Heavy Drinker Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Heavy Drinker Crossword Clue 3 Letters – Physicist Nathan with an early theory of wormholes / SAT 7-24-21 / A Wrinkle in Time and a Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for two / Auto pioneer Soichiro / Popular brand of seltzer / Starting point of the annual Spartathlon / Clothes that can’t be worn wear in the house

Word of the Day: TESSERACTIS (4D: Wrinkle in Time and Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for two) — Ingeometry, thetesseractis four-dimensional cube analog; A tesseract is to a cube as a cube is to a square. Just as the surface of a cube consists of six square surfaces, the hypersurface of a tesseract consists of eight cubic cells. The tesseract is one of the six convex regular 4-polytopes. The tesseract is also called the eight-cell, C8, (regular) octachoron, octahedroid, cubic prism, and tetracube. It is a four-dimensional hypercube, or a 4-cube part of a dimensional family of hypercubes or gauge polytopes. Coxetermarks are associated with coke around them. dimension reference is often treated as a synonym for this specific form. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word tesseract was first used in 1888 by Charles Howard Hinton in his book A New Era of Thought, from the Greek word (τεσσαρα ‘four’) and aktis (ακτις ‘four edges’), which refers to each vertical to the other edge. In this publication, as well as in some of Hinton’s later works, the word is occasionally spelled tessaract.

Heavy Drinker Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Heavy Drinker Crossword Clue 3 Letters

At times it felt a bit trivial (a physicist here, a supermodel there, an ethnic minority here, a Roman goddess there and so on), and only COINKIDINK and OVER/UNDER felt like they really came to play, but it’s a solid enough effort overall . WHITE CLAW really threw me off the puzzle right away, just from a personal taste standpoint. First of all, it was a gift, so… I mean, normally, I guess I’d be thrilled to nail a 1-Across on a Saturday like that, but somehow just knowing what a WHITE CLAW is doesn’t feel like winning. It is ubiquitous. Apparently very popular. If I want seltzer I drink seltzer, and if I want alcohol I drink cocktails, or maybe wine, occasionally beer. The whole “let’s turn up this non-alcoholic thing and see what happens” trend … he never got it. But millions of people do. What upset me wasn’t that I don’t drink the stuff (who cares?), but that it feels like product marketing to put a brand like this on 1-Across. I’ll be a little surprised if their social media team doesn’t put out some cheeky tweet or Insta post about this crossword puzzle before the end of the day. Brands have been in networks for a long time, so there is nothing “wrong” with this at all. Giving the highest profile response to a brand — that was just a mild annoyance for me today. I was also strangely distracted by a few repeated letter patterns, namely TESS / TESSERACTS and TATTOO INK / TIME SINKS / COINKIDINK ). Maybe this last repetition is a *good* thing, seen from a certain angle – think of it as deliberate rhyme, or echo, or solidity. But I’d probably find a way to replace TESS if I could. Repeated strings of four letters usually don’t bother me, but then again they’re usually not at the beginning of both words (higher profile). ANIMA / BEAN / BESS, something like that … although I wouldn’t want to deprive the world of “Sailor Moon” of a trace, so maybe there are other options) (32D: Genre “Sailor Moon” => ANIME )

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Only once did I feel old during this puzzle (“WHIPS, you say!? Bah! Listen, son, back in my day… I forget what we called them, but they weren’t WHIPS!”) (1D: Fantastic Car, in modern slang), but then the puzzle kicked in and actually made me feel young by going for the full spelled BRA , which … is not a word I’ve heard used unironically in my life. They are bras. Sure, BRA is a perfectly fine, actual word, but it really seems like BRA clues would have to use qualifiers like “unusual” or “formal” or something similar when referring to BRA . I liked the clue though (31D: Clothes that might not be worn around the house). Many women who solve this undoubtedly nod “correct”. Is the NAILER what we usually call a “nail gun”? I’ll admit I’m not much of a tool person, but the CLUBAR sounds like someone is really hitting the nails. Maybe NAILER is the more preferred term now because it doesn’t have the word “gun” in it. That looks good. Do we still go to Palm for our PDA tracking needs? (18A: Palm products, abbreviated). Is Palm still a thing? It seems to have died, but then came back in 2018 as some sort of Android phone. But not PDA. That term has remained in the past. Like original Palm products. PDA = kissing in public. If you want to use “personal digital assistant” you have to use “bigone” or “neverly” in your clue (see BRA discussion above… btw, did you know women used to keep their PDAs in their bras? True is! [citation needed]). As for THEESPIS, I usually find the free definitely article a bit boring, but today I didn’t mind at all, probably because my brain is fluffing it up a bit and applying it to the name of a beloved children’s lit character, which is to say I’m having fun by I’m imagining a character called “Harriet THEE Spy”, a la:

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No real difficulties today (beyond the usual Saturday difficulties). At first I thought Soichiro’s car pioneer was ACURA, so that was pretty funny (2D: Soichiro’s Car Pioneer => HONDA). I rarely really enjoy my mistakes, but I enjoyed that one. I had TIMESUCKS before TIMESINKS (enjoyed that bug less) (38A: Long, unproductive activities). I didn’t know the ROSEN guy (23A: physicist Nathan with early wormhole theory), he forgot TESS (even though it was in the puzzle before) but remembered TESSERACT despite not knowing how to define it; it’s just one of those vaguely scientific words you see around and accept and then somehow “know” without knowing (that is, if you’re me). This puzzle did a good Saturday job as the Saturday puzzle I solved on Saturday. Definitely better than MEH, despite my various smaller carp.

There’s more to know about mum Sue Bird’s boyfriend, Harry Dunk. pic.tvitter.com/tziUJlLAAl— Josh Rovntree (@JRovn32) July 24, 2021 [Follow Rek Parker on Twitter & Facebook] KB Protectors Informal / THU 8-20-20 / Mickey’s Rival for Mina’s Affection / Longhorn Rival / Hypothetical Solar system beyond Neptune / White bark / Pink alcoholic drink known / Viola cousins ​​/

Relative Difficulty: Medium Challenging or Easy depending on whether you watched the revealer early or late (I watched late)

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THEME: “A WRINKLE IN TIME” (59A: A classic novel for adults … or a hint of the four-letter path that leads to the answers in the starred clues)— to understand the themes, you must find the missing “IM”, located directly above the ” TE’, so it’s as if the response has somehow stalled, causing a ‘wrinkle’ in the string of letters ‘TIME’:

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Word of the Day: “The L WORD: Generation K,” Sequel Begins 2019 (26D) — The L Word: Generation K is an American drama television series produced by Showtime that premiered on December 8, 2019. It is a sequel to The L Word , which aired on Showtime from 2004 to 2009. A first-look screening was held on December 9, 2019, at House of Pride, to coincide with its US release. In January 2020, Showtime renewed the series for a second season. // Generation Kiss is set more than ten years after The L Ward, in the new surroundings of Silver Lake in Los Angeles. Several actors from the original series returned to reprise their roles along with a new ensemble of diverse characters. The show focuses on a group of diverse LGBTQ+ characters who experience love, heartbreak, sex, failure, personal growth and success in Los Angeles. (wikipedia)

The concept is kind of clever, but the actual experience of solving this puzzle wasn’t great, mostly because, again, my network is full of gibberish. It’s a little better than other silly puzzles I’ve done in the past, because at least I can *see* the missing “IM” at the end when the revealer tells me what’s going on, but still, the threads were all messed up in a way that made everything just joking. Also, who the hell is MORT(IM)ER MOUSE? I can’t imagine him at all. What a bizarre, obscure topic. But getting the letters in “MORTER” was actually much easier than getting the other two themes. I guess I’m bothered by the idea that if I had done my puzzle backwards, ie. read the end (the revealer) first, this puzzle would be 3 to 4 times easier. I’m making that up, but A WRINKLE IN TIME was practically a given, even with its generic clue [A classic novel for young adults], and then I could focus on the sequence of letters “TIME” and deciphering the themes would “be fast.” But instead I hacked all the way through and while the revealer is definitive

Heavy Drinker Crossword Clue 3 Letters

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