Happier Than Ever Piano Notes Letters

Happier Than Ever Piano Notes Letters – Well, Billie Eilish has done it again! Happier Than Ever is a fantastic and surprising song that keeps the listener on edge. You think you understand where this song is going until halfway through when the mood suddenly changes. Billie takes you for a ride as she guides you through an old school ukulele ballad that turns into an epic rock anthem that builds in intensity. What a way to convey emotion, Billie!

So, aside from the fact that this song is insanely cool for obvious reasons, there are a bunch of things about Happier Than Ever that surprised me and, to be honest, confused me.

Happier Than Ever Piano Notes Letters

Happier Than Ever Piano Notes Letters

As I was transcribing this song, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on formally. You probably don’t agree with the format of my Happier Than Ever leaderboard. It starts with a part that actually sounds like a poem, but repeats itself later in the song (unlike much else)… And that’s when it hit me! Happier Than Ever is not in classic pop form (verses and choruses), but in old school jazz form! (at least the first half) So I decided that A, B, etc. I mark sections. In my opinion, the first half of the song is in AABCA form.

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What about the second half of the song? While listening, I was like “Did Happier Than Ever compose!?” So I decided to go with what it is

Like… It starts with a very strong verse. You can’t convince me that “you called me again, drunk in your Benz” is not a poem! …Now the “I’m not attached to you” part is SUCH a pre-chorus! And of course “I don’t talk about you on the Internet” – What a chorus! But can you name these stages if they never repeat themselves? That’s why this song got me so excited that I started thinking about identifying song sections based on how they feel, not placement or repetition. And that’s why I stand by my analysis, even if Billie disagrees.

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…But let’s continue! After the chorus, there is a section that I would call another pre-chorus based on the mood. That’s why I called it pre-chorus 2. But listen, this is SUCH a pre-chorus. And is this a chorus “before”? No! It is an instrumental ‘prelude’ to the chorus that ends the song.

Why is this song so epic? One of the many reasons is that halfway through the song switches from 4/4 time signature to 3/4 time signature. For those of you who don’t know time signatures, 4/4 means there are 4 beats in each bar, so you can think of it as if the drummer is counting to 4 over and over… And with 3/4 , to 3 they count. What’s interesting is that 3/4 is definitely more common in that old style, especially ukulele ballads, and 4/4 in rock. Did you change these on purpose? I guess we’ll never know.

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The coolest thing about this song is that besides the non-traditional stuff, probably no one noticed. No one thinks about the odd shape of the song or the time signature change because it’s such a good song. It’s proof that good songwriters can simply break all the rules.

Ever since Olivia Rodrigo’s “Brutal,” we’ve been wondering… Is Rock Coming Back? Well, after the release of Happier Than Ever, I’m convinced. It’s time to dust off our electric guitars because they’re making a comeback.

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