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Tulsa World Letters To The Editor – I am a fan of the Tulsa World editorial cartoonist I look forward to reading your feedback page every morning and seeing a cartoon by Bruce Plante or, once in a while, another cartoon by another cartoonist.

However, the Sept. 13 cartoon (“Tulsa’s Fraternal Order of Police”) shocked and disappointed me when Plante mocked Tulsa police officers, perhaps saving the news of Tulsa citizens and Tulsa World readers.

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

Our police department protects its citizens every day and night The officer’s life is on the line. They are dedicated to this service, or they will not serve

Letters To The Editor, Wednesday, June 13, 2018

By publishing this cartoon you are making a mockery of our entire police force and its leaders You have no shame.

The new Cherokee Nation chief says the tribe will not bail out the state for a decade of fiscal irresponsibility.

“(Karen) Keith has been a dedicated Oklahoma public servant and resident throughout her life. She began earning honors and success in high school,” says Muskogee resident Jan Murray-Hogan.

“There is no place in the halls of the state Department of Education for educators with a political agenda,” says Yukon resident Jennifer Ingram.

Park History — Tulsa Garden Center

“No one knows the secret to gas prices dropping over Labor Day weekend,” says Brecon Street resident Norman Bryant.

“So, when President Joe Biden and company tax Walmart, KwikTrip, Amazon and others, they tax every consumer. Corporations are tax collectors, not taxpayers.” says Tulsa resident Doyle Pierce

“Should a teacher be allowed to have a class discussion about HB 1775? Can teachers discuss the pros and cons or will they have to ask the Secretary of Education for their teaching credentials?” asks Tulsa resident Kathy Evanson

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

“Trump has inappropriately and possibly illegally failed to promptly return numerous classified documents to the National Archives and Records Administration,” said Tulsa resident Ed Farris.

Fwd>dfw Connects Needs And Helpers During Coronavirus Crisis

“It’s hard to believe Donald Trump’s claims about classified documents at Mars-a-Lago,” says Tulsa resident Mary Ann Pezold.

“Despite Stitt’s declarations to the contrary,” says Tulsa resident Sandra Welliver, “In health care, education, infrastructure, business and other areas, Oklahoma is at the bottom.”

© Copyright 2022 Tulsa World, 315 S Boulder Ave Tulsa, OK 74103. | Terms of Use Privacy Policy Do not sell my information Cookie Choice I also always voted as an independent, not sticking to a party as if it were one of my children, which I was expected to defend regardless of my indifference; But instead, I want to support effective, supportive government policies that create them.

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However, the Republican Party has made it clear through their words and actions that the party has power over the country. They have allowed Donald Trump to remain relevant for fear of offending his base and losing the election.

Reader: Kanye West’s Foul Language In The Oval Office Unacceptable

Trump has been the catalyst for political vitriol in this country, because he is not a leader because he has given a voice to all the malcontents who need someone to follow and champion their cause, and he stands up for them. What happened to the Republican Party? Where are the heroes, where is the moral leadership?

I left the Republican Party when it “required” me to sign a loyalty oath to the party. Iand the others refused, then left Right now I’m seeing two high-profile Republican-leaning fellow Republicans vote Democrat.

I think a loyalty oath is completely and utterly un-American As a veteran, I took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. Those vows don’t have an expiration date

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

If one gets the chance to do so, ask your elected officials if they have signed the party loyalty oath. I know the answer I think we all need to know if we have chosen people who are loyal to a party rather than the country they live in.

Letters To The Editor Sept. 1

When you talk about the January 6th attack on our nation’s capitol, one can clearly see the impact of the Pledge of Allegiance!

Instead of always being the loudest person in the room and putting his name in the media, DeSantis needs to focus on doing his job.

Funny how a “governor” preaches free speech to harass our education and school boards that are trying to protect the health and safety of your children and teach the truth.

We’ve come to a very sad place where it’s all about me Without boundaries and rules, there can be no meaningful public relations and interactions It creates chaos If you are a thoughtful person, this may be their purpose What could possibly be the end result? Don’t think it would be good for us, but most kids

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Piedmont’s Trevin Michael Selected By Detroit In 10th Round Of Mlb Draft

DeSantis’ quote about the Attorney General and the harassment of our teachers is unacceptable and only deepens the divide. Stop the sentence and do your work

The state of Florida is home to brilliant, caring physicians and health care professionals. We rely on them every day to preserve and protect our health and to save our lives. So Gov. Ron DeSantis Joseph Ladapo, M.D. Why was appointed as the new Florida Secretary of Health and Surgeon General? Ladapo is on record for his radical views. He continues to spread misinformation about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccination and the importance of wearing masks to prevent the spread of the COVIDvirus.

A retired R. And health care administrators, I’m sad and angry As Florida residents we have to live and die unfortunately, because both DeSantis and Ladapo have rejected important science and research. Former and veteran Surgeon General Scott Rivkiss, M.D.

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

You calculate it for small years until it sounds like a small number Our defense spending has doubled ($7 trillion) over this same period If Americans would Google the contents of this bill, they probably wouldn’t be so offended by the price

Editorial Cartoons, May 12 May 18 Photo Gallery

True, this can be countered by guaranteeing that the recipient of the income is truly in need which means we will help those who are only trying to help themselves. The pluses far outweigh the minuses and would be a godsend to most Americans except the obscenely rich, who really have to cough up their fair share.

Congress needs to pass this bill this year, even with a small majority, so that its benefits can be achieved before next year’s midterm elections so that our citizens can choose who is in their corner who can only vote for the 1 percent. There is talk of acid rain and holes in the ozone layer that have gone away Let me remind you that the acid rain was stopped by a concerted effort to eliminate some of the chemicals in the spray products that were causing the acid rain.

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Climate change needs to be taken seriously again, and those who are “scared” by it are certainly justified in feeling that way. Acid rain, the ozone layer, the elimination of DDT, which has kept eagles and other species alive. They are success stories that prove that concrete steps can be taken to address climate change and improve the environment

At the same time, we have a president who is obsessed with tearing down all of our environmental protections to please his fossil fuel friends. I am sure they will contribute generously to his campaign What is wrong with this picture?

Letter To The Editor: Shame On You For Plante Cartoon

Although I am a practicing Catholic, I respectfully disagree with the bishops on immigration. This is because they do not distinguish between legal and illegal immigration There is a big difference between the two types

My parents would never have thought of coming here illegally Law and order and America itself had great respect for them

And I can’t imagine how parents can send their children alone Mothers in particular naturally protect their children, but it is impossible to protect them when they are alone abroad. Sadly, many become targets of MS-13 gangs and sex traffickers. If my mother had to choose between poverty or sending one of us away, she would have accepted poverty.

Tulsa World Letters To The Editor

My heart goes out to refugees, and I pray for them, especially those seeking asylum What bothers me is that so many have rejected asylum offers from Mexico

Two Okla. Districts Get Downgraded Accreditations For Violating State’s Anti Crt Law

If they are just coming here to work, they can apply for a green card The United States admits approximately one million foreigners each year, including green card and visa holders No other country in the world can match that number

Estero held a meeting Wednesday on the proposed reconstruction and reconstruction of Estero Parkway, including street lights.

The project has been in the works for four years and was finally voted to begin six months ago The project included four car lanes, separated by a median strip, and a bike lane. The landscape

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