eat” SH (meaning “calm”) followed by APE (meaning “zoo animal”), eg: S(HIPS) H-APE.

Answer: formalin (meaning “solution”). The solution is FOR (meaning “supporter”) followed by MALIN (meaning “a chief of Ireland” and the northernmost part of the island of Ireland, it says here). Here’s another chalk on my Bradford.

Answer: curate (eg “minister”). The solution is CUR (meaning “rascal”) followed by ATE (meaning “mischievous”, referring to Ate, the Greek goddess of mischief).

Answer: TEA ROSES (meaning “thorny plants”). The solution is to place TEARS (ie “rips”) “around” the HOSE (ie “socks”) once the H is removed (indicated by “avoiding hard” – the H being the accepted abbreviation for “hard”), ie: TEAR ( OSE) S.

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Answer: Boycott (meaning “boycott”). The solution is BOY (meaning “son”) followed by COT (meaning “bed”) and TED (meaning “young lout, as it were”, short for a teddy boy).

Answer: SNITCH (meaning “grass”). The solution is SN (chemical symbol for “tin”) followed by ITCH (meaning to aspire or “long”).

Answer: Fit for Nothing. The solution satisfies “generous tailor-made offer” and “no good”. A clue that scans rather well.

Gullible Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: Pettifogger (meaning “a quibbling”). The solution is FOG (meaning “state of confusion”) placed “in” PET (meaning “domestic…animal”) and TIGER (meaning “wild animal”), ie: PET-TI(FOG)GER.

The Children’s Literature Podcast

Answer: Square dance (meaning “social activity”). The solution is SQUARE (meaning “may be nine”, referring to the square of 3) followed by DAN (meaning “old tribe [of Israel]” – I remember this from an earlier puzzle) and CE (meaning “church”, esp. by the Church of England”).

Answer: Miserliness (meaning “lack of generosity”). The solution is to wrap STING (meaning “smart”) and NESS (meaning “head”, as in geographic features) around or “hide” I (meaning “[roman numeral] one”), eg: STING-(I)- NESS.

Answer: Philippic (meaning “sentence”, and especially angry at it). The solution is PHI (eg

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